April is the month of Spring as well as springtime is pertaining to Gemini, Aquarius, and Taurus. 7th April starts with a Moon as well as the results of the Venus-Gemini conjunction of 3rd April supercharges this full moon.
Venus will be beginning her retrograde venture once it undergoes Gemini on 13th May. Your partnerships are going for an upgrade. 4th April will discover Jupiter joining Pluto and also disclosing a couple of secrets.

It will certainly take place at 24-degrees Capricorn and so, discover what Capricorn represents in your birth graph. 19th April brings the sun right into Taurus as well as the new Moon will come up on 22nd April. Pluto will certainly go into retrograde on 25th April.

Throughout a lot of planetary occasions, Gemini, Aquarius, and Taurus are mosting likely to have a blast:

Taurus period is going to start. It will certainly be your birthday this month. Venus, the Queen of Love, will certainly be in your indicator and enter Gemini influencing your house of funds.
Maintain a budget. You can even engage in a few guilty enjoyments though not too much. Mars will partner with Venus and also impact your residence of career. Know that you are changing– permit it to happen.

This month is going to be fun as the cosmic adjustments will certainly impact your style of communicating as well as romance. The lovely Venus will certainly honor you with love and happiness.

Simply be sincere and also don’t attempt to deceive others. Because Venus is meeting March and also impacting your entrepreneurship and education and learning skills, possibly it’s time to talk to the masses as well as become an influencer.

Mars is entering your indication and also shooting up your life for you as it squares with your leader, Uranus. This conjunction will influence your house as well as bring much-needed productive power to you. It can make you a little hot-headed as well.
However, Mars will certainly coordinate with Venus also and bring a little love as well as creative thinking right into your life. Direct that power into something creative. The Libra Full Moon is falling on your home of Confidence which implies, this is yet an additional chance for you to embrace your flexibility. So, if you feel like it, take a leap of faith.

Have a blast during April as well as delight in the modifications occurring within you. Cheers.


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