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We love looking to the stars to fill us in on everything we need to know about our lives. It’s like a little cheat sheet! And isn’t it scary how accurate your horoscope always seems to be? We’re always baffled when we read our horoscope and it sounds exactly like us. So now, instead of using the stars to figure out something like our career path or troubles with money, we want to use it to get down and dirty. And we seriously mean that. If the stars can tell us which sign will be a hit and which will be a miss in the bedroom, that is some info we are craving! Maybe it’s not our fault our last relationship didn’t work out or our last bar hookup fell flat. Maybe it’s because they weren’t a great zodiac match. So let’s read up and find out who our next great match is supposed to be. Leo? Libra? Cancer? Let’s find out!


All right, Aries. Have we got the dreamiest bedroom partner for you! And that partner is a Libra. You two are perfect together because you’re both energetic and active. We wouldn’t be surprised if you two could keep things going all night long with your stamina and energy levels. A Libra is a bit of a flirt, and you’re going to love that charming side of their personality. And you’ll be able to help a Libra keep their pace. Sometimes they get too excited and want to jump right into the hot and heavy. But you’ll help them cool their jets and take their time so they don’t get exhausted early. The stars suggest you two could try something a bit more acrobatic, like maybe standing up? Whatever floats your boat! However, you know who isn’t going to float your boat? A Taurus. A Taurus loves to win and say “I told you so” which you’re really not going to appreciate. Click here to find out how Aries Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Aries Man Secretly Wants


Taurus, you are going to really enjoy getting into bed with a Scorpio. A Scorpio is your perfect partner because you’re both all about the passion. You two like to take things slow and steady, because you know that leads to success. You enjoy every last minute and really love the lead up. You’re all about lingering touches, prolonged eye contact, and sweet tender kisses. Foreplay is a necessity for you two. And you enjoy the romance! So consider starting things off with a super sexy candlelit bath for two. And once you’re done enjoying the bubbles, you can take things to the bedroom. Enjoy your intimate night! Wondering who your worst match would be? Sagittarius. Stay far away from a Sag lover, Taurus. This partner is going to be way too wild for you. They may be fun to look at but you’re not going to enjoy what they want to do once the lights are off. Click here to find out how Taurus Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Taurus Man Secretly Wants


Gemini, get ready for a real fun adventure with your dream bedroom partner, a Sagittarius. Both of you crave adventure. You are going to instantly fall for each others’ free spirits and curious nature. You are both in it for the experience and nothing is off limits. You are willing to explore anything and everything. Have a fantasy? A Sagittarius will have no problem helping you achieve it. You are both super spontaneous. We would not be surprised if you two ended up doing the deed in some secret unexpected place that is maybe just a little dangerous. We will let you brainstorm where you would like that to be exactly. But make sure you do not try the same thing with a Capricorn. A Capricorn partner is not going to work with you, Gemini. They are just not enough fun for you! You want to play and they just want to work. Click here to find out how Gemini Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Gemini Man Secretly Wants


Even though a Capricorn and Gemini would not work so well together, a Capricorn is actually the perfect match for you, Cancer. Do not be fooled by their cool and calm demeanor. Just because a Capricorn is all business on the outside does not mean they will not be lots of fun when you get them back to the bedroom. You are mysterious and that sort of thing will drive a Capricorn absolutely wild. And you might be surprised by a Capricorn’s secret kinks. And you might be even more surprised by how much those kinks turn you on. So why not try some role-play and get that wild side on? Just make sure you stay away from Aquarians. An Aquarius partner is a little too flighty and spontaneous for you. You are more of a homebody who craves comfort and you will not find that with an Aquarius. Click here to find out how Cancer Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Cancer Man Secretly Wants


You might be surprised, Leo but the best match for you in the bedroom is an Aquarius. And why is that surprising? Because you’re both confident and individualistic. You both know who you are and what you want. So won’t that lead to conflict in the bedroom? Actually, no. You both excite each other. You admire one another and you’re curious about the other person. You love to give each other lots of attention, both inside and outside of the bedroom. You’re a perfect match! Just remember to let your Aquarius lover know just how much you’re into it. Giving them that positive reinforcement in bed is exactly what they’ll want to hear. With that, you can totally win an Aquarius over. You know who you won’t be able to win over? A Scorpio. A Scorpio is stubborn. And so are you. But a Scorpio is too stubborn for you and way too intense. You don’t need that. Click here to find out how Leo Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Leo Man Secretly Wants


Virgo, you are going to enjoy the hell out of a Pisces bedroom partner. You two are the perfect Ying and Yang of the zodiac. You are both lovers and givers. You get absolutely lost in each other and so wrapped up in the other one. You mesh right together and you almost become the same person. Talk about a blissful sounding math, right? Not every sign would be into that, but it is perfect for you two. Spend time enjoying each other’s body and really building up that intimacy. You are going to love loving a Pisces. But you know who you hate getting into bed, let alone a relationship, with? A Sagittarius. You will not find any commitment in this pairing. A Sag partner is super carefree and spontaneous. And while some people love this about Sagittarius lovers, you are just going to find it really annoying. Click here to find out how Virgo Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Virgo Man Secretly Wants


A Libra’s best bedroom partner is the other “L” sign of the zodiac, a Leo. Not all signs appreciate a Leo partner because Leos are known for their big egos. But luckily, a Libra lady like you knows exactly how to deal with a Leo’s big ego. A Leo wants to feel adored and appreciated; you love taking care of someone and building them up. This is a perfect match for you two. But don’t worry, you won’t spend all of your time with a Leo stroking their ego. There is also going to be lots of action and fireworks. You both love the drama and the romance. You like to keep things exciting and you both have no problem expressing what you want. And you both love dressing up for the other one, so things are never going to go stale. So enjoy a Leo, but steer clear of a Virgo. A Virgo is going to be way too stubborn and confrontational for you. You two are not going to get along and will actually find each other pretty intolerable. Click here to find out how Libra Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Libra Man Secretly Wants


Scorpio, your perfect bedroom partner is a Capricorn. Surprised? You might be. You two are extremely different and you may seem like polar opposites on the surface. But turns out you actually work really well together. You both complement each other really well. Sometimes, a Capricorn can get stuck in their head and a Scorpio, like you, can be too intense. You’ll encourage a Capricorn’s wild side and because a Capricorn is ambitious, they’ll be up for the challenge. You’ll appreciate your Capricorn partner’s dedication to you and you’ll both find new places to explore together. You’re both happy to keep exploring and discovering until you find the exact thing that your partner wants. Sounds like a fun exploration for you two! You know who you shouldn’t go exploring with? An Aries partner. You’re going to find an Aries to be really exhausting and not a good fit at all. Click here to find out how Scorpio Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Scorpio Man Secretly Wants


A Sagittarius is going to have the best time in bed with an Aries partner. You’re both super active. When you’re not having fun under the sheets, you’re probably busy going on hikes, biking around town or swimming laps. But you both love to get dirty when the mood strikes. We wouldn’t be surprise if you two got caught doing the deed in a public park mid-hike. An Aries is super adventurous and that will appeal to your fun-loving nature. You’re going to feel both challenged and turned on by an Aries partner. You’re both independent and driven, so you won’t need any help getting excited or wanting to try something new. But don’t bother trying it with a Taurus. A Taurus is not going to give you that same excitment as an Aries will. You need change and variability. A Taurus is all about dependability, which you don’t really need. Click here to find out how Sagittarius Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Sagittarius Man Secretly Wants


Capricorn, you are totally on the same page as your ideal bedroom partner, a Taurus. You both have the same style when it comes to doing the deed. You are both lusty and sensual, but just enough to be perfect for each other. You two are not big on spontanaeity or being reckless. You are not the type who are going to be sneaking into a private area to get hot and heavy. You are fine with the bedroom! But that does not make you boring. You two just know what works for the two of you. You have no interest in experimenting and doing crazy things because you have already figured out exactly what you need. You will not be able to do the same with a Gemini. A Gemini is all about the exploration and being curious. You will not be able to change their nature and that will drive you crazy. Click here to find out how Capricorn Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Capricorn Man Secretly Wants


A Gemini isn’t a good match for a Capricorn but they are perfect for you, Aquarius. You’re both super playful and enjoy having a really good time together. You have awesome communication, which is rare among physical couples. If something isn’t working, neither of you will have a problem speaking up and working on the issue until it’s fixed. You love to experiment and a Gemini is happy to experiment with you. You two are definitely never going to bore each other. You both have open minds and you’re familiar with using dirty talk to get things going before you make it back to the bedroom. You’re both open to new suggestions, so don’t be afraid to go for something on the wild side with your Gemini partner. But what you don’t want to do is try to get a Cancer to experiment with you. A Cancer needs that emotional attachment and involvment that you just don’t want to give. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Click here to find out how Aquarius Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Aquarius Man Secretly Wants


Speaking of fish, now it’s time to find your dream partner, Pisces. And the stars say your perfect bedroom match is a Cancerian. You’re both water signs, which gives you a great bond already. And like water, you both have no limits and will be open to trying different things with each other. You’re able to be both sweet and intense with each other. Water signs are known for their empathetic nature. It’s almost like you can read each others’ minds when you’re in bed together. You both want to love and care for the other person. You’re going to be very concerned with your partner’s needs and they’ll be just as excited to satisfy yours. You’re the perfect match! But make sure you don’t try your match with a Sagittarius. Sag partners have a very no-nonsense approach to their lives. They want to take on everything. And that is going to freak you out! Click here to find out how Pisces Man Fall in love with you or Find Out Pisces Man Secretly Wants  


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