April 2020 is full of surprises. It’s springtime and Venus is entering Gemini on 3rd April.

It will go into retrograde in May and so, this arrival into Gemini can be seen as a prelude to what is going to happen in the future. Jupiter will combine with Pluto in Capricorn and it will bring in a massive change.

On top of that, with the sun entering Taurus on 19th April and a sensuous New Moon in Taurus on 22nd April will help you analyze your relationships better. April 25th will see Pluto going into retrograde as well.

In this eventful month, some zodiacs can get the short end of the stick. But that’s no worry – the challenges these zodiacs will face can only make them better in the long run.

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April 2020 Stacks Up A Few Challenges For These Zodiac Signs


It’s time to get rid of the Ego. Be brave and if you are pursuing something, don’t give up. Since violent Mars is teaming up with Saturn, you have to start making compromises.

If you get angry, try to locate the source of your anger. Sometimes, you can get too authoritative. Tone it down. The Full Moon will affect your communication and surroundings, so keep your mind open.


Don’t push down your feelings into a deep corner. You may have felt a little less trustworthy for a while now and it is not coincidental. You have not paid attention to your intuitive self for a long time.

The Full Moon is trying to bring some clarity within you. Now is the time to understand what is going inside you – what worries you. Maybe you are trying to get some advice from the outside when all you need is to listen to yourself.


Saturn and Mars are working on your domestic front and will reveal a lot of new things and bring up new emotions within you. Don’t try to repress these new emotions. Change is coming.

Your relationships will also evolve. So, get ready to see the change. You might have to work on relationship issues you wished to forget. However, once you solve them, it will better your bond.

Live up to the challenges and see the change happening around you during April 2020.


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