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Girls, Wait For The Man Who Makes You Feel Understood And Loved

You might be tired of waiting around. But you still have to trust that he’s out there. You must be exhausted having to deal with all of the disappointments and the letdowns over and over again. But you have to believe that eventually, things are going to work out for you. You have to trust that luck is eventually going to be on your side. You have to continue to believe that you’re going to find true love someday. And when you do, it’s going to be more than anything you could have possibly ever wanted.

That’s why you should just stay patient. Don’t rush into anything. You shouldn’t be so willing to settle for anything average or mediocre. You shouldn’t be trying to convince yourself that the situation that you’re in is “good enough” because true love is going to be so much more than that. True love is SUPPOSED to be so much better than just “good enough.” You deserve the best kind of love possible – the genuine kind. And it isn’t going to come for you if you keep rushing into all the wrong ones.

You need to sit and wait for the guy who is going to love you in all of the ways that you have ever wanted to be loved. You need to wait for the man who is going to appreciate you for everything that you are. You need to wait for the guy who is going to finally love you with all of his heart, mind, body, and soul. You should wait for the guy who can give you that life-changing love; the kind of love that most people would wait lifetimes for. You need to wait for the guy who is going to look you in the eyes and make you feel like you are staring at the next 50 years of your life.

You need to wait for the guy who is going to love you in the right way; the guy who is going to be sincere and genuine. This is the guy who is always going to walk the rest of his life at your side. He’s never going to walk in front of you or behind you. He’s always going to make sure that you never feel alone for as long as you live. He’s the kind of guy who would hold your hand and make you feel that sense of safety and security in his grip. He’s the kind of guy who will protect you with his loving embrace.

You need to wait for the guy whose eyes are only going to be reserved for you. He’s the kind of guy who wouldn’t be interested in keeping his options open anymore. He isn’t the guy who is going to be with you even though he still has one foot out the door. He isn’t the kind of guy who would be so willing to play the field while being in a relationship with you. Wait for the guy who is serious about his commitment to you and to your relationship.

Commitment is such an easy word to throw out there. But it’s not an easy thing to actually live up to. And that’s why you really need to be with a guy who doesn’t just commit to you through his words, but by his deeds as well. You need to be with the kind of guy who is going to be willing to prove just how serious he is about being with you. Because you shouldn’t really be taking him seriously if he can’t do the same for you.

You need to wait for the guy who you know you can really build a happy and bright future with. You’re no longer in the business of engaging in casual hookups and short flings. You are so tired of having to pick up the pieces after a heartbreak. You are so sick of having to jump back into the dating pool after going through a failed relationship. You want for the next guy that you’re going to be with to be the last one you will ever fall in love with.

And that’s why you need to stay patient. Love isn’t something that you can rush. Love isn’t something that you can just force. Love isn’t something that you can just manipulate to your will. Love comes to you when it comes to you. And you just have to make sure that you’re ready for it when it does.

But until then, stay patient. Build yourself. Become the best possible version of yourself. Be prepared. And don’t settle.



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