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Date Him Because You Want Him Not Because You Need Him

The man you love must never become your other half. You mustn’t allow yourself to come to the position you need him. Then, the magic of love and relationship stops because you think your life has no meaning without him in it.

That’s not true. Love happens, but it can vanish the same way it came along. All of a sudden.

At the beginning of a relationship, you two are two different identities that somehow get along together. And for as long as things stay that way, you’re safe. The moment you begin to need him because you feel he is a part of you, you have a problem.


Then, even if your relationship stops being the dream you’re living, it’s not easy to walk away because of the mindset you’re in. You think you can’t survive without him because he is the piece you’ve been missing from your life.


The point is, you have to date a man who doesn’t fill the void you’re feeling.

Date a man who doesn’t complete you. You don’t need to be completed because you already are. There is nothing wrong with you. You aren’t missing anything, so why would you need a man to fill in the imaginary void?

You are a complete person with all your fears, dreams, wishes, strengths, weaknesses and emotions. You don’t need a man to give you anything because you already have all of that.

Having someone by your side and thinking he is the last puzzle of the piece will make you think less of yourself.


Date a man who’ll teach you new things. Someone who will show you things you’ve never seen, but at the same time, that man won’t chain you to himself. He won’t make you feel like you’re incapable of doing something by yourself.

He will acknowledge your opinion and he will learn from you, too. He is a complete personality, an individual like yourself and together you can create beautiful memories you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Date a man who won’t bind you to themselves. Someone who won’t bejealous because you have a life outside of him, a life of your own. He is perfectly aware that you have friends and family you will never neglect.

Maybe you even want to do some things on your own without including them, which is perfectly fine. A man who won’t mind that he has a life of his own as well and he doesn’t expect you to include him in every little thing you do.


Date a man who admires your strength and the fact you are independent. He is aware that you don’t need a man to live your life. A man is just a bonus, it’s something you want. You should love a man because you wish and not because you need to.

He is aware that you include them in your life because you want to. You enjoy talking to him and sharing your secrets with him not because you depend on him, but because you want them to be a part of your life. You want to add another personality to your own.

Date a man who doesn’t finish your sentences. You don’t need someone to fulfill your life, to make it better. You want someone to enjoy the road ahead with you, like an equal with all of his weirdness and quirks.

You’re good enough to be with a man who won’t complete you because he knows you are already complete.

You deserve a man who is willing to share his life with you. You deserve a man who will give you his unconditional love without wanting to change you. A man who will accept your personality the way it is.

That person will love you because you are a whole and you don’t need anyone else to complete you. You don’t depend on anyone and you’re not seeking love just so you’re not alone. You love because you want to.



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