Daily Horoscopes, Monday November 23, 2020 for each Sign

Monday will be the day you will have conversations or engagements with friends with a financial focus. In your love affairs, the financial commitments of one of the partners will be a topic of conversation or a reason for greater engagement.

The day will be complicated or will require more concentration for those of you planning a trip on that day. Perhaps a person living with you will be a cause of sadness or an outburst of sentimental feelings. Monday portends for some of you small incomes from a hereditary property or sale of one.

If you were born under the sign of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, today you will have an important day to work with the opportunity to achieve good results.

Conflicts may be unexpected, but it is better not to deepen them. For some of you today, an idea or opportunity for a new job or an additional engagement may arise. This will be a good day for contacts with people from different administrative institutions.

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, your preliminary plans will be for a very busy day. However, not all of you will be in good health.

Today, there will be a possible health care of a close relative. On Monday , you can achieve important development of your property plans related to household renovations or improvements and more.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, on Monday you will have the occasion to enjoy the realization of well-executed plans and tasks. You will now want to spend more time for entertainment or fun, so you will be looking for some original ideas.

You’ll expect a conversation, an invitation or a meeting with friends or a romantic partner.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, the day indicates more meetings, contacts or engagements related to women. Today many will experience a pleasant event related to a woman: mother, sister, grandmother, a friend, and others.

It is possible to receive money from a woman, from work related to women or from another place that has some connection with women.


If you have a specific purpose on this day, try to complete it without ever looking back. Step by step you will be able to realize an ambitious project that will bring you many advantages.

If you instead decide to lose more time wandering around, you’ll end up creating a great dissatisfaction towards you. You will have no excuses and you will not know how to get out of it, so it will be better not to enter this vortex at all.



You have been inconsistent lately in your profession, talking about some projects or ideas and then doing others.

Someone probably counted on you and now would like explanations.

Do not hurt them.

Later your intellectual honesty will be much appreciated, but if you are proud and do not want to answer perfectly legitimate questions, you cannot expect anyone’s respect, especially that of those who have invested in you.



Try not to always focus on friendship, especially in professional relationships.

Someone on the other side may not be of your own opinion and you could, therefore, receive a bitter disappointment from those you did not expect.

It is better to be cynical sometimes instead of having to retrace your steps with a person who has not proved to be worthy of the situation. You are strong even by yourself right now.



You can take a situation in your head that has recently created a lot of moral problems for you.

Better to solve it as soon as possible instead of waiting for others to take the initiative.

Being a little more active even in social life, you will manage in the best way all your private time too.

You could instead let others resolve their issues on their own if they don’t want to involve you.



Do not give up on this day, there are still several issues to be sorted out and resolved before certain deals are closed.

You have been a little superficial and you are realizing it now.

If you give up or do not give the right emphasis to some details, you could also combine a disaster and burn months of work.

You should count not only more on yourself but also on your colleagues and collaborators.


Today you will finally find the right space for some people, especially friends and family.

You have been disagreeable lately, too busy with your ambitious plans.

Surely you have your work cut out, but if you have not received any more calls, it is right for you to make an examination of conscience to understand that the first ones to be detached are you, even if unknowingly.



You are slowly recovering your pace, but you still need to fix something in your health.

You are tired and exhausted, but this condition will last for a short time.

In any case, look for the inner strength that will guide you towards a better organization of your life, both in the working and family environment. Sometimes it can be tiring, but you will still be satisfied.



Try to relax on this day, you cannot afford too much mood swings because people who are singing will not always tolerate your aggressive or depressive attitudes.

You do not have anything to worry about at the moment, so if life smiles at you, you’ll have to smile back.

There are some issues that you have left in the middle but that you will soon be able to resume and resolve.



You will remain calm in front of an event that could create annoyances or alarmism. Your attitude will be an example to those who usually live in anxieties and frustrations.

With your calmness, you will be able to reason anyone.

Today will, therefore, be challenging, but it will represent a very important step forward towards those who have criticized you in the past or who still could not trust you.

From the business point of view, you will receive numerous satisfactions.



Today you will have to multiply your strength because it will be a really stressful day from different points of view.

The work could steal all the excitement you would need in the evening with a special person.

To find it again, you will have to be very rational but also let yourself go to the feelings that will guide you towards the best direction for your relationship. It is a delicate moment of your journey together.



Be patient, be honest and above all try to collaborate with all those who ask you to do it. You will agree to be collaborative if you do not want to create further problems.

Since you already have a lot going on in your mind, the best thing is to relax and do your homework, because others will do the same by following your example. Relationships are always based on mutual trust.



This could turn out to be a very busy day from a sentimental point of view. The past will come back to knock on your door and you will have to be able to reject it with all your strength.

You can no longer allow anyone to hurt you.

Your feelings are now clear, it will be useless to point again on something that has not worked in the past and that will not work in the future either.

Your conscience has already spoken to you and for once you should follow it instead of following your instincts.


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