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Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Convenient For The Man Who Doesn’t Prioritize You

Have you ever given your complete self to a man who never gave you anything in return? Have you ever shared all of your love with someone who always acted like he couldn’t care less about you?

Have you ever prioritized a man who treated you like his second choice? Have you ever felt like nothing more than a backup plan to someone who was the center of your universe?

If you have, you know how painful this can be. You know how a situation like this makes you question yourself and how it makes you wonder why you aren’t worthy of this guy caring about you. Why doesn’t he give you his full-hearted love?


You know how someone treating you like this can make you feel miserable and humiliated. And most of all, you know how something like this leaves inerasable scars on your emotional and mental health.

The truth is that this guy only used the fact that you were a girl who wore her heart on her sleeve. That he manipulated his way inside of you and when he managed to do so, he took advantage of all the love you were giving him, without ever having any intention of loving you back for real.

No, he wasn’t an asshole at all times. He was the type of man any girl would wish for when he felt like it.

And then there were times when he would turn into the biggest jerk alive. Times when you needed his support and a shoulder to cry on. Times when you wanted nothing more than him holding your hand and assuring you that everything would be OK.


Times when you needed him to help you get through life or just to cheer you up after a bad day. Times when you begged for his attention but he was too busy to be there for you. There were times when you needed him the most and when he was nowhere to be found.

But the second he needed someone to make him feel better about himself and for someone to boost his ego, you were the first person he went to. When everyone abandoned him, you would see him crawling back into your life, knowing that you were there, patiently waiting for his return.

You probably wonder why he acted like this all along. Why didn’t he see that his games were hurting you? Why couldn’t he have been with you through your good and bad days and through all of your highs and lows, the same way you were there for him?

Well, I am not going to lie—he treated you like this because he never loved you for real. Because he never prioritized you and your needs. I know something like this is painful to hear but he treated you like this because you were just convenient for him.


For this guy, you were nothing more than one of his options. Yes, he enjoyed you loving him the way you did and he enjoyed having someone to take care of him. But he never loved you enough.

And this was the last thing you deserved, after everything you gave him and after everything you did.

Instead, you deserve to be someone’s priority. You deserve more than an almost relationship and a half-assed love.

And that is why you should never allow yourself to settle for being convenient. Because you matter and you are worthy, no matter what this man tried to make you believe.

You deserve someone who will give you the same amount of effort as you are putting into this relationship. Someone who will cherish all the love you are giving him and who will treat you the way you treat him.


You deserve a man who will stand by you through thick and thin. A man who will love all of your imperfections and who won’t walk away from you the moment someone more suitable comes along.

A man who will see your uniqueness and who will be more than proud of having you choose him. A man who will go out of his way for you and a man who will always put your happiness first.

And this guy was never and never will be him.



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