Hello, fighter!

Why are you telling me once more how much you hate yourself, with tears streaming down your cheeks?

Why are you, once more, saying how embarrassed you are because you fell for someone like him? Someone who did not know any better than to take advantage of you and hurt you?

But when you wipe away those tears from your eyes and when you look into the mirror, what do you see?

You see a woman changed from the core. You can’t recognize her though, she is not the same woman she was before but she is stronger, braver, and tougher and you have never before seen that fearless flame in her eyes.

So yes, you are hurt, you are broken. He did all of this to you but do not blame yourself for what you have gone through, because it all happened for a reason.

I don’t want to preach right now, I don’t want to talk about higher powers and the divine and our destinies.

The one thing I can tell you, though, is that people in our life come and go, and they always leave a trail of some kind behind.

They leave us a memory, a piece of advice or a moment of kindness that we will remember for the rest of our life because it meant so much to us that someone cared enough, for at least one moment.

You weren’t with him for no reason. He showed you loved and affection when he felt like it. He showed you moments when he cared and when he protected you.

You really did feel safe, didn’t you?

You felt like your whole life could be spent with this man and that you would still feel just the way you did when you first met him.

You were so in love. But one day he decided that he didn’t want to stay in your life anymore, so here you are today, telling me once more how much you despise yourself, just because you loved.

Do you know how many people in this world do not experience what you have experienced? They will continue their life not being able to know what you know today.

I am so sorry for those people and they envy you because you made love look so flawless, at least for a time when you loved him so unconditionally.

When you look back at your relationship now, you came out of it wounded but still with amazing lessons that you have learned.

You learned that love for yourself is what determines whether or not you are going to be happy in your relationship.


When you forget to love yourself, you forget your own worth, you stop asking for things you deserve and none of your needs are met.

When you forget your own worth, of course you are going to feel miserable because nothing makes sense anymore if you feel worthless.

This relationship showed you all your hidden talents. Like the one where you heal your own wounds, where you are able to work while you have an extremely broken heart in your chest and so many more that you probably did not know you had until now.

A broken heart is a heavy burden to carry around. You always keep a memory of that past broken relationship with you in your chest.

But you are strong enough to carry your broken heart and all those other broken pieces he left behind.

Your arms are big enough to hug every little part of yourself that once felt unloved and unwanted.

That is why you should love yourself, now more than ever before! Simply because your relationship was there for a reason and you have learned so much about yourself and about relationships in general.

Now, wipe away those tears! No matter how cliché this might sound to you, you have to know that you will be loved!

You will be loved with a pure heart that will only be dedicated to you. A heart that will help you heal all your wounds and all your scars.

Yes, there will come someone into your life who will make you see that all that you’re going through right now was worth it because you will take all these learned lessons into the new relationship.

You will heal, you will love, you will be loved.

Just realize that it had to happen just the way it did. Or you might not have turned into the person you are today.



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