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Capricorn Season Is Almost Here — Time To Look Within And Re-Evaluate Our Life Journey

On 21st December, the Capricorn season begins. It is also the Solstice Day, which is the first Winter day in the Northern Hemisphere and the first Summer day in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is a cardinal sign which shows leadership and ensures productivity. It’s that time when you start to take charge of your life and choose a direction to walk in.

Capricorn is shown as a mountain goat. A mountain goat is resilient and fast – they can walk up perilous rock ledges and keep their balance. But Capricorn is more than that.

The ancient symbol of Capricorn was not a mountain goat. It was a sea goat. It had the tail of a fish and the head of a goat. If you look at Capricorn in this way, you realize the inner power of this zodiac sign.

The sea goat’s a mythical creature. It is said that these fishes were able to grow legs akin to a goat so that they can walk on land and go wherever they dreamt of.

But they were also able to travel through seas. The goat’s legs help them to climb higher and higher and find the perfect spot where the sky meets the sea.

So, as you can see, Capricorn is all about success. But the success is often short-lived as Capricorns forget from where they started and where they are heading.

The water roots of Capricorn help them to dive deep but they keep climbing upwards like a mountain goat. Maybe it is time for Capricorns to focus on the sea-goat and look within.

By focusing on the sea goat, you can guide yourself into watery depths and find out stark truths about your purpose, motivation, and dreams.

Long-term goals are on your mind, so it’s time to plan, make schedules, and find a route. But before that, dig deep and figure your soul’s calling. Only then should you move forward with your plan.

Life may not go according to plan – it seldom does. But if you have a step-by-step guide, you can have a little bit of control and also have a destination in mind – a tangible spot where you see yourself in a few years.

The sea goat loves the stable earth on which it can rest but it also needs to move with the flowing water wherever required. The balance is what keeps Capricorn alive.

On December 25-26th, Capricorn Solar Eclipse will open up a fresh wave of your conscious field and open up new pathways. It is along this line that we can take action and bring something new into our lives.

The Lunar Eclipse occurring on 10th January will transform who you are. It’s going to happen in Cancer – a water sign, out and out. So, it will make us emotional and it will challenge us from the inside.

We need to find the intentions and motivations that have paved our way forward and look deep within to find some form of transformative energy within us. Capricorn has several planets that will come in contact with its – Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The energy of Capricorn is guiding us all to become more grounded. We all are climbing up the mountain but does it serve us well? We need to explore the answers and the questions – we need to kickstart the next year with the signals from the Universe.

It is time to be more responsible for our goals. Let’s be a leader and align our goals with what our soul wants.

It’s time to bringing harmony to our inner self and our outer self.



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