Full Moon In , September 23, 2020 – The First “Harvest” Point

The powerful and fiery Leo Solar Eclipse definitely left an impact on the cosmos and its vibrations will be felt all the way through to February 2020 .

Many have reported feeling super depleted and zapped of energy, but this is just because the Solar Eclipse was helping us to reset and to plant new seeds for the future.

Although the energy of the Solar Eclipse will be with us until February 2020 , the September Full Moon signifies the first “harvest” point, and will bring the most noticeable shift in energy.

Falling on September 6th in the watery sign of Pisces, the Full Moon is going to bring a much welcomed change of pace and will guide all of us to take a journey into the depths so we can understand where life is trying to lead us.

Pisces has a very intuitive, creative, romantic and dreamy energy and we are all going to be encouraged to turn away from the bright fiery light of Leo into the cooler waters of our subconscious.

During the Solar Eclipse we all planted seeds for a new beginning, and now at the Pisces Full Moon we are going to gain a deeper understanding of what is flourishing in our gardens. We are going to be able to see what we have chosen to plant.

A Pisces Full Moon helps us to understand our true intentions and illuminates what is really guiding our lives.

Under these realizations, we are all going to be able to bloom into our fullest potential, as long as our intentions and motivations are aligned with the highest calling of our souls.

When the Moon is in Pisces, it not only brings us insights into our deeper thoughts, feelings and emotions, but it also brings about a release of psychic energy.

Under the light of the Pisces Full Moon,  it is the perfect time to do an energy cleanse and to clear away any stuck or lingering energy that you no longer want to carry.

Around the time of the Full Moon our intuition will also be strong and intuitive pings, psychic messages or even prophetic dreams are all likely.

In fact, if you have ever wanted to develop your intuition this Full Moon will bring wonderful and supportive energy to help you start on your journey.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces also brings about a sense of completion and perhaps we will feel like we have truly reached an endpoint in some way, whether it be in a romantic relationship, a job or even in a way of being.

Even though this Full Moon is going to bring a sense of completion, we will still have to move slowly due to the fact that Mercury is in retrograde.

Mercury is the messenger of the gods, and often when he shifts out of retrograde he often delivers us any messages that we need to know.

Interestingly, Mercury moves out of retrograde just one day after the Full Moon on September 7th, which means that the week following could bring more information or new insights to the surface.

While the Full Moon will illuminate things, it is still important to take things slow and to not rush ahead until Mercury has returned to its former strength later in the month.

Although this Full Moon is very peaceful and has a creative, romantic energy to it, there is another side of it as well that must be observed.

Often when there is a lot of this dreamy, watery energy in the cosmos it can cause emotions to run high and confusion to set in. It can also be more challenging to determine fact from fiction.

The good news is that your instincts and intuition will be sharpened, so use them to guide you. If something feels off, or if your intuition and your mind are not on the same page, definitely pay attention.

Overall, this Full Moon is going to bring a change of pace and will be far more gentle and soothing. August had a lot of fiery energy, but this Full Moon is going to bring us some much needed watery relief.

As we shift from fire to water, we are going to feel far more relaxed, creative, and tranquil. Definitely use this energy to recharge and to shake off any fiery vibes that are no longer required.

Allow the September Full Moon energy to open and awaken you, so you can fully blossom into the power of your true self.


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