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Before Falling For A Strong Girl With A Sensitive Soul, Know This

  And she will do that because she wants to from the bottom of her heart. Because when she loves, she goes all in. For her, there isn’t an almost relationship or almost love. She gives all of herself and she expects you to do the same.

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If someone tries to make you feel sad, she will stand up for you because she can’t stand people attacking you when you are vulnerable. She will be your best friend and your lover at the same time. And you will fall in love with her so fast because a girl like this is so damn easy to love. She will give the best advice. She has been through a lot and she knows that life is a bitch. That’s why she will share all her life lessons with you. Even if she has to suffer to go over them, she will wholeheartedly share them with you because she wants you to learn about her mistakes. She is someone who will take care of you, even if you are not able to do so and her life’s mission will be to help all good people, including you. A girl like this has the heart of a lioness and she is never afraid to say what she means.   She will protect you like only a woman in love knows. Don’t forget that the combination of her strong character and her sensitive soul is killer. She is someone who will fight for you and protect you from bad people. Also, she will be there when people break you or do you harm, to tell you that it will pass, to hug you and to be there for you. A girl like this knows what a blessing it is to have someone who will stand up for you so she will do it for you even if you don’t ask her to.    

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She will figure out all your desires by just looking into your eyes because she can see what others can’t see. She can see the sorrow behind your smile and the tears that you are trying to suppress. She will wear her heart on her sleeve all the time. Before you fall for a girl like this, just know that she will always let you know how she feels. She won’t play any mind games because she knows how much it hurts when someone plays with your emotions. If she ever stops loving you, she will be open about that and she will never make a fool out of you. And that is the way she wants you to treat her as well. All she wants is a relationship where both of you will make some effort because she knows that only in that way will you succeed. She will love differently than those before her. A girl like this will love you with all her heart and soul and she won’t have any problem in showing that whenever she is with you. No matter whether the two of you are in public or not, she will kiss you like it is your last kiss. She will take your hand and proudly show you off. She is someone who wants to share her happiness with the whole world and she thinks that love is the purest emotion of them all. She will always remind you of how amazing you are and she will never let you down. Every problem that you have will be her problem as well and she will work hard on solving them all. She won’t ask you for attention because she will make sure that she gets it naturally. A girl like this will never come off as clingy or needy just so you could give her some attention. Instead, she will live her life to the fullest and in that way, show you that going on a life journey with her is pretty amazing. She will impact your life so strongly that she will never be the invisible one for you but you will always think of her.

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Her strong spirit and her sensitive soul are what will attract you to her the most. She will never make you question if you are good enough or worthy enough. She will lift you up even if you feel depressed and she will show you that life can be so beautiful. Trust me, winning the heart of a girl like this is like hitting the jackpot!  


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