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Expect Emotional Extravaganza This Aquarius New Moon

Brace yourself for January 24th as a New Moon is rising in the sign of Aquarius to bring out your emotional side.

Expressing yourself isn’t a bad thing at all, neither is feeling vulnerable. Check how the New Moon will affect you:


This New Moon will bring you lots of opportunities but you need to act fast. You will have new friends and want to explore new ventures with them or inspire your old friends to join you. Spontaneity is the key, so use the energy to fulfill your dreams, just like Aquarius!


You are a firm believer that the slow and steady wins the race, however, this New Moon will turn everything topsy-turvy. You will jump into new endeavors at work,  strike conversations with complete strangers, and try something completely out of your comfort zone. Your career goals are most likely to change.


Your creative side will shine bright this month and you will try to be more innovative at work. The huge world of the internet is there for you to explore and with the AquariusMoon energy by your side, you will excel. You could also go on a trip and be more in touch with your inner self. It is a month of introspection and ideas.



If you were planning on a big project that includes your friends, you must go ahead with it. You will be amazed at how well the crowdfunding will go if you decide on it. In fact, this month will be exceptionally good at far as your love life is concerned. Expect intimacy in your upcoming date night.


It is all about relationships for you now. Invest more time and energy in a vital relationship and you won’t regret it. You can reconnect with a long lost friend, befriend a sworn enemy, or even make peace with an old love. Settle issues with your close ones, be vocal about your needs, and be gentle. The Moon will bring out the vulnerable side so be prepared.



Spice up your health routine with a new diet or shake things up at work – you seem to be bored with the way things are. Teamwork will thrive this season so take up more group projects, invest in out-of-the-box ideas and learn to delegate responsibilities. It will be a very productive month for you. You may also find time to actively take part in any environmental movement.


You have been pretty lost recently and have felt like something is “missing”. The New Moon night is a good time to pause and ponder. Is it something at work? Is it something personal? Figure it out. Be honest with yourself and change your path if necessary.


You have been feeling incompetent when it comes to technology. Don’t worry, you’ll be better this month. Try to use your time judiciously and chalk things out. Don’t be too spontaneous and take up too many responsibilities. Invest time in your family and work relationships as it’ll be of immense help in the near future.


This season will bring out the explorer in you. Go out of the way and make plans. Do not let anything come in your way as this is the ideal time to explore. Brush up your knowledge about the things that bring you joy, try a new dish, or talk to new people – get out of the box.



Be careful about your money and take calculated risks. You seem to have splurged way too much and invested in the wrong things. So, take it slow. With the New Moon luck, you may try your hands at something new and fetch good results.


This New Moon is the ultimate blessing you could ask for. It will change not only your outlook towards life but also your physical appearance. You will not shy away from trying new things and will actively try to move away from monotony. Be brave and you will learn a bunch of valuable things.


You will finally invest some time in your mental well-being. The New Moon energy will help you heal the deep wounds and you will learn to trust again. Your intuition is amazing but this lunar event will make it razor-sharp, use it to your own benefit.



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