Black Moon In July 2020: A Chance To Shift The Tides In Your Favor

July 2020 will be hosting two New Moons. While the first has passed us on 2nd July, we have the other coming up on 31st July. This second New Moon in a single calendar month essentially makes it a ‘black moon’.

The rarity of Black Moons adds to their enigma. They are very potent times of energy for us as well. Black Moons don’t get the attention they deserve for all the power they bring in our lives.

When we decide to focus on them to work through, we stand to gain much more than what we think possible. There is the double energy of the moons working and it is possible to feel overwhelmed during this time.

Astro-Awakenings on their website wrote about the upcoming Black Moon. They say how New Moons are generally the time for fresh beginnings. New Moons are the silence from which fresh starts are born.

As instincts kick in during the dark phase of the moon, we sense the stirrings of a new life. Hence we can begin preparing to facilitate the arrival.

Those anticipating a new beginning or some changes in their lives can focus their energies during New Moons. Contemplating on developing those ideas will be very productive. Instead of actions, the focus should be the inner self and contemplation.

Nurture your creation’s roots. Nurturing them can result in material resources or even significant relationships. You need to plan thoroughly but also have faith in the process whose outcomes may remain unclear to you.

Astro-Awakenings further continue how actions take a step back as we turn inwards to our wisdom. Energy levels remain low so it is advised not to attend to commitments where physical energy may be involved.

The New Moon waxing towards fullness is our cue to come out of our retreat and hibernation, ready to face the return of light. Not just the collective influence, New Moons also have personal significance for every individual.

A Black Moon is a very powerful and potent New Moon. They shower in important new phases of our lives.

The energy of the period can be utilized in preparation for the changes and shifts in both our outer and inner worlds. The intense energy may even alter the course of our lives!

Black Moons set in motion new cycles which are renewed every two and a half or three years later. The actions and thoughts of this period will influence the upcoming years heavily. So it is wise to utilize this time and energy well.

Don’t miss these powers, passing them by. Black Moons are the perfect times to focus and reflect on your inner self. Your mind and body are dealing with much more than you realize.


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