Sunday, September 19, 2021
      Cancerians Have Such Control Of Imagery, And Their Moods Are So Intense, They Can Make You Feel Them, Too. ― Linda Goodman
      Cancer People Seek Retreat And Solitude. Just Like Real Crabs. ― Linda Goodman
      A Camera Molds Memory Into Permanency For Cancerians, Whose Very Minds Are Like Sensitive Film, Recording Every Impression With Vivid Clarity. ― Linda Goodman, Linda Goodman's Love Signs
      Cancers Are Good-hearted. They Have Good Heads On Their Shoulders. Don't Take Advantage Of That.
      Subtlety Is One Of The Chief Qualities Of Cancer. ― Liz Green, Astrology For Lovers
      Cancers Are Monchildren; Totally Influenced By The Waxing And Waning Cycles Of The Moon. Asking Them To Remain In One Feeling, One Mood, Or One State Of Mind Is Pure Insanity. ― Sherene Schostak
        Cancer Seldom Judges, However. He Simply Gathers, Absorbs, Reflects. ― Linda Goodman
Cancer Is A Sort Of Mental Archaeologist, Always Digging For More Fascinating Facts. ― Linda Goodman