You will start this week with commitments related to your household problems or property issues. As a whole, they will develop almost throughout the week.

This will be a good day for arranging home, caring for or settling issues related to the property. Your financial affairs will also be able to grow in the direction you expect. The day indicates more contacts with people abroad or with foreigners in the country where you live.

Those born under the sign of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius today will have a phone conversation or a meeting with friends or relatives. Do not get stuck today at home.

On Monday, you can attend a personal celebration of a relative or friend. Today it will be important for you to receive an answer to one of your suggestions.

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn Monday, it will be a difficult, predictable day for you as there will be a variety of events that are not listed in your schedule.

Today it will be good to take care of your physical health. You will be lucky in a certain situation, which will be of great importance for your future plans. Many will receive news or experience an event related to maternity.

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius on Monday, interesting developments will involve your friendly relationship.

Today many will expand their circle of acquaintances with new people. Expect important news from near or far away from someone you know. Today you will be surprised by a phone call or a letter/email.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces today, most of you will be busy preparing or planning a travel event. You will have commitments with people from far away.

Today you will be pleased with the different news or acquisitions that you will receive from a different location. On Monday, avoid getting worse or troubled because they may fail the opportunities you will receive this week.


You will put passion and enthusiasm in all your present initiatives.

Your mood will be contagious and you could even change many situations that dragged you tiredly into family or love.

Do not mess up the rules too much or you will create discontent around you.

If you add patience and reflection to all of these good qualities, despite it not being your strongest point; you will really go miles.

The changes resistant to time and unforeseen events are the slow ones, which take place a small step at a time.



You are deeply committed to your profession, diligent and determined to achieve the economic and stability goals you want.

However, free time at your disposal will be little. How do you use it? Perhaps you are not as organized as you are at work.

Do not neglect it, because a good quality of life will offer you constant and steady energy. Leisure time will give you an extra gear.

Consider those who love you and expect something more than a good bank account from you.



The phone will ring more often, you will be taken by a thousand situations and a thousand commitments and if you add that sometimes (and maybe more than once) you take a look at the

Social media and maybe spend time chatting, you’ll be making quite a mess.

It means that you risk losing sight of something. A domestic or family chore, something you should do, or who knows what else.

Distraction could cause an irritating mishap. But you will avoid it.



You will wake up in the morning with the feeling of wanting something more than this senseless race that you do not even know where will take you.

Do not dramatize, though: maybe you just need to rest, to look at things from the right point of view. Dissatisfaction makes strange jokes.

Probably it would do you good to talk sincerely with a person who loves you and understands you, a friend for example.

It will help you understand what to do to react and find more stimulation in what you do every day. Hold on and do not give up: you will find the solution!



Motivated and fresh from early morning? Only you can face awakening with the certainty that everything will go as you wish.

Energetic and determined, you are going to bend the day to your will. And what do you want? Fun, success, passion. Without forgetting cuddles to those you love!

And during this day certainly, there will be surprises. Unexpected?

Maybe yes: but thanks to the winning mood, full of enthusiasm and desire to do, you will turn the unexpected into opportunities to put you even more in the light. Well, what do you think, you deserve a prize this evening?


Solid and practical, you will probably start the day already with clear ideas about what you want to do and how to organize yourself.

You will not miss any details and you will be sure of yourself. However, what about your heart? And the leisure? And lightness?

It will certainly do you good to abandon yourself to fantasy and imagination.

It will make you more complete and, especially in love, will offer you an extra gear and that touch of charm that will make you want to capitulate. The evening announces a fun and with unexpected implications.



Heavy mood? Perhaps you are experiencing a heavy situation, if, for example, the work has become tiring, continuous demanding commutes, or if you have to face a complicated family situation.

However, like this, you risk seeing all black and black.

You are right and nobody can tell you anything.

Not even if you give yourself more often than you can those little pleasures, those little things that make life tastier and help you move forward.

The rest will be resolved, but with this help in moreover, you will at least get back your serenity.



Love could be your concern today. Perhaps because you would like more pepper from your partner, or because you would like them to be more sincere with you.

Or maybe because you are alone and waiting for your turn.

Do not freak out, do not be impatient: you have good cards to play with!

With the partner, it will be enough to use your warm look to give them the right motivation.

And if you are single, go out more, attend different tours, get busy and you will see that you will soon come back home with beautiful, exciting news.



A thousand ideas will pass through your head, but then, when it comes to realization, you will lose yourself in the practical details.

If you really cannot do it on your own, it would be useful to get some help from a person who is much more practical and well organized.

You have to center your target first!

For love instead, you will really give the best. Passionate and perhaps even sweet and tender, you will be adored by the partner who will hang on your lips.

Do they tease you verbally? Do not take it on them: they’re just trying to joke around, but they really want you. And you will understand this evening.



The obstacles are unlikely to scare you. Of course, as you would not want to have them, but you are perfectly equipped to face and overcome any adversity.

In the profession, you will not have an easy game but you could bet on your victory. And be sure that it will be like this.

Love, on the other hand, will be all downhill. Perhaps because the partner will pamper you or because who you like for some time today has spoken to you.

And perhaps, between the lines, they made you understand that they are interested. And you were not expecting anything but this gesture of encouragement!



Parties, parties, small hours, chatting until dawn and in the morning you feel in confusion? Well, normally: you are not invincible and you too sometimes need to go to bed early.

For today, a nice coffee and thinking of the interesting things that await you will get you back on track.

In fact, you will have a lot to do.

Your ideas were liked! And you will also appreciate the fact of being able to chat freely and get to know a person who has remained a bit on his own. You will feel free and gratified, happy and satisfied.



The duty today will call but you will be unusually ready to respond and get busy.

It will be because you have smelled that the finish line is getting closer and closer, or because you intend to do your best in your profession and improve your income.

You will be noticed and you will be skilled.

And after so much effort, you will give yourself something you like a lot: it is also true for shopping, not just for the throat, for love, for fun, for entertainment.

You will close this day well, with satisfaction for the situations and for what you have done.



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