The month that started today will be quite an exciting one. The planet Mercury is going retrograde on the 5th of April , and there will also be a New Moon on the 6th of April  , then a Full Moon on the 20th of April , and finally the Spring Equinox which starts on April 21st.

With all those activities in April , it will be the time to make a pause during the April New Moon, so we can take enough time for putting our intentions towards the following month. As the April New Moon occurs in the sign of Pisces, it is going to bring great sensitivity among people.

Those that feel a bit insecure during this period should not worry, because it is going to pass very quickly. During the New Moon in Pisces, it is going to benefit us to participate in spiritual or creative work as well.

Aligned with the planet Neptune very tightly, s*xtile Saturn and s*xtile Mars will widely square the planet Jupiter. The planet Mercury will be stationary retrograde, and the degree will be critical.

While the planet Uranus is still in the sign of Taurus, we are going to bring changes and shake things up, especially those which are related to our way of enjoying life, our possessions, and the way of arranging our things. Also, we may approach personal possessions and money in an entirely new and exciting way.

We are going to be more financially progressive and savvy when it comes to practical matters and business. During Uranus in Taurus, some innovative ways of making ourselves more comfortable will probably emerge.

There can be a smaller amount of inhibition when it comes to expressing self-love, sensuality, body love or pampering.

Also, feminist movements will metamorphose and grow. Our personal values can lean towards unconventional things more, or we will challenge what we valued before.

This New Moon happening in Pisces will make the start of one new cycle. So, the cycle of the New Moon in Aquarius will end, and the cycle of the Pisces New Moon will start.

This lunar cycle will be an excellent time for committing to personal aims which express positive energies that Pisces possesses.

Accepting imperfections related to ourselves or other people as a distinct type of perfection, taking an act of trust, starting new projects which require visualization skills and imagination, consciously putting some time aside, so we can do rejuvenating and peaceful activities, and even sharing our dreams with others.

With the potent energy of Pisces, we will have the opportunity to make some significant changes in life.

The New Moon will be particularly imaginative and creative, as it is conjunct with the Neptune square to the planet Jupiter, while sextile to the planet Mars. There is a possibility that we will feel quite inspired, and the Pisces New Moon will motivate us to take a leap of faith.

The New Moon happened shortly after the turned and stationed retrograde of Mercury and the planet Uranus entered in Taurus. There is the probability of lack of judgment and instability during this time too.

This particular Moon phase happens at 15 degrees and 47 minutes of the sign of Pisces, and it will affect people that are born with their personal points and planets at almost 12 to 20 degrees of the Mutable signs, such as Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo.



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