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Horóscopo de Aquariussio para Noviembre 2018: Love


The Venus Star Point (conjunction Sun – Venus) will take place on July 3rd, under the influence of Gemini and on the V House of Aquarius. This event translates into intense reflection, on the use of creativity and the natural talents of the subject.

From a sentimental point of view, the Venus Star Point and the retrograde of the planet of desire in House V of the water carrier (until 06/25), alludes to the type of relationship you hope to cultivate with your descendants, freeing you from old family patterns.

As the North Node will also be activated in the V House of Aquarius (06/04), the available energy speaks of connecting with the inner child, opening up to romance, new experiences, fun, and creative manifestations.

On the other hand, the penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon in Sagittarius on 06/05, will touch House XI of the sign of Aquarius, which may imply the breakdown of a relationship with a friend or colleague.

Likewise, the lunar event aims to capture patterns of behavior associated with the need for approval, mainly, by people belonging to your social circle, or work teams.

Horóscopo de Aquariussio para Noviembre 2018: Money


The finances of the natives of Aquarius may suffer ups and downs, in July 2020, due to the start of Neptune’s retrogradation, in House II of the sign (06/22). With this transit, it is possible for the native to assume a thoughtless attitude towards expenses or, on the contrary, to limit themselves to the maximum, due to a pessimistic perspective of the situation and their own abilities.

Keep in mind that Neptune’s retrogradations cloud our vision of reality, offering a distorted projection of it, which means that (in this case) frustration and other negative feelings have no real basis, beyond the subject’s own beliefs and expectations.

As much as possible, avoid making significant financial transactions, without seeking independent advice, and being aware of the details involved in the operation.

In the workplace, on July 3rd, the Venus Star Point (Sun-Venus conjunction) will take place in the V House of Aquarius, an event that will raise questions about the level of determination of the native, in terms of promoting the projects personal, and the expression of their talents.

As the North Node will be activated in this same location (House V), on 06/04, we talk about trusting your abilities; dabble in different creative manifestations; and cultivate self-expression.

Note: the entrance of Mars in House III (06/27) will favor the presentation of ideas, in different environments.

When the North Node changes position on the astral map, the North Node moves to the opposite end of the axis, in this case, House XI of Aquarius, where the penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon in Sagittarius from 06/05.

The South Node in the XI House of Aquarius (06/04) refers to the rebellion with purpose; identifying what makes you unique; the commitment to the construction of dreams; and the preservation of individual identity, within the group context.

In the same way, the penumbral eclipse of the Full Moon in Sagittarius (06/06) invites you to explore outside the comfort zone, trust your initiatives, and open up to meet new people.

On the other hand, the retrogradation of Mercury in the VI House of Aquarius, from 06/18 to 07/12, warns of the risks of excessive criticism, directed at co-workers or people who do not share your lifestyle.

The fact that the annular eclipse of the Sun in Cancer occurs in this same location (House VI), on 06/21, suggests that perfectionism (which causes delays in the delivery of earrings) must be set aside, to focus on building your true goals.

For Aquarius students, the presence of the asteroid Juno in House IX constitutes an incentive to commit to academic goals, which will allow them to excel at different levels, and challenge their limits.

Horóscopo de Aquariussio para Noviembre 2018: Health


Saturn continues to retrograde in Aquarius, so those natives of the sign who suffer from a chronic ailment must be alert to a new manifestation of symptoms, to receive the necessary attention.

On the other hand, from July 18 to July 12, Mercury will be retrograde in House VI of Aquarius, indicating a good season to request medical advice, if you are interested in a change in lifestyle.

Although the annular eclipse of the Sun in Cancer in the VI House of Aquarius (06/21) alludes to an increase in physical vitality, and excellent prospects for recovery, the apparent setback of the communication planet can slow down the processes.




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