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Here Are Subtle Ways To Get Him To Move In According To Zodiac Sign

Convincing your partner that it’s time to move in together can be tricky. It’s a delicate dance that takes a little bit of finesse. Everyone has different ways of reacting to the big question and it’s hard to know the right way to let them know that it’s time to take the relationship to the next level.

The moment has come to be strategic and have a game plan to steer your partner in the right way. If dropping hints just won’t do anymore, have no fear. We’ve got you covered. There are ways to tap into exactly what he needs to be ready to receive the news. His astrological sign can determine how you should approach the subject.

Quit leaving your future up to chance. Astrology can lead you in the right direction and help you convince him to move in. Maybe he’s independent and you need to give him more freedom. Perhaps he craves adventure and needs to see your wild side. Other guys actually require a deeper connection and might just need to know that you’re serious about the relationship.


So, here’s what to do to make him want to move in with you, based on his astro sign.


24 Aries Man: He Needs His Partner To Be Totally Into Him

The Aries man is very passionate and whoever he is serious with has to be totally into him. He won’t just settle down with anybody and will resist taking next steps unless he feels like you’re interested in him. Once he knows that you’re sincerely hoping to move in together, then he shouldn’t be too hard to convince.

Just be sure that’s what you really want before you make a move in that direction. He can be shy if he doesn’t feel like you’re stoked about it. That’s why it’s so crucial for you to be enthusiastic whenever he’s around.

23 Aries: His Partner Must Show Her Passion

The Aries guy wants a passionate partner. Share a passionate kiss in his kitchen and tell him that you can’t wait to cook a meal in your own place together. Make him part of the process and act enthused about house hunting.

Be open with him about how important this next step is to you. If he feels like you’re passionate about your relationship, then he’ll totally be willing to move in with you.

Don’t worry about what he’s going to think, just show him how eager you are!

22 Taurus Man: He Doesn’t Like A Woman Who Hesitates

The Taurus man is romantic by nature, but he can be a bit stubborn. If he senses any hesitation in a relationship then he’s quick to move on. He likes a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to claim it.

He works hard on being an attentive boyfriend and requires equal participation if it’s going to work. This guy acts like he wants to be in control but really loves it when a woman takes the reins.

So, be prepared to take the initiative if you’re hoping to move in together. He won’t be able to resist your confidence.

21 Taurus: Move Forward And Be Proactive

This means that if you’re itching to take it to the next level then you better be prepared to take that step without a second thought. There really is no point in being subtle with a Taurus man. He wants to know that you’re into the relationship wholeheartedly. It’s better just to be direct and tell him that you think it’s time.

Once he makes up his mind, there’s no turning back. He’ll be yours until the end of time…if he trusts you.

20 Gemini Man: He Loves Feeling Adventurous

The Gemini man can’t stand boredom and is always looking for excitement in a partner. He craves someone with a good attitude that will take a bite out of life with him. If things hit a lull then he’s quick to leave a relationship. This guy needs adventure and wants a lover that is willing to go places with him.

If he suspects that your life together will become remotely mediocre, then chances are that he won’t be willing to commit to moving in together. So, you’re going to have to show him just how awesome life is with you around.

19 Gemini: Show Him A Wild Side

If you’re hoping to convince him to move in together then you’ve got to show him that life with you won’t be mundane. Cook him exotic foods that awaken his tastebuds. Maybe even start a flirtatious food fight during dinner. This guy also doesn’t want to be bogged down with everyday details.

So, be prepared to put in a lot of work before you even come to an agreement to take the next step. Once you’ve moved in together, date nights will be crucial if you want to keep his attention.

18 Cancer Man: He Craves Things That Are Romantic

Looking to get a Cancer man to move in with you? Then you need to be prepared to be in touch with his emotions because this guy is ruled by his feelings, as Keen reports.

He’s very sensitive and isn’t afraid to show it. Only a lady who is capable of handling his insecurities in a constructive way will make the cut.

He has to feel secure and know that you’re not playing games before he’ll be willing to get serious. Once you decide that it’s time to ask him to move in together, make the moment really special.


17 Cancer: Ask Him In A Memorable Way To Move In

If you’re hoping to coax a Cancer man to shack up, it shouldn’t be too difficult. He thrives when he feels like he’s loved so he’ll more than likely jump at the chance to take the relationship even deeper. Why not have some fun with how you let him know that you’re ready? The more romantic, the better.

Send him on a treasure hunt that leads to a key to your apartment. Maybe you could ask him to meet you in a special place that has meaning for both of you. If you make the moment memorable then he’ll be putty in your hands.

16 Leo Man: He Likes To Be In Charge

The Leo man is the king of all 12 astrological signs and really loves being the center of attention. This guy knows exactly how to command a room. He wants to feel like he’s running the show when it comes to romance.

Let him be the front-runner because he won’t be able to resist a partner who is willing to stroke his ego.

He likes headstrong women but will more than likely agree to move in with a partner if he thinks that he came up with the idea.

So, it’s time to be strategic and set your relationship up for success.

15 Leo: Trick Him Into Thinking It’s His Idea

Okay, it’s time to use your feminine wiles if you’re going to go toe-to-toe with a Leo man. He’s a formidable lover who is loyal and steadfast. It just takes a little bit of clever doing on your part to let him think that he’s totally the one calling the shots.

A well-placed hint goes a long way with this guy. He can barely resist a pretty lady who bats her eyelashes in his direction. Ask probing questions about his level of commitment and then reward him with a smooch when you get the answer that you want. You’ll be moving in together in no time.

14 Virgo Man: He Can Be Closed Off, So Be Patient

The Virgo man isn’t going to commit to just anyone. He has to feel like he can really trust a person before he’ll be willing to dive deeper into the relationship. It’s important for you to tap into your sensitive side and bare your soul to him. He’ll return the favour if you show a willingness to connect.

Since he prefers to have an authentic relationship he can come across as distant at first. With a bit of patience and a willing heart, he could be convinced overtime to take the next step. It might just take a little time.

13 Virgo: Slowly Ease Him Into The Idea

Since he likes to connect so deeply, be prepared to have many conversations leading up to the moment that he agrees to move in together. If you reach the point in your relationship where this is even a possibility, then you’ve already put a lot of work into him. But he has to be certain that you’re devoted to him and only him.

This isn’t a decision that he takes lightly and will need plenty of space to think it over. Just be honest and open with him and before long, you’ll be unloading the moving truck and moving your stuff into a shared space.

12 Libra Man: He Thrives On Companionship

Get ready for an intense ride if you’re hoping to get a Libra man to move in together. He takes romance seriously and is looking for the real deal. He won’t commit unless he knows for certain that you’re all in. Make it clear that you can see a future with him and this would be a step in the right direction.

He won’t respond to a flaky partner who seems wishy-washy. A smart move would be let him see how important he is to you by making it a point to be around him. Words aren’t enough for this guy. Actions always speak louder than words for him.

11 Libra: His Partner Must Show Him She Wants To Be Present

The best way to convince him that you’re ready to live together is to be present when you’re near him. If he feels that you’ll be totally involved in his life once he moves in, then he’ll totally take the plunge with you. Talk about the future with him and get excited about making plans for the life you’d like to build.

Chances are that he’ll jump into the conversation and happily use his imagination with you. He already has a mindset for marriage so the next step will feel natural to him.

FYI, the Libra man is great husband material, as Astro Reveal finds. This is largely because he makes a relationship his number-one priority.

10 Scorpio Man: Honesty Is The Best Policy

The Scorpio man may come across as standoffish but deep inside, he craves a partner who is honest. Sure, he may love the chase at first but he’ll get tired after a while if he doesn’t think that the relationship is going anywhere. He needs to know that you’ll stick around once he catches you.

So, honesty is the best policy with this guy. Stop playing games and he’ll take you more seriously.

He can be possessive so he’ll probably be thrilled to know that your heart belongs to him alone. He’s willing to commit and take the next steps once he feels confident in the relationship.

Scorpio: His Partner Must Tell Him What She Wants

You probably snagged your Scorpio boyfriend because you played the game just right. It takes skill to keep up with his strategic ways but he makes up for it by being a devoted lover. There’s no reason to hold back once you’ve established that you can trust each other.

So, it’s time to throw caution to the wind and just tell him that you want him to move in. He’ll respect you for being direct and won’t have a problem saying yes.

Sagittarius Man: He Loves Having A Good Time

The Sagittarius man is looking for someone to go on an adventure with him and loves building a lifetime of memories. He might have seemed aloof at first but once things get serious, he won’t be able to get you out of his mind. He likes spending time, just the two of you.

This means that once he feels connected, he might even be the one to suggest that you move in together. As long as you keep thing light and have a positive outlook on life, he’ll be happy to plan his life around you. A heartfelt smile goes a long way with him.

Sagittarius: Remind Him How Great The Relationship Is

Chances are that if you’re at the stage of making your relationship more serious, he already knows how compatible you two are. Make it a point to tell him how happy he makes you and how much you love to be around him. Focus on the fun times you’ve had together and keep him wanting more.

If you’re enthusiastic and have a good attitude then he’ll totally be willing to move in with you. If he knows in his heart that you’re the best thing that ever happened to him, he’ll never leave your side.

Capricorn Man: He Has A Strong Work Ethic

The Capricorn man may not come across as the most romantic sign. He is very goal-oriented and can be obsessed with work. He’s attracted to a woman that has a focus of her own and doesn’t just throw herself into him. He needs to feel like you can contribute to the relationship.

He craves a strong relationship and isn’t going to just jump right in with someone who has no ambition. He wants to build a life and won’t commit to anyone who doesn’t bring something to the table. Trust me, he’s totally worth the effort, though.

Capricorn: Show Him Practicality

When it comes to getting him to agree to move in with you, it’s crucial that you show him your practical side. Let him know that you’re serious and that your future plans include him. Once he feels like you would make a solid life-mate, then he’ll be willing to take the next step.

This guy makes an amazing husband in that he’s a provider and protector. You’ll never have to worry if he’s into your or not because if he decides to make the commitment then he’s in it for life. It’s slow, progressive romance with a Capricorn.

Aquarius Man: He Requires A Deep Connection

The Aquarius man is independent and can feel like he’s misunderstood. So, it might take a little effort on your part to prove that you “get him”. Once he feels like you actually care and understand him, then he’s all about the romance.

He likes a woman who is a good listener and someone he trusts with his secrets.

If he feels connected to you on a deeper level then it really won’t take too much to convince get him to move in with you. Just make it a point to show him that you’re the whole package and he won’t want to say no.

Aquarius: Focus On Friendship

For things to move to the next level with this guy, he needs to see your loyalty. Be there for him during the hard times and offer him a listening ear. Be open and honest with your desires – it’s a total turn-on for him.

There is nothing that he finds more attractive than a woman who loves him for who he is.

If you make the effort to foster your friendship as well as your romantic side, then he’ll come to you and only you, always.

Before you know it, the two of you will be toasting your new place together.

Pisces Man: He’s All About Feelings

The Pisces man won’t make it official until he knows for certain that you care about him. He’s the most emotional of all the star signs and needs a firm foundation to get serious with someone. He is ruled by his feelings and wants to know that you share his passion for life.

He needs a woman who can give as well as she receives. You may have to prove to him that you plan to stick around. He craves a partner that can be a lover and confidant. If you can show him that you’re both, then he’ll totally move in with you.

Pisces: Tap Into An Emotional Connection

Don’t hold back if you want to snag this guy. Share your deepest thoughts and fears with him. You can trust a Pisces. He will return the favour and be an authentic partner.

His heart can be broken easily, so be sure to handle him with care. He’s very sensitive. This can make him come across as a bit insecure.

If you can reassure him that you only have good intentions, then he’ll slowly come around. Once he does, a relationship with him is fulfilling and intense. If you’re willing to test the waters, then he’ll dive in the deep with you, head first.



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