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Here He’s Insecure About & How To Boost His Ego A/c To His Zodiac Sign

Every man has a weakness — that one thing that can cripple them with insecurity. Even the most confident guy can become a victim of his own self-doubt. Each astro sign comes with their own special set of issues and the more a woman knows about what makes a man tick, the better chance she might have to get close to him.

Some men have a fear of commitment while others are afraid to approach girls. From fighting a competitive streak to being a total mama’s boy, we’ve compiled a list of every man’s shortcoming according to his astrological sign.

The good news is, this knowledge can totally give a lady the upper hand. If you know exactly how to stroke his ego, then you know how to lure him in. Some guys need you to make the first move while others crave independence and freedom. Perhaps you need to let him win now and again or act like you need his help to get his attention. One man might have a fear of being tied down while another is a hopeless romantic.

We’ve got you covered! Please enjoy this list of what he’s most insecure about and how you can boost his ego (based on astrology).

24Aries Man: He Has To Feel Dominant

An Aries man has a huge personality and tends to be very masculine. He likes to be the one in charge and has the confidence to back up his alpha personality. That being said, he will resist a woman who likes to wear the pants in the relationship.

If he feels like he’s not in control of the situation, he sees it as a challenge to his manhood. He can be guarded and tends to push away strong women. He craves freedom and won’t put up with a needy lady, either. He’s complicated and can sometimes come across as broody.

23So Be A Damsel In Distress And He’ll Be All Yours

If you’re looking to hook an Aries man, the best way to do it is to act like you’re a damsel in distress.

It may seem absurd but he’s got quite an ego and would love nothing more than to be your knight in shining armor.

What could it hurt to act helpless? Stuck at a party with no ride home? An Aries man would jump at the opportunity to rescue you in a time of peril. Since he likes to win, let him be the victor. He’ll be loyal and loving if you allow him to be the winner in all situations.

22Taurus Man: He Worries That He’s Boring

If you find yourself close to a Taurus man, be prepared to wrestle with his practical nature. He can be an awesome provider but insecurities often lurk behind his determination. His goal oriented ways and need for success can make him an overachiever.

Deep inside, he probably worries that he’s boring. Stability is important in a relationship, but this guy needs to work a little bit harder to let loose and have fun.

He can be unsure of himself when it comes to planning a date night. Success is a priority for him so he might avoid the dating scene altogether.

21Remind Him Of His Fun Side And He’ll Play Along

The quickest way to a Taurus man’s heart is to remind him how to have fun. He can be so serious in his life that he craves a lighthearted partner to bring him out of his boring shell.

Work is important to him, so it takes a secure person to give him the time and space he might demand.

Material possessions are important to him, so he totally loves getting nice gifts that show how much you appreciate him. His lofty pursuits make him an awesome partner, so support him in his professional endeavors but be sure to inject some fun into the relationship

20Gemini Man: He Can Be Brutally Indecisive

The Gemini man can flip-flop in a heartbeat. He might demand freedom in one breath and then suddenly demand to be the focus of your attention with the next. His emotions tend to be all over the place, so he never has to worry about being boring. He likes to keep his partner on their toes.

Things can get bad if he feels like his needs aren’t being met. He is independent but wants someone who will be there for him when he needs them. If he feels neglected, he’s not afraid to let his lover know that he’s unhappy.

19He Can’t Resist A Confident Girl

It takes a woman who is very sure of herself to keep up with a Gemini man. His indecisive nature can be a challenge and he requires a secure lady to put up with his moodiness.

He craves a confident woman who is independent and will give him room to change his mind now and again.

So, if you’re looking to snag a Gemini, it’s important to be willing to go with the flow. Once he feels like you can give him the attention he needs without being needy, he will have no problem committing to you. He will provide for you, no problem.

18Cancer Man: He Can Be A Total Mama’s Boy

The Cancer man is very sensitive and has a soft spot in his heart for his mother. This makes him a total mama’s boy. His intense connection with the first woman in his life can take priority over his relationship and all potential partners will have to not only impress him, but mom has to approve as well.

He can be emotional and somewhat fragile. If he doesn’t feel like he’s connecting on a deeper level, he becomes disconnected and a bit insecure.

If he isn’t getting what he needs from a girlfriend, he’ll just run to mama for love and acceptance.

17So Act Like A Lady He Could Take Home To Mom

It takes a bit of patience to be close to a Cancer man. His relationship with his mom can take priority so be prepared to be on your best behavior if he introduces you to her. He won’t just take anyone home to mama, so the more ladylike you are, the better. It pays to be sweet.

He’s worth the work, though. The Cancer man is a very attentive lover who has no problem being affectionate.

He loves snuggling and will gladly spend the night in, lavishing you with attention. If you’re willing to put in the effort, he’s a total keeper.

16Leo Man: He Has An Inflated Ego

Leo men are full of confidence and love to be the center of attention. He has a healthy ego that constantly needs to be stroked. If he isn’t being flattered, then he’ll lose interest pretty quickly. This guy is a total show-off who isn’t afraid to claim the spotlight in social situations. Be prepared to live in his shadow.

He may come across as independent, but don’t let that fool you, he actually craves being in a relationship.

Yet, if he isn’t constantly praised, he’s not afraid to end things. He can easily look like a bit of an out-of-control egomaniac.

15So Give Him Tons Of Compliments To Win Him Over

Nothing can butter-up a Leo man like a woman who gives him compliments. He loves to hear about how awesome he is and won’t be able to resist a lady who has no problem praising him. Take heed, though, you’ve got to have some serious self-confidence to attempt a relationship with him.

He is so outgoing that all people are attracted to him. If you can’t keep up with his energy, then don’t even try to get close to him.

If you don’t mind stroking his ego at all times, he can be a fun boyfriend that will be loyal and loving.

14Virgo Man: He Is A Total People-Pleaser

Uncertainty can be an underlying trait of the Virgo man. He’s faithful to a fault when it comes to love and sometimes his neurotic nature can get the best of him.

A relationship with a guy like him can be challenging because he tends to bend to his partner’s needs. He can’t help himself, he’ just a people-pleaser.

Once he’s in a relationship, he’s totally reliable. He may not be the most romantic guy, but he can be a dedicated boyfriend. He seeks a meaningful connection and isn’t afraid to dive deep once he’s sure that he can trust his mate.

13Give Him Reassurance That Everything Is Okay

The Virgo man needs plenty of reassurance that everything is going to be okay. If you don’t mind having deep conversations and giving constant encouragement, then he is the man for you.

The best way to win him over is to stay up all night, talking and listening to his thoughts and fears.

He truly craves a soul connection and will do just about anything to ensure your happiness. A relationship with him can be complicated, but a simple act of kindness can go a long way. Once he feels like you’re in it for the long haul, he’s totally 100% in.

12Libra Man: Lack Of Satisfaction Makes Him Feel Aimless

The Libra man has been known to have a wandering eye when it comes to love. He craves a deep connection but has a hard time settling down.

However, he has an innate pull toward marriage, so if you play your cards right, he could be willing to put on a ring on it.

Confidence isn’t his strongest quality, so he can feel threatened easily. He holds nothing back when he’s committed and can be very romantic when he feels like he’s met the right person. Don’t let his indecisive nature get in the way of what could be true love.

11Put In A Little Work And He’ll Be Yours Forever

Let’s be honest, the Libra man isn’t the easiest guy to date. Sure, he’s super sweet and charming, there’s no denying that. Yet, there is a complexity to him that takes a little bit of extra work if you plan on doing forever with him. He is totally worth all the effort.

He can have a hard time committing and get quite antsy in a relationship. He’s a daydreamer and likes literature, so he prefers an intellectual lady.

If you’re willing to give him space while making sure that every moment together is quality time, then he’ll gladly stick around.

10Scorpio Man: He Can Be Very Possessive

The Scorpio man isn’t for the faint of heart. He has an intensity about him that can be threatening. He’s sensitive, so he can be a bit dark and broody. Watch out if he sets his hooks in you because he tends to be possessive. Take comfort in knowing that it’s only because cares so deeply.

He requires his partner to prove their dedication over and over, which can be exhausting.

Once he feels secure, he enters relationships with a passion that is hard to top. The Scorpio guy is really a teddy bear that just wants to be loved.

9Just Be Willing To Match His Intensity

The perfect woman for a Scorpio man will only have eyes for him. Since he gets jealous easily, be prepared to be fully committed to him alone.

His vulnerability makes him a sucker for a woman that is willing to delve into his innermost thoughts. If you allow yourself to match his intensity, then he’ll show you his soul.

He doesn’t do the casual dating thing so it has to be the real deal or he’s out. Once he knows that you’re willing to have an authentic relationship, he’ll be totally devoted to you. He is a dramatic and thorough lover.

8Sagittarius Man: He Can Be Afraid To Be Tied Down

Sagittarius men do not hold back when it comes to telling his partner what he thinks, especially if he’s feeling pressure to settle down. He’s a guy that craves independence and freedom.

It’s also hard for him to accept help from his partner so that can cause tension in a relationship as well.

He’s been known to be a bit idealistic and put unrealistic expectations on his mate. It’s all about balance for the Sagittarius man. He’s not afraid of a long-term relationship but he won’t commit to just anyone. It takes a self-confident woman to pin this guy down.

7But Give Him Space And He’ll Come Running To You

If you want to get close to a Sagittarius man, it’s important to know that he enjoys the hunt. Don’t make yourself available at all times and he’ll totally come running to you. Be willing to go on spontaneous adventures with him because he enjoys living in the moment.

He hates being tied down, so the more space you can give him, the better. The best thing you can do is to be busy doing your own thing but be willing to hang out when he offers.

Once you convince him that you don’t need him, he’ll be wrapped around your finger.

6Capricorn Man: His Career Has To Come First

The Capricorn man is self-reliant and totally career oriented. His goals are important to him so he requires time and space to dedicate to work.

He’s so thoughtful that he came come across as opinionated, but is really a sensitive person who craves human connection.

He can have a hard time communicating, so he prefers to get to know someone before he chooses to open up. He’s very adept when it comes to his job, but has a harder time putting himself out there. The Capricorn man likes to take things slow but once he feels secure and appreciated, he’ll drop everything for his partner.

5Celebrate His Success And He’ll Find You Irresistible

The Capricorn man is very intelligent and successful. He has an amazing work ethic but needs just the right woman to help him channel that energy into being a bit more exciting when it comes to love.

It takes an independent lady who will pat him on the back for all of his hard work to win him over.

If he feels appreciated, he’ll be all yours. He can be a bit of grump so it’s best to be light-hearted. This guy has a great sense of humor and is more than willing to laugh and have fun-once all of his work is done, of course.

4Aquarius Man: He Can Be Extremely Competitive

The Aquarius man likes to win and can be very competitive. If he doesn’t feel like he’s in charge, he gets nervous and edgy. He has a ton of energy and demands that his partner keep up. Monotony is his worst fear, so he won’t stick around if a relationship gets too predictable. This man is quirky and always seems to be on the go.

He is extremely smart and can grow bored with a woman who doesn’t match his intellect.

It’s crucial that he’s with a lady who is clever but doesn’t have a sharper wit than him. He always has to have the upper hand.

3So Trick Him Into Thinking That He’s Smarter Than You

If you’re looking to date an Aquarius man, you’re going to have to be zany and intelligent. The key is to make him think that he’s smarter than you. It may seem silly, but let him get more words when doing a crossword puzzle or don’t correct him if he’s wrong.

He’s attracted to unconventional women who are just as kooky as he is.

Once he finds a partner that can keep up and appreciate him for who he is, he’ll totally be committed to her. He can be guarded so be prepared to have patience until he’s ready to open up.

2Pisces Man: He Is Terrified Of Confrontation

The Pisces man will avoid confrontation at all costs and often feels vulnerable.

He is idealistic and can be a hopeless romantic. It just isn’t in his nature to make the first move so he ends up in the friend-zone more often than he’d like.

It’s a challenge for him to initiate conversation and his non-confrontational attitude can make him give in easily during an argument. He is intense and can come across as desperate. Yet, if he’s with the right woman, he’s an attentive lover that will put her needs above his own. He needs a “take charge” kind of girl.

1Be The One To Make The First Move And He’ll Be Into It

The Pisces man is so afraid of being hurt that he’ll let a potential romance pass him by.

The secret is to make the first move. Build up your nerve and start a simple conversation. It may take him a bit to warm up, but once he does, he’ll be lured in by your assertiveness.

He makes up for being so needy by being an awesome boyfriend that is totally dedicated. He’ll match your enthusiasm with passion and romance. With just a little bit of encouragement, he’ll come out of his shell and show you his strengths. They’re hidden somewhere within him.


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