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Full Flower Moon Meaning And Ritual: Time For Gratitude

This Moon, also referred to as the moon of fertility, is a period when the nurture and upbringing of the young by the old starts.

It’s the time for gratitude; gratitude towards everything that we have, everything that we need, and everything else that would make up for our life, and existence.

Mostly celebrated in Jamaica, this moon has been celebrated under several stratums, with the entire month being dedicated towards the care and conservation of the child.

This is why it has been named ‘child’s month’. A special ceremony is performed during this period, which shows gratitude towards the spirits that guide us during our stay as one in this plane of being.

The ceremony starts off with one asking for their creator to come visit their space, which has been a gift from the creator itself. It is also mentioned that everything that will happen thereafter would be the sole responsibility of the vessel, or the host.

Next, a sacred space is to be created, without the presence of any recent technology, like cellphones, computers, etc. This is to prevent any external interference with the spirits that would come and help you.

Then, you are ready to pay thanks to the plant spirit, the forest spirit, the spirit that guides through the darkest of nights, and the plants that provide you with oxygen, when you least expect it.

Next, worship the group, or the company you have with you because the presence of loved ones really jolts the ceremony into a tumultuous phase, which is needed.

Finally, thank the atmosphere for the oxygen in your lungs, thank the flower spirit, and the garden spirit for giving you everything that you have ever desired of, and also things and rewards that you never expected, but were a welcome surprise into your life, which looked very bleak.

Thank your creator, for taking up space in your heart, in your mind, and in your soul, for without their very presence, you would be nothing but an inconsequential speck in the universe.



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