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Here His Memorable Ideal Date,According To His Zodiac Sign

Dating is a stressful part of life. Before you’ve found yourself in the comforts of a relationship or happily doing your own thing as a single person, you’re dating. It’s a time filled with swiping left and right, fitting in dates after work or trying to determine the gentlest way to let a guy down. It’s a time of ghosting or blocking a number or making an excuse to leave early because it’s a total dud. You’re stuck answering the same questions over the same dinners like a job interview.

Simply put, dating can be a pain, and most people who tell you otherwise would be lying.


However, dating doesn’t always have to be more of the same, and, in fact, switching things up a bit to go out and do something different could be exactly what you need to reinvigorate things! Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, taking a break from routine and doing something he’ll love based on his sign could make all the difference! Trying something new could reignite that spark or turn a flicker into a flame, and we have the date night ideas that are ideal for him based on his zodiac (plus four that you should definitely avoid!).

20Air: Be Active Instead Of Passive

While dinner and drinks may have been perfect for Earth signs, the opposite is true for Air signs. Guys born under this sign think that the best way to get to know someone and see if there’s anything worth pursuing is by going out and doing something, rather than sitting in a dimly lit restaurant and asking a series of questions.

Exciting and daring adventures that are about fun as much as they are about connection are the MO of Air signs. They know that building a connection can come later. First, these guys need to know that they can be friends with you as well as romantic partners. If they’re not having a good time from the start, they know that they probably won’t later!

19Gemini: Show Your Smarts At Trivia Night

Conversation is key for the social and communication-driven Gemini guy, but that doesn’t mean you need to be trading war stories in order to figure one another out. Playful activities like a trivia night at a pub provide ready-made conversation topics while also letting you hone your competitive skills.

This is a relaxed kind of date that ensures there won’t be any awkward lulls in conversation while you can learn more about one another and discover what you might have in common. Plus, Gemini guys can be closet geeks, so trivia allows them to show off that secret side of themselves!

18Libra: Hit Up A Concert

Libra men, born under the planet Venus, are true romantics, but they can get bored by traditional dates. Their love of culture and beauty often spurs them towards seeking dates that are exciting and interesting, but not everyone enjoys museums or art galleries.

Instead, speak to him through his love of music by hitting up a concert. It can be for an artist you love or a small indie performance at a local club! Libra men like being at the forefront of art, and crave the energy that comes from a throbbing mass of music fans. Getting a little sweaty and feeling the bass thrum in your chest is just what you need to get closer to a Libra man.

17Aquarius: Star-Gaze At A Planetarium

Constantly drifting and always in search of their next great adventure, Aquarius men need to be wooed for their brain and imagination, because physical attraction just isn’t enough for them. Talking about his feelings can make him uncomfortable, so keeping things on an intellectual plain is ideal for this sign.

A trip to a planetarium is romantic without making him feel the need to run and flee since it’s ~science~. No planetarium in your town or anywhere nearby? Try and get your hands on a telescope or find a friend who will let you borrow one and watch the stars one-on-one!

16Water: One-On-One Is A Winner

Water signs are some of the most intensely jealous of the zodiac. Men born under these signs have passionate romantic relationships but they can occasionally become obsessed, especially if their partner is feeding into their insecurities and self-esteem issues.

Whatever the date is, with a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, it should be in an beautiful setting with just the two of you. These signs want to feel closer to the person they’re interested in and feel like they can only do that one-on-one. Getting cozy together is just an added bonus to learning more about one another!

15Cancer: Movie Marathon

Cancer men are the homebodies of the zodiac. They like their creature comforts and feel most at home when they’re actually at home. This guy can be shy and put too much pressure on himself to make a movie-worthy romance, and so taking off some of that anxiety is key to the perfect date.

Settling into a movie marathon at his place or yours is the key to this guy’s heart. You’ll both have something to do but can still get physically closer. After a couple hours, it’ll start to feel natural that you’re sitting pressed against one another without going through all those first-date jittery questions.

14Scorpio: Get Locked Up In An Escape Room

Scorpio guys are often described as mysterious, so what better way to test his own enigmatic ways than by getting locked up with him in an escape room? Most cities and towns have some of these rooms, and you may be able to submit a special request that they cap your room at the two of you! Trying to find a way out together before time is up ignites his mind and will get his adrenaline pumping. However the night ends, you can offer the second half of the date: drinks in either celebration of your success or commiseration at your failure!

13Pisces: Become Beach Bums

Of all the Water signs, Pisces is the most drawn to the sea or other bodies of water. Swimming, being at a beach, or having your date anywhere near water will put these guys at ease.

Pisces men don’t do well when they’re overly stimulated. Their active imagination will render him unable to focus on you, which pretty much misses the entire purpose of the date. You can set up a picnic on the beach, go for a swim in the water, or even just walk and talk along the shore! This guy wants to get to know you and there’s just something about a sea or lake that has him feeling swoony.

12Fire: Show Off & Get Social

If you’re looking to date a Fire sign, you know that you have to pull out all the stops. These guys are likely all over dating apps like Tinder and have had more than a few dates in their past. You need to stand out and, essentially, show off!

We’re not saying you need to spend a ton of cash to get his attention, but doing something out of the norm that has a degree of socializing is ideal for these energetic signs. They’ve been there, done that, a lot of the time, so trying something new that gets you out of the house and the blood pumping is a must!

11Aries: Get Competitive At An Arcade

Sure, you could take an Aries guy out for a hike on a date and he’d have a good time, but anyone with even the most basic zodiac knowledge knows that Aries men are into the outdoors. Instead, get him to unleash his competitive side by hitting up a cool arcade and making him show you what he’s made of!

This is an excellent first date idea since you’ll both be active, thus limiting the possibility of awkward silence. Adult-oriented arcades are popular in cities and, even if he’s not a gamer, there’s definitely some vintage gems t be found!

10Leo: Club-Hopping

Leo men have a desire to see and be seen, and their impulsive nature can mean that they tire of a scene pretty quickly. Instead of having an endless back-and-forth about what you both want to do, outline a bar crawl or bar-hopping night where you travel around your city testing out drinks at local hotspots! Up the fun factor and sip on creations, you’ve never tried before! Leos can be daring, and he’ll be into your willingness to step outside your comfort zone. A sign that the date is going well? When this generous sign picks up the tab!

9Sagittarius: Dig Into A Food Festival

Not one to jump at the chance to be in a committed relationship, traditional “date night” ideas will send the Sag guy running for the hills! This sign has a serious case of wanderlust but if, like most people, your bank account won’t allow you to jet off on the next great adventure, take a trip to somewhere exotic at a food festival.

Exploring a culture through their culinary delights is a fun and exciting date idea that will intrigue this fickle sign and will be a memorable experience that he won’t soon forget. Bonus points if he can point out to you what he’s already tried on one of his travels!

8Earth: Dinner & Drinks Are A Classic

Earth signs aren’t known for being flashy and ostentatious, and so they don’t require all the bells and whistles when it comes to a date. They’re traditionalists at heart and prefer to get to know one another in an close setting that allows for conversation but enough distraction so that things don’t get too awkward.

Going out for dinner and drinks is a classic date night staple and frugal Earth signs enjoy splurging on a meal out if it’s for an occasion rather than out of boredom. These signs can get a little anxious, so having something to do with their hands – like eating and drinking – takes away some of their tension.

7Taurus: Cook Him Dinner

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and that couldn’t be truer than with a Taurus man! This guy is a sucker for food and all the sensual pleasures it brings, but he also has a soft spot for a woman in the kitchen playing the role of a domestic goddess and all that.

Cooking him dinner shows him that you care about him and his wellbeing. It’s a nurturing kind of date that puts the focus on the two of you (and the food you’re enjoying, of course). There’s no need to treat him to a five-star dinner, but making his favorite dishes will show him how much he means to you.

6Virgo: Get To Know Him Over Coffee

Virgo men can tie themselves up in knots over the pressure of a date, especially if it’s in the early stages. Putting him into a situation that demands romance and sparks is a surefire way to get him to totally clam up. Instead, realize that being low-key is the key to getting with a Virgo man and head out to a chill, drama-free coffee date. It’s short enough that conversation won’t lag but open-ended so that, if things are going well, you could both do something afterward! Conversation is key for a Virgo man to want to know more about you, so keep things light.

5Capricorn: Happy Hour

Capricorn guys love a bargain and, while they’re not cheap, they definitely enjoy getting deals. Hitting up a happy hour at a trendy bar lets him know that you appreciate the best, but also understand what things are actually worth. It’s not being frugal if you’re having fun!

Guys born under this sign have usually had a long day at work and need to blow off some steam, so working with his schedule and letting him know that you can let loose with the best of them (without getting sloppy, of course) is the best way to get into his good graces.

4Earth Worst Date: Hitting Up A Club

Being surrounded by a bunch of strangers, listening to throbbing music and getting a headache, standing up for long periods of time – what do these all have in common? They all combine to make the worst kind of date for Earth signs.

These guys are not club-hoppers. In all honesty, they don’t see the point of spending $9 on a cocktail they could make for cheaper (and tastier) at home while dancing to bad music in a club with sticky floors filled with sweaty people. These guys are traditionalists at heart, and getting to know a girl in a noisy club isn’t their idea of romance.

3Air Worst Date: Dinner At A Stuffy Restaurant

Look, Air signs can enjoy the finer things in life, and they appreciate being at the forefront of trends, including when it comes to food. However, nothing bores them quite as quickly as sitting in one place waiting for waiters in fussy uniforms to tell them about the day’s specials and page through an extensive wine list.

For Air signs, a good date involves excitement and action, and sitting through a five-course meal with only one another for stimulation is a surefire way to have your texts left on “Read”. If you’re looking to find the way to this guy’s heart, skip this date.

2Water Worst Date: Go On A Group Date

Known for being insecure but also incredibly loyal, Water signs take their relationships very seriously. In the beginning stages, these men don’t want to come on too strongly, and they also tend to keep their hearts closely guarded until they fell safe enough to open up.

Throwing him into the lion’s den by insisting on a group date or a couple’s date makes him feel like you don’t take him or your romance seriously (even if that’s not the case), and puts added pressure on him to perform well with two new sets of eyes judging him. Not exactly a recipe for love!

1Fire Worst Date: Go To The Movies

There’s nothing wrong with going to the movies for a date. It can be nice and low-pressure, but it’s not the way to go if you’re trying to woo a Fire sign.

These signs crave adventure and excitement. Dates done at a movie theatre read “budget-friendly” to them, and Fire signs are known for being impulsive, not money-conscious. Taking a sign like a Leo to the movies for a date makes them think you don’t care enough to put in much effort, time, or money, which is something they simply can’t abide by. There are a few exceptions to this (like a drive-in or movie in the park), but this is generally the worst date idea for a Fire sign.


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