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Here We Ranked How Attractive Each Zodiac Sign Is

When it comes to astrology, it can be written in the stars just how attractive you are. Have you ever looked to your sign to find out if you’re sultry or not? Look no further, we’ve ranked the zodiacs from one to ten below!

Generally, people would do anything to be considered more attractive. Guys get a fresh haircut, and women spend time and money on their looks too. We try to make ourselves more attractive, whether it be with extensions, makeup, or a new manicure; we’re willing to try it all to change the way we look and to be considered the perfect ten. In a world where people have merely a few seconds on a dating app to make a first impression, we have to stand out. What if there’s more at play here than just our looks? Could our zodiac sign be a part of what makes us not only who and what we are, but also how attractive we may be?

Our zodiac often reveals things to us that we may not be aware of otherwise, whether that be a personality trait we identify with and embrace or something that we have a hard time admitting to ourselves, but these things definitely do make a difference when it comes to how attractive we are!

Aries Man – He’s A 10 And He Knows It, Manly And Knows How To Show It

The Aries man is #fire. An Aries man is confident, and confidence can be a huge turn on, whether it be the way he carries himself or his persistence in knowing what or who he wants. He is decisive and honest, often using his emotional and mental strength to be real with those he loves or admires. Generally, his inner strength is only paralleled by his physical strength. The Aries man hits the gym, and he’s got the muscles to prove it. The Aries man is rarely emotional or sensitive; he is independent and knows what he wants. The thing about this fire sign is that he brings the heat, whether it be how attractive he is, or his fiery and passionate love. The Aries man is no doubt a fiery ten!

Aries Woman – She’s Not Sheepish, She’s A 9, Confident And She’s Fine

Likewise, an Aries woman is strong and independent; she likes the idea of a little competition but more specifically winning that competition. Although it can be attractive to have someone compete for you, the strength, confidence, and courage of an Aries woman can be intimidating to the opposite gender. She is bold and beautiful but sometimes considered too much to handle. The Aries woman is far from sheepish; she takes the lead and is just as fiery as her male counterpart; she may be quick to anger at times, but it’s just her way or being assertive and showing her strength, and the only reason we think she’s a nine. In terms of physical appearance, her boldness often shows with hairstyles and colors. She makes brave fashion choices, and always wears her confidence.


Taurus Man – Slow And Zen, He’s A 10

The Taurus man is sensual. He is in tune with his feelings and can express himself. He shows off, mainly during a yoga class, or while meditating. He is less muscular than the Aries man, but his body is his temple and it shows. He probably has long, unbrushed hair and likes activities like surfing. He gave up processed food and social media ages ago. He care-free and calming. A Taurus man is comfortable in telling you that he wants to be yours, but until he opens up, it can be hard to know where you stand, especially while he’s standing on his hands. Often times, that only makes the Taurus man more attractive. His style is relaxed and casual, just like him – board shorts and no shirt, he’s a heartthrob and a total ten for what it’s worth.

Taurus Woman – Free Spirited At Heart, An 8, She’s A Work Of Art

The Taurus woman is likewise, free-spirited. She has long hair and loves the outdoors. Her Instagram is filled with her sipping juice detoxes on the beach, with salty, sandy long blonde hair. She has a boho beach babe style and eats a mainly vegan diet to make her feel one with the Earth. For her, patience is a virtue, and she takes her time in life and in love. She brings peace to all of those around her, but, at times, she can be set in her ways. The Taurus woman will tell you when she thinks you’re wrong because she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings. What makes the Taurus woman a total eight? The fact that she’s the calm before the storm.


Gemini Man – Charming And Sweet, The 7 You Want Your Parents To Meet

The Gemini Man is likely the guy you bring home to Mom and Dad. He is the prince charming of your girlhood and zodiac dreams. He dresses business casual and always has a freshly shaved face. He is sweet, but is so agreeable, that he can be boring, which is not attractive and why we’ve ranked him a seven. Be warned, this is the guy that doesn’t fight with you, which might sound like a good thing, but his passion just doesn’t show. For him, it’s all about forward motion, and choosing the path of least resistance, which can be frustrating when you want someone to make a decision about where to go for dinner. He’s cute, but he kind of just blends in.


Gemini Woman – Girl Next Door, A 7 We’re Sure

Likewise to her male counterpart, the Gemini woman is the girl next door. When you were little she was your best friend, and she’s only grown finer with time. She’s cute, but attractive too. Her style doesn’t matter much because everyone pictures her in a big white wedding dress. She loves your friends and they love her. She’s happy and can make a whole room laugh. She has the tendency to make anyone and everyone feel like her best friend, as she is so empathetic. The only downside to this girl is that she can be temperamental, and also that her consistent agreeableness and adaptability makes you wonder if she’s really yours, or if it’s just her personality, especially when your friends keep mentioning her name. She’s hard to pin down, as the air signs often are; she’s a seven by our book.

Cancer Man – Total 5, Crabby Guys Aren’t The Vibe

The Cancer man is an emotional man. He is more likely to cry during a rom-com than his girl, and that’s something that might not be attractive to most. He’s creative and maybe went to art school, he has a man bun and is not particularly muscly. He paints his nails black and wants to talk about his feelings A LOT. He gets crabby easily and needs alone time to be one with his thoughts. For most girls, he’s just not the vibe, which is why we ranked him a five. He’s creative and is full of imagination, so you might catch him at a Starbucks writing away, or painting a mural on a New York City street, and at first glance, he seems like a total catch, but throw this water sign back in the sea.

Cancer Woman – All The Feels, She’s A 6, But She Keeps It Real

The Cancer woman is in tune with her emotions. In a grocery store, strangers approach her to tell her their life story, it’s just her open and honest heart, which this six wears on her jean jacket sleeve. She is a creator and an artist. She has big piece-y bangs and carries a huge purse; she needs room for all of her art supplies. She is also small-framed and changes her hair with the seasons. She can pull off any look because the most attractive thing about her is the way she makes you feel. She can take you on an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s worth it to be around her when she’s imagining a better world, especially one with you in it.

Leo Man – Hear Him Roar, That’s What These 7’s Are For

The Leo man is hot, we’ll give him that. The fire signs sure do pack an attractive punch. He’s got a leather jacket, dark hair, and that edge of mystery about him that just draws the ladies to him. He’s got tattoos all over and we’re into it, what we’re not into is that controlling, bossy temperament, and how mad he gets when someone cuts him off in traffic. Sure, he’s passionate, and a passionate lover too, but he’s got a hard time admitting his true feelings unless it’s his rage at someone messing up his food order. He’s honest and up front, and of course, courageous, and sure, life is never boring with a Leo, but this seven? He’s got his claws, well flaws anyway.


Leo Woman – Fiery And Filled With Force, She’s A 6 Of Course

Like her male counterpart, the Leo woman is attractive. She knows what she wants, and she has no problem telling the whole world who and what that is. She’s decisive, whether with love or where to go for dinner, but she tends to be a know it all. Sure, she knows what she deserves, but she’s the first to tell you that she doesn’t need you, or really care for you either. She keeps her nails long, just like the lion the Leo sign brings to mind. She keeps up with her physical appearance and is definitely attractive, it’s her not so attractive personality traits that have us weighing in at a six. Again, life is never boring with this fire sign, but the heat a Leo woman brings could leave a real burn.

Virgo Man – He’s A 7, Smart And His Looks Will Steal Your Heart

The Virgo man can be found in the library. He has glasses and keeps his hair untamed, as he’s too busy enlightening himself about the world around him to keep up with his physical appearance. He’s got a philosophical charm that will draw you in. You’ll need to remind him that he needs a haircut, but he’ll always remember your anniversary because he truly is a thoughtful man. He expresses his feelings, but in a very rational way. He’s smart and methodical, and that carries into his romantic life too. He even looks at love in a scientific way. This scientific seven is a great guy; he’s attractive and thoughtful, but sometimes he spends so much time asking why and not enough time acting on all those thoughts and feelings.

Virgo Woman – Humble And Pretty, This 8 Is Also Witty

The Virgo woman, like her male counterpart, is analytical. She looks at the world in a realistic way and is practical in all matters of the heart. She’s an eight. She probably keeps her hair short, pinned back, as it’s quicker to style. She buys unshapely clothes but tucks all of her too big shirts into her jeans to create a little structure. She looks like a student from the 80’s and that’s just her vibe. She can be a bit obsessive; she is used to her learned methodology and wants to stick with a plan, more precisely, her plan, but that’s a good thing when you realize you forgot the airline ticket, and she’s holding it in front of you. The Virgo woman gives meaningful advice, even if sometimes her delivery is a little insensitive.

Libra Man – We Weighed In, He’s A 9, But The Line To 10 Is Super Fine

Libra men are beautiful. Think Zac Effron beautiful. They are charming and engaging and are often the center of attention. They have this perfect smile and that hair flip…can we talk about that hair flip? Women fall easily for the Libra man because of his aesthetic, but also because of how social he is. He draws a crowd, which means that if you’re staring at him, you’re likely not the only one. Likewise, the Libra man likes to surround himself with beautiful things, and people, so he might encourage some competition, which is why we’ve ranked him at a nine. He’s gorgeous, and that’s a fact, but it’s also probably pretty natural to feel insecure standing next to someone who looks good twenty-four hours a day, which is the only reason he’s not the perfect ten.

Libra Woman – Beauty and Balance, Aesthetic and Grace, She’s A 10 According To Our Taste

The Libra woman is balanced. She is beautiful and elegant. She is tall, like supermodel tall, and wears really flowy dresses, and rocks golden shadow, and perfectly winged liner because she’s basically an ethereal goddess floating above the rest of us. She is romantic, and so is her style, very natural and flowing. The way she walks around at a social event is mesmerizing; she’s charming, she’s social, and everyone loves her. We’ve ranked her a ten because she knows her worth, and seeks out the finer things in life, whether that be brunch with bottomless mimosas or designer jewelry, she’s amazing, and we’re all jealous of her. You better catch her quick because this air sign is more elusive than the summer breeze.

Scorpio Man – He’s A 5, We Don’t Think It’s Hot To Keep Secrets And Lie

The Scorpio man is attractive, it’s true, and we hate to admit it. He’s got that kind of crooked smile that just lures you in. He makes you feel like the only girl in the world, but only for about five seconds, until the next girl walks by him. What seems mysterious and intriguing at first, turns into secrets, insecurities, and lies. When he finds love, it’s a real bond, but until then, he’s in and out of your life and gets a lot of phone calls that he takes in the next room. He’s a five, and it has nothing to do with looks, it’s all about personality with this guy. Again, be warned – he is attractive, like ridiculously gorgeous eyes and perfect skin fade attractive, but we’re not into guys who like to keep secrets or lie.

Scorpio Woman – Power And Poise, But A Mystery To The Boys, A 6 Is Our Pick

She’s alluring and elusive; the Scorpio woman is as mysterious as her male counterpart. She can certainly draw people in. She’s got dark hair, and standout glasses, even though she doesn’t need a prescription. She makes bold decisions with makeup, purple lipstick, winged eyeliner, but again, for her, it’s about power. She’s hypnotic, in a kind of cryptic way. She’s profound too, whether asking if you’ve listened to her favorite Podcast, or talking about a documentary at a trendy theatre; she makes you feel a little small. She’s a six to us because she likes to play games, part of the reason she’s talking about the year she studied Russian literature is to make you feel intimidated. She likes to see people squirm a little.

Sagittarius Man – He’s A 6, But Can’t Commit

The Sagittarius man is fun to be around, you might even find yourself catching feelings. He’s laid back, honest, and funny, but those beautiful eyes won’t be yours for long. He can’t commit, which is why we’ve ranked him a six. Sure, you guys have a blast, but it’s not long term. If that happens to be cool with you, enjoy the moment; he loves a good adventure, whether it be doing something outdoorsy, like hiking, or something silly, like cosmic bowling and mini golf. It’ll make a good Instagram anyway. He’ll laugh, you’ll laugh, and he’s just funny, and happy, and an overall great time. He’s got a super positive energy, and he’s fun to be around until he’s done having fun, then he needs some space.

Sagittarius Woman – Straightforward And Needs Her Space, A 7 The Guys Will Embrace

The Sagittarius woman is also afraid of commitment. She’s a world traveler, and a seven. She posts pictures on social media of her walking cobblestone streets in Greece and wears mostly co-ords and palazzo pants. She just wants to be free from the world, and from a nine to five. She’s free-spirited and care-free, which draws people in, as does her undone hair and summertime freckles. She’s fun to be around, she wants to tell you stories about her world travels and isn’t afraid to call you uncultured. She’s honest, sometimes a little too honest. She, again, doesn’t like to commit, so she often chooses her freedom over having someone in her life, unless you want to be her traveling companion, you might be better off letting this fire sign spread her wings.

Capricorn Man – 10, Greatest Of All Time, We All Want Him To Be Our Guy

The Capricorn man is a total catch. He is very attractive. He kind of looks like your future husband. Perfect skin, and nice teeth. He makes a good first impression, but the most attractive thing about him is the sense of security you get from being in the same room with him. He is a provider and protector and people can sense that immediately. The Capricorn man is ambitious and is someone who not only looks good but listens too. He keeps all of your secrets, and for him, the only thing greater than your trust is that you don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk too. For him, action is everything. He is ambitious and destined for success, a total ten to us.

Capricorn Woman – Wise With The Guys, An 8 In Our Eyes

The Capricorn woman is much like her male counterpart; she makes all those around her feel at ease. She is just as determined and successful, likely to be the CEO of some major company; she wears mostly pantsuits and pencil skirts, as she rules the world at home and in the boardroom. She is nurturing, making all those around her feel considered and comfortable. She doesn’t need makeup because her face already looks like it has a filter on it. She is loyal in love and stands by her partner’s side, being not only a great girlfriend but also a great friend. She is disciplined and goes to her Pilates class at least three times a week. She’s a busy woman, and an eight to us.

Aquarius Man – Cute And The Convo Flows, An 8, We’re Willing To See Where This Goes

The Aquarius man is an eight. He’s an individual. He’s the first one in his friend group to try a new restaurant or barber shop, and you’ll likely see it on his Instagram since he likes the attention. He wants people to comment asking what he thought of the place. Aquarius men are naturally good-looking; they seem to attract a fair amount of wanted looks. He reinvents himself and switches up his style often, sometimes a sneaker head, and sometimes dressed like a male model in a magazine, he keeps you on your toes. He doesn’t really care what anyone thinks of his appearance, he’s a visionary, so if he’s the first one wearing a male romper, it’s cool with him. He’s a great conversationalist, but the way he seems to change his tune all the time makes it hard to know if you’re his type.


Aquarius Woman – Quirky and Care Free, An 8 As Far As We Can See

The Aquarius woman is eccentric. Her playlist is all over the place, not only that, but she’s already hit next before the first chorus. Her hair is always styled differently, but neat, and she’s down to go fresh faced, or full glam; she spins on a dime and likes to keep things interesting. She doesn’t conform to anyone else’s ideals, but certainly has an idealistic view on the world. She is positive and upbeat and is generally a fun and happy person to be around. The most attractive thing about the Aquarius woman is that she is always up for an adventure, whether a concert, or something simple like going out for coffee. She’s a solid eight; she reinvents herself often, always bringing something new to the table.

Pisces Man – A Little Shy, But An 8 Type Of Guy

The Pisces man is attractive. He has strong facial features, a bold jawline, and the most attractive thing about him is that he has no idea how attractive he is. His humility makes him the shy guy in the room, he’s quiet and a little hesitant to open up. He is modest and down to Earth. He is also an empath; he feels everything and can easily identify his emotions. He tends to seem a little standoffish at times, which is why we’ve ranked him an eight. What might seem like the hint of disinterest is really just him taking his time and warming up, he’s a little fragile, which is kind of sweet. This water sign sticks his toes in to test the water before he jumps in.


Pisces Woman – She’s Dreamy And A True Friend, A Total 10

The Pisces woman is the woman of your dreams, literally. She’s totally dreamy. She’s romantic, whether telling you how she feels, or the way she dresses – mostly in pastels, and with braided hair, and minimal makeup. She’s delicate, almost pixie like and brings grace to everything she touches and everyone she knows. She is kind and compassionate, the type of woman to settle down with, but also someone who plants flowers in charity gardens, or volunteers at a puppy rescue. The only thing about this dream girl? She’s careful in love. She can be a little guarded. She’s so compassionate and empathetic, it’s only natural for her to respond to other people with a little resistance. We’ve ranked the Pisces woman as a total ten. Don’t throw this fish back in the sea!


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