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Here’s How Long He’ll Wait To Have Children based on his zodiac

Whether or not to have children — and when you’ll have them, if you choose to do so — is probably the single most important decision that anyone can make in their lifetime. It is definitely not something to take lightly! If you’re already in a long term relationship, or if you’ve reached a point in your life when you’re done with short flings and just want to settle down with someone seriously, you might already be thinking about the best time to start a family. There are so many major factors to consider, like your savings, your career plans for after the baby comes along, and even what kind of parenting style you think would be best. And, of course, you’ll want to find someone who is on the same page as you when it comes to family values.

When you’re with the right guy, and you know that you want to have children one day, you may start to wonder when he’s going to be ready for that big life change. Some guys want to start their families while they are young, while others would much rather wait. Here’s how long he’ll wait to have kids, based on his sign.

Water Signs: They Put Family First

Water signs are definitely very family oriented! Of course, even among water signs, there are going to be a few guys who aren’t really enthusiastic about the idea of being a dad, but when it comes to this element, most men will want to raise kids of their own one day—once they meet the right woman. They are a little more likely to rush into parenthood based on emotion alone compared to other signs, but even if baby number one comes along a bit earlier than they originally planned, they will always step up to the plate for their kids.


Cancer: He’ll Be Ready Around 25

Yes, this is the age when many young men and women really start making big strides in their careers, but Cancer men are almost always more invested in their family than their careers. In fact, most Cancer guys will feel like they are ready to start their families by their mid-twenties—around age 25, they’ll probably start bringing up the topic, and they won’t be able to get babies off the brain. And here’s the other important thing to know about starting a family with a Cancer guy—they are more willing to be stay at home dads than other signs.

 Scorpio: He Needs To Wait Until He’s 30

Do Scorpio guys think about starting families in their mid-twenties like some other signs? Yes, they do—but by this age, they generally realize that they have a lot of emotional work to do before they can be a great father! Think about the sacrifices, the lack of sleep, the complete overhaul of routines, and all of the other stresses that come along with parenthood—now think of how emotional and easily stressed Scorpio guys can be! It’s not the best combo, so they typically have to make some life changes in their late twenties before having kids around age 30.

Pisces: He Wants Kids By 27

Compared to many other signs, Pisces guys will be ready to have children at a younger age—they’ll want to start a family before Scorpio guys will, but not quite as early as Cancer guys. They fall right in the middle, and most of them will want to start having kids around age 27. At this point, they will be emotionally mature enough to handle all of the trials and challenges that come along with parenthood. They will also feel satisfied with what they have accomplished in their career so far, so they will be okay with putting family first.


Water Signs Look Forward To Fatherhood

Water signs will always be family oriented—this is one of the defining traits of this element. If you’re dating a guy born under a water sign, and you can’t wait to be a mom one day, you will probably get your wish. These guys are totally father material. They are the ones who will want to spend more time at home with the kids, who would never expect you to do all the work of cooking and cleaning, who will always be there by your side when you’re waking up in the middle of the night to check on the baby.


Fire Signs: They’re Undecided

When you first start dating a guy born under one of the fire signs, you may wonder if he will ever want kids at all—their lifestyles don’t always seem very conducive to raising a family! However, the answer will vary amongst the different signs. It’s true that fire sign guys are more likely to say that they do not want kids at all, no matter which direction life takes them. But there are plenty of fire sign guys who do look forward to starting a family one day and changing their lifestyles to be more responsible, calm, and settled.

Aries: He May Not Want Kids At All

If you are interested in starting a family of your own one day, you may want to rethink the idea of ever settling down with an Aries guy. Simply put, Aries men are some of the least likely to want children. They just enjoy their freedom, and they don’t want to give it up for anything. It’s great that most Aries guys are self aware enough to recognize that having children simply isn’t the right choice for them early in life. They will be honest and upfront about this with the women they date so that there are no surprises.

Leo: Kids Will Be In The Picture By 28

You might think that the chances of a Leo guy wanting kids of his own is basically zero. You might think he loves having the freedom to do anything he wants and socialize with anyone—and, of course, it’s easy to assume that he would not want to spend his hard earned money on babies! After all, these guys generally make huge advances in their careers in their twenties. But it might surprise you to find that many of them start thinking about a major lifestyle change in their late twenties. They generally start their families around the age of 28.

Sagittarius: He’ll Settle Down With His Family By 30

Sagittarius men settling down and starting families? Sounds totally impossible, right? It’s true that some Sagittarius guys will decide early in their twenties that there is no way they want to have kids, but the funny thing is that a good portion of them do end up changing their minds. They might meet a girl who inspires them to think differently, or they might simply be seeking a more stable lifestyle. The funny thing about Sagittarius guys is that they do make great fathers once they calm down a bit! They really encourage their kids to explore and think differently.


Fire Signs Have Mixed Opinions On Fatherhood

Fire signs who choose to become fathers do a great job in their role. They are always ready to step up and go the extra mile for their families, and they love their kids with all their hearts. However, while some guys born under fire signs know deep down that they want to have kids one day, others simply know from a young age that fatherhood is not the right path for them. Raising a child can be an incredible experience for some people, but for others, it is simply not the right choice—and both paths in life are valid.


Earth Signs: They’re Fantastic Partners In Parenthood

You might think that guys born under earth signs wouldn’t really think about all of those “Kodak moments” that come along with parenthood—you might assume that they would just think about the downsides and decide “nah, not worth it.” But this is not always how it pans out! There are plenty of earth sign guys out there who do want children of their own. However, they are much more likely to wait until a bit later in life than other signs. It would be a challenge to find an earth sign guy who wants a family in his twenties.

 Taurus: He Will Be A Dad By 32

Taurus men do make great fathers—they are so calm, so organized, and so good at prioritizing the important things in life without getting sidetracked by unnecessary distractions. Not all men have these qualities, so they really do make better fathers than most other signs! However, if you are with a Taurus guy, do not expect him to be ready to settle down with a family and buy a house with a white picket fence in his twenties. He will want to wait until he has more life experience, and these guys often start their families around the age of 32.


Virgo: He Will Wait Until He’s Past 35

Virgo men are definitely not emotional guys—certainly not like water sign guys! They definitely make decisions with strict pro and con lists, so they will never rush into starting a family. Nope, they always need a plan in place before taking action! This is why most Virgo men will want to wait until they are 35 before having children. Their most important priority before starting a family? Money! They will want to make sure that you two have plenty of money saved, can afford quality childcare, and will not be wiped out by one financial emergency if you have a kid.

Capricorn: His Mid-30’s Are The Perfect Time

Yes, Capricorn guys are super invested in their careers, and they pretty much work harder than any other sign (Capricorn women might be the only ones who put in more time at the office). However, there is still a solid chance that most of them will want kids one day. But they will be perfectly content with waiting longer than most people. In fact, they will probably not have kids until their late thirties for the most part, and they are totally satisfied with that. They want to accomplish all of their major career goals before they have a kid.

Earth Signs Wait Before Making Big Decisions

Earth signs do make amazing dads—those perfect organizational skills certainly come in handy when you’re trying to control a couple toddlers and run a tight household! There’s no doubt that these guys are great dads, and most of them do want to have children eventually. However, if you’ve ever dated a guy born under an earth sign, you know firsthand that he will never rush into making a big decision—and having children is probably the biggest decision a person will ever have to make in their lifetime! Therefore, they will want to wait until they are totally certain.

 Air Signs: They Will Wait For The Right Woman

When it comes to air signs, it can be tough to figure out if these guys really want kids in life. When they are young, they definitely do not seem like the parenting type! After all, they love having the freedom to travel and do what they want. They do not seem like they would want to be tied down to a child. Some of them will change their priorities later in life, and some won’t, so if you’re dating an air sign guy, it’s super important to make sure that you are both totally on the same page about kids.

 Gemini: He Is Totally Undecided

Yes, Gemini guys are notorious for being a bit flakey—and the decision of whether or not to have kids is not a decision that they can make easily. The truth is that a whole lot of Gemini guys do end up simply choosing not to have kids. And for many of them, this is really the best choice they could have made. However, there are also plenty of other Gemini guys who do end up choosing to have children. It is really hit or miss with this sign, so it’s important to have open conversations about the subject of kids.


Libra: Starting A Family Will Be His Priority By 29

Libra guys will often feel undecided about kids throughout their twenties. Like Gemini guys, they will struggle to decide between all of the many pros and cons. It’s definitely not an easy choice in the end, so it’s great that they take so much time to think about it. After all, starting a family is a serious life change! Most Libra guys do end deciding that they want to have kids. When this happens, they will usually end up coming to a decision in their late twenties. The majority of Libra guys will be fathers by the time they hit age 29.

Aquarius: He’ll Become A Dad Later In Life

Aquarius men truly treasure their independence. Giving all of that up for a baby sounds like it will never happen. And it’s true that some of them do choose to forego parenthood altogether because they recognize that they cannot make the sacrifices it requires. And that’s totally fine! Some Aquarius guys do become dads, but this usually happens in their late thirties or even early forties—they do want to enjoy their freedom for as long as possible. If you are dating an Aquarius guy and want kids, be prepared to be very patient and wait for quite a while.


Air Signs Think Carefully Before Starting A Family

Lots of guys born under air signs will choose to become parents one day—but its no surprise that many of them feel undecided about children when they’re young. If you’re dating a guy born under an air sign, expect him to think long and hard before starting a family. He will want to weigh all of the pros and cons in his mind, and he is not going to say yes to the idea unless he is truly ready. But if he does decide that he wants to be a dad, expect him to be a super involved and loving parent.


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