When it comes to being in a relationship, we all like to feel useful. There’s no better feeling than knowing your partner appreciates you because they need something that only you can give. Of course, you don’t want a partner to be totally dependent on you, but it’s still nice to be relied upon from time to time. Everybody has that one special thing that they bring to a relationship which can’t be replaced, and which the other person comes to rely on as time goes on.

The twelve Astrological signs also have their own specialties that they bring to the relationships they’re in, which their partners grow to love. Molded by their strengths and individual personalities, each sign has that one thing that makes them feel unique and special. If you’ve ever wondered what each sign brings to the table, keep reading!

It might be a fierce loyalty that can’t be compromised, or it might be a person’s ability to make their partner feel beautiful. Whatever it is, each sign has something that their partners come to rely on them for. Check out below what his partner relies on him for, based on his sign.

The Fire Signs Always Have Their Partners’ Backs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius might not be perfect, but they stick by the people they love through thick and thin. These signs also happen to be quite bold as well, so they aren’t afraid to stick up for their partners when they need it. Partners of the fire signs know without a doubt that they always have someone to fall back on, and they can trust their partner to be there for them.


Someone always has to act as the rock in a relationship, and that is the fire signs.

They love providing support for their partners who might not be as strong.

Aries Will Always Be A Bodyguard For His Partner

All the fire signs have their partners’ backs, but Aries, in particular, could pass as a bodyguard. This sign is a bit of an alpha male and is wildly protective of the person he’s dating. Because he’s naturally brave and extremely confident, there’s basically nothing he wouldn’t do to protect the love of his life. In fact, he’s so noble that he’d probably go to the same lengths for a casual fling. He just has that hero gene that makes him want to defend those he loves. Aries is also big on revenge, so if anybody does manage to hurt his partner, he will always get them back.

Leo Brings Back The Va-Va-Voom When Things Get Boring

If you’re dating a Leo, you never have to worry about things getting boring. Leo doesn’t do ruts. The moment that things start to get repetitive or dull, he spices them up. This is one sign who loves life in the fast lane and secretly likes a bit of glamour, so he’s always ready to turn it up.

Think surprise dates, nights out and vacations on a whim.

He’ll even try new recipes every now and then to keep things from getting repetitive in the kitchen. They say that this is the superstar of all the signs, and he knows how to make his partner feel like they’re living that superstar life.

Sagittarius Understands His Partner’s Physical And Spiritual Needs

Once a person has been dating a Sagittarius long enough, they’ll know that this fire sign has a peaceful, spiritual side that emerges around people he’s comfortable with. Thanks to this, it’s basically guaranteed that he’ll understand his partner from a spiritual perspective, and always be ready to discuss the big questions. He can be a little more open-minded than other signs and is usually very understanding of other religions or spiritual beliefs, so his partner never feels judged. Sagittarius is also very in tune with the physical needs of his partner and likes to please in that department just as much.


Fire Partners Shouldn’t Expect Smooth Sailing

When you’re in a relationship with a fire sign, you know you’re going to get a lot of spontaneity and excitement. You’re going to have a strong rock to lean on, and someone who will stand by you always. But there are a few things you’re not going to get since nobody is perfect. One of those is a drama-free relationship. No relationship is totally void of drama, but some are less stressful than others.

Though the fire signs bring lots of good things to the table, they can be challenging partners at times.

Their fiery nature means that they can’t admit it when they’re wrong, and they’re prone to temper tantrums.

The Earth Signs Never Neglect Their Partners

If there’s one word we’d use to describe the earth signs, it would be considerate. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn never neglect their partners because they are always switched on and in tune with what their partner needs. They’re not careless and forgetful, nor do they leave things to the last minute and then fail to get them done, disappointing their loved ones in the process. Instead, they are always one step ahead and constantly thinking about what their partner needs from them. They are super organized and never let their partners feel like they’ve been forgotten about or neglected.

Taurus Will Spoil His Partner Rotten

There are a lot of pros that you get to experience if you end up dating a Taurus. For one thing, this sign genuinely loves to spoil the people he loves.

It makes him feel proud, appreciated and useful if he can provide amazing gifts, so he does it whenever he can.

The thing to remember about Taurus, though, is that if he feels like he’s being used for his generosity rather than just useful, he’ll start to resent his partner. He works hard to be able to afford nice things for his lover, and in return, he asks for a little appreciation.

Virgo Can Be Counted Upon To Put His Partner First

Virgo is known to be one of the most selfless signs in Astrology. He has a tendency to put others before himself whether he cares deeply for them or not, so you can imagine how he is with someone he loves. It’s basically guaranteed when dating a Virgo that he will make endless compromises and sacrifices to put his partner’s needs before his own, and never complain about it. If you can’t imagine a Virgo guy, think of the scene in Lady and the Tramp, where Tramp rolls the last meatball over to Lady. Total Virgo move.


Capricorn’s Partner Relies On Him For Support

If there’s one thing Capricorn understands, it’s the desire to achieve a dream. This is perhaps the most goal-orientated sign in Astrology, and he basically lives for working toward his aspirations. So, of course, he understands how important his partner’s goals are to them because his are so important to him.

For this reason, he is always supportive.

He can be a tad harsh in giving them a reality check if they’re completely delusional, but for the most part, he is right there to offer his support. And he also expects that same kind of support back, which is why he’s often part of a power couple.

Earth Partners Shouldn’t Expect Romance That Sweeps Them Up

There are a number of amazing benefits that come from dating an earth sign. These guys are reliable and loyal, very honest and very caring. What they’re not huge on, however, are grand romantic gestures to keep things interesting. They prefer putting effort into the substance of the relationship, like communication and goal-setting, rather than what they see as the fluff on top. The earth signs also tend to be quite shy, so they definitely don’t do the public displays of affection thing. They can spice things up behind closed doors, but they won’t get to that stage until they’re truly comfortable.

The Air Signs Bring Fun To The Relationship And Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously

Relationships can be overwhelming at times, so it’s nice to be with someone who doesn’t take everything so seriously. The air signs—Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius—know how to make and take a joke, and are carefree enough to go with the flow. They don’t need to follow rules and traditions that date back centuries if they no longer make sense, and they don’t need to have constant conversations about defining the state of the couple.

That’s a real breath of fresh air for some folks!


Air signs tend to make the relationship fun and rarely do their partners feel like the whole thing is just hard work (*cough, cough*, fire signs).

Gemini Is Guaranteed To Give His Partner New, Exciting Experiences

Gemini likes to live his life on the edge. He doesn’t like to do the same boring things all the time and needs to fill his days with varied experiences to keep him fully satisfied. He’s such a fun partner to be with because whoever he dates gets to join him for the ride, and experience everything that he does. You can be sure if you’re dating a Gemini that you’re in for some adventures. Gemini is always getting invited to parties because most people who meet him instantly click with him and adore him, and when there’s nothing fun on the go, he makes his own fun.

Libra Will Charm The Socks Off His Date

Libra’s middle name may as well be Charming. This guy knows all the right things to say and all the right moments at which to say them.

Even if his date isn’t genuinely attracted to him, he knows how to sweep a person off their feet and take them off to dreamland.

It gives him joy to make his partner feel special, and it also boosts his ego when he’s super smooth. A lot of guys are charming in the honeymoon phase, but then give it a rest once they get comfortable with their partners. Libra, on the other hand, can be relied upon to keep up that charm for years.


Aquarius Gives His Partner Space When They Need It

When a person doesn’t understand that their partner needs space, it can cause quite a bit of tension in a relationship. But Aquarius is one sign who definitely gets the concept of alone time, and is always ready to give it. This air sign actually needs quite a bit of alone time himself and doesn’t like to feel suffocated in a relationship. So whenever his partner needs the same thing, he totally understands and gives them as much time as they need. Sometimes they’ll have to ask for it since he’s not always paying attention to things like that. But when they do, he never holds it against them.

Air Partners Shouldn’t Expect A Deep Bond

The air signs definitely know how to keep things light, but the downside to that is that it can be hard to form a deep bond with them. Of course, they fall in love and have meaningful relationships all the time—especially Libra, who is the king of love—but they don’t like to get too intimate on an emotional level.

Before they open themselves up and make themselves vulnerable, they have to really be in love with the other person.

Those looking to talk for hours about every deep thing contained in their hearts should consider dating a different sign who is more comfortable opening up.

The Water Signs Cherish Their Partners To No End

For those who want to be treated like a prince or princess (and who doesn’t every now and then?), the water signs make dream partners. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces cherish their partners and feel grateful to have them in their lives. Unlike some of the other signs, the water signs aren’t embarrassed to tell their partners exactly how much they mean to them. They are big on showing affection, and also being honest about how they feel. If you’re dating one of these signs, get ready for the compliments to come flowing in because they love to flatter.


Cancer Is Always There For His Partner To Talk To

There’s no denying the appeal of a partner who is good to talk to when you need to vent.

Cancer loves deep conversations with his partner because it allows the two of them to connect on a more meaningful level.

He also hates the idea that his partner is hurting in some way and wants to help however he can, which is why he’s always eager to listen and give his advice. Cancer is always there to listen, but he also loves to talk. Once he gets comfortable enough with his partner, he too will start venting in hard times and expect to be heard.

Scorpio Makes His Partner Feel Beautiful, Even On Their Ugly Days

There’s something irresistible about a Scorpio guy, and it might just be the fact that he knows how to give the best compliments. Scorpio has an unrivaled ability to make his feel partner feel good about themselves, even if they’re having a really ugly day. This is probably because he doesn’t just say empty things to be charming; he really means the compliments he gives. He can find beauty in just about anything, and really appreciates the parts of his partner that few other people do. If you’re dating a Scorpio, he’s sure to boost your confidence whenever you need it.


Pisces Will Put Effort Into Making The Relationship Work

Partners of Pisces can trust that their relationship will always be a two-way street. While some signs have a tendency to sit back and let their partner do all the work, Pisces always puts effort into the relationships that mean a lot to him.

This is because love is incredibly important to him, and he doesn’t want to do anything to mess it up for himself.

He can be a bit of a procrastinator and isn’t necessarily going to organize formal dates every week, but he will make time just to hang out with the person he loves.

Water Partners Shouldn’t Expect To Neglect Their Partners

For those dating a water sign, it’s best to remember that these guys don’t like to be neglected. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll respond with a lot of hostility if they are. So put simply, you can rely on the water signs to demand a certain level of attention from their partners. To be fair though, they always give it back. They basically expect from their partners what they dish out, which is care, consideration, compliments and lots of affection. When water partners feel like they’re being neglected, they can act out. It’s best to avoid going down that road!



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