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Astrology For January 2022 – The Nodes Are Changing Signs, Get Ready For A Major Shift!!

January 2nd Mercury transforms straight at 24 ° Aries as well as the psychological haze will certainly lift gradually. The moment has concerned me to continue with your tasks! Thanks to the combination with Uranus, your mind is highly rewarding, and your concepts are original. In the following two weeks utilize your mind as high as you can.

January 10th is an extremely vital day, so see to it you mark it in your schedule. The Nodal axis shifts from the Virgo/ Pisces axis to the Leo/ Aquarius axis, more specifically the North Node of the Moon leaves Virgo as well as relocates into Leo as well as the South Node leaves Pisces and also relocates right into Aquarius.

The last time we had the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius was from September 1998 to April 2000. Try to recall what occurred then so you can get a sensation concerning what to expect in the next 1 year and a fifty percent.

On the same day, we have a very effective Moon at 20 ° Scorpio. The Full Moon is very transformational and also will certainly bring favorable adjustments particularly for individuals with Scorpio rising or with earth or angles at 20 ° Scorpio or 20 ° Taurus. Pluto, the leader of this Full Moon, makes positive facets with this lunation (a sextile to the Moon and a trine to the Sunlight) which is highly valuable. Plutonian energy is typically hard to absorb however this moment we can make the most effective use of it.

Mercury links with Uranus for the last time around this date too. Mercury has been concocting something with Uranus for a couple of weeks– likely, the Moon, as well as the Nodal shift, will certainly activate it– you can anticipate exceptional breakthroughs and also unexpected news around this date!

If you have worlds around 25 ° Aries the information will be about you! Expect the unanticipated.

January 11th Mars is square Neptune and then trine Jupiter, while Mercury is trine Saturn. You can feel a blood thrill as well as a need to leave the dullness of daily life. Fortunately, you won’t do anything silly as your mind is functional as well as focused on what makes good sense.

January 15th Mercury enters Taurus reactivating the Sun/Mercury conjunction which happened on April 20th. If you started a brand-new task around April 20th you will now get more clearness about where the project is heading.

January 18th Saturn is trine Uranus. The transportation will certainly bring the much-required peace of mind that we are on the appropriate track with our efforts. Uranus wants progress yet the majority of the time its erratic power can be way too much to take care of.

However thanks to the maintaining energy of Saturn we will certainly now have the convenience to transfer to unidentified territories from an area of assurance and convenience. People with 26 ° in Fire indicators will particularly take advantage of this transit as well as if you have worlds around 26 ° in Leo this is a time of remarkable and sturdy improvements.

January 19th Venus at 13 ° Aries opposes Jupiter at 13 ° Libra. This is flamboyant transportation– plan to go out, you will certainly have a blast. Venus wants you to enjoy everything and also Jupiter desires you to appreciate everything to the maximum– just ensure you don’t overemphasize.

January 20th Sunlight enters Gemini and the atmosphere will lighten up. We have thirty days to feel light as well as carefree, wonder, and also discover the globe around us.

January 25th New Moon in Gemini at 4 ° as well as Venus square Pluto. The New Moon is unaspected so the Gemini power will be revealed openly. This New Moon is terrific for finding out and expeditions of any kind.

Plan a trip or view a docudrama on a topic you know nothing about. Time to forget any opinions you “borrowed” from other individuals, from publications, from the television, as well as make your own rather. Discover life with a newbie’s mind.

January 28th Mars at 25 ° Gemini opposes Saturn at 25 ° Sagittarius. You can currently feel friction in between the wish to check out the world on your terms and also the demand to obey the rules of the culture. Take it gently, similar to a Gemini would do!

January 31st Mercury– currently at the speed of light– is trine Pluto as well as your mental emphasis will certainly escalate. Nothing can enter your method currently as you are fully listening to your objective.


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