Somehow, you’re so shocked that I’m leaving. You’re acting like we were relationship goals and you were the most perfect boyfriend one could imagine. It’s like I never cried myself to sleep, like I never fell asleep all alone in bed, while you were somewhere out there, drinking and chasing women. It’s like you never believed that I would have enough of your shitty behavior, that I’d stay because I was scared of being alone. But guess what, darling? Being with you was way lonelier than being alone anyway.


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Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You


Don’t act surprised when I choose my friends over you. You’ve done it millions of times. I can’t even remember how many times you bailed on me because you guys needed time to bond. You guys needed to see that game. You guys needed to celebrate Mike’s single life. You guys needed to mourn Dave’s engagement. But not once did you care about what I needed. Not once did you care enough to at least call me and let me know that you weren’t coming, that I was waiting, all dressed up, for nothing.

Don’t act surprised when you’re not the one I turn to when things go bad. You’ve let me down too many times. When I needed you to hold me in your arms and tell me that everything would be okay, you weren’t there. When I needed you to just hold my hand and share the silence with me, you weren’t there. When I needed you to celebrate with me, to laugh and dance with me, you weren’t there. So, how can you expect me to wait for you now? How can you expect for me to be there for you?


Don’t act surprised once I turn cold, as your actions were the ones to put out my fire. All those times I tried to kiss you, all those times I craved your touch, only to be left alone again. All those times I needed you to make love to me, when I needed you to just show me you still cared, you never did. You were busy, you were tired. It’s like I was imprisoning you, forcing you into things you didn’t enjoy. But I still remember times when you couldn’t keep your hands off of me, I still remember times when we would stay home just to enjoy each other. I still remember times when I felt loved, hoping I’d feel the same again. But I never did. Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You

Don’t act surprised when I leave you, as you left me a long time ago.It’s like you were the one waiting for me while I was drinking and partying. It’s like you were the one watching me flirt at the bar. It’s like you were the one falling asleep every night alone in bed, while I was doing who knows what. It’s like you were the one who spent three hours dressing up for our anniversary only to see me drunkenly falling through the front door and falling asleep on the couch. You were the one who left us, not me.

Don’t act surprised once I choose myself over you. You’ve done the same thing. I gave you everything because I wanted you. But the funny thing is, I expected that you’d at least choose me over your friends sometimes. Silly me expected that you would make me your priority instead of a last resort. But you never did, so I decided to learn from the best and do the same thing. I’m finally putting myself first and pursuing my own happiness. I’m finally following my dreams, no matter how crazy they are. If I survived you, I can survive everything. If I survived feeling lonely while the person who meant the world to me was right next to me, I can survive facing loneliness every single day. After all, you taught me to be alone. Dangerous Words And Phrases That Kill A Man’s Attraction For You



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