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Absolute Perfect Start To 2023: Magnificent Mars Merges With Aries On New Years Eve

This, along with Capricorn season, makes you reach all your goals like never before.

Mars, the planet of ego and action, is a pretty big deal in astrology. It’s known to make an impact wherever it goes, supercharging everything it touches and doing whatever it wants. For over a month, it’s been in watery Pisces, amplifying your emotions and compelling you to live life subjectively. Its rambunctiousness has mostly been contained to mood swings, but all of this internalized energy is fixing to erupt! On New Years Eve at 9:19 PM, Mars breaches out of the chilling waters of Pisces and enters fiery Aries! It’s been over a year since Mars has been in the sign it rules over, where it operates the strongest. 2019 is guaranteed to charge in guns a-blazin’ with this astrological event, which will hype up fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius the most.

Mars rules over your libido, what motivates you to act, and the baseline energy level you have. This is the planet that fills you with confidence and satisfaction when you win at something. It’s also the “hot” in “hot and bothered,” making you prone to rage when things don’t go your way. This planet is all about being direct and to-the-point, and aims to shoot from point A to point B in as little time as possible. It makes sense that Aries and this planet are besties—they share a crazy amount of similar traits. Now that Mars is in Aries, you can expect to feel these competitive, hotheaded vibes more than ever.

This shot of Arian adrenaline is a hollaback to the upbeat vibes started by the most recent Sagittarius season. Combined with the dutiful and hardworking sensibilities of the present Capricorn season, nothing can stand in your way of getting shit taken care of! Aries is bright, fun, and playful, but its spark doesn’t last too long. You feel a lot like this right now—eager for newness, but unable to pay attention for anything longer than the split second it catches your eye. So while this Mars phase isn’t the best for planning out long-term goals, combined with the wise, determined nature of Capricorn season, you’re set for success in whatever you do!


When Mars is in Aries, your inner fire shines brighter. Your creative spirit is livelier, and your mind is more awake and active than ever. You’re eager to burn this excess fuel through any means possible—sports, working out, sex, dancing, and art are all great ways to express this energy. If you can’t find a productive outlet, it may come out through snippiness and anger. Because of this, you need to watch out for ego conflicts with others for the next few weeks. If you get caught in an argument, you don’t need to be afraid of getting burned though. Tempers flare for a minute, but Mars in Aries can simmer and cool off if you channel your inner Libra–Aries’ opposite sign–and try to cooperate.

The red planet entering Aries on the evening of December 31 is interesting timing. The energy of Mars in Aries is fun-loving, spontaneous, and a bit hedonistic, so whether you’re going to a small get-together or attending a blowout this NYE, the experience will be unforgettable! This energy is also reckless, hasty, and known to cause conflicts and accidents—so stay extra safe. It’s the start of a new year, and with Mars in the first sign of the zodiac, it’s the perfect time to aim for new goals, search for new interests, and meet new people! After such a stressful year, nothing sounds better than moving past the drama of 2018 and entering 2019 with a fresh start.

Happy New Year! Read below for your Mars in Aries horoscopes:

# Aries:

After over a year, Mars is back home in your sign! Your pulse is quicker, your attitude spicier, and your drive to do what you want higher than ever. When your ruling planet is in your sign, it operates very strongly, which can work for or against you. You have way more physical energy than usual, meaning this is a great time to exercise or get into a creative project. You’re more direct than usual, too, so avoid stepping on others’ toes if you can help it.

# Taurus:

Mars is setting your chart’s zone of dreams and your subconscious ablaze for the next few weeks. Vivid visions, weird moods, or a bad attitude can trouble you with Mars in Aries if you have stress or anxiety that needs to be addressed. This transit is also activating your chart’s zone of isolation, meaning that the urgent forcefulness of Mars doesn’t operate well unless you’re working alone now.


# Gemini:

Mars in Aries makes your social life poppin’ again! The red planet is warming up your chart’s zone of friend groups and networking, so you can be as socially aggressive as you want now, making friends with anyone who looks your way. You’re also able to stand out in a group with ease and take the role of the ringleader with your friends, making the decisions and directing the action. If there’s stress within the squad, it’ll come out explosively with Mars here if you don’t handle it yourself first.

# Cancer:

You hate how imprecise Aries energy is. You’re all about slow and steady winning the race, but Aries just wants to blast off from point A to point B—even if it doesn’t know where point B is. This inner conflict makes for a tense few weeks of Mars in Aries for your sign, but a lot of work can be done if you play your cards right. Mars in Aries is shining a light on your career and filling you with motivation to be a top performer at work. This motivation can help you stand out to your boss or lead to difficulty with coworkers if you come off too strong.

# Leo:

You’re more motivated than ever to get on the road or do something new with Mars in Aries. Go on an impromptu vacation, if time allows. For your sign especially, Mars in Aries energy needs to be physically expressed, so if a quick trip isn’t an option right now, you have to start moving in different ways! Taking a dance class, playing a new sport, or just going for a walk are especially fun for you now and might lead to your next hobby or passion.

# Virgo:

When Mars is in Aries, your chart’s zone of sex, intimacy, and the subconscious is activated—be careful, because accidents are more likely with Mars here. Your libido is noticeably higher now, as is the energy of your primary relationship. Friction with your S.O. is more noticeable, but fiery Aries also inspires more passion and hotter sex now. The part of your chart being activated now is also associated with the finances of others—look out for surprise bills, taxes, or inheritances.

# Libra:

As the sign of relationships, you love to do things with others; cooperation and accommodation are your forte! Mars is now in your chart’s relationship zone, meaning that the energy between you and others in one-on-one relationships is stronger now. The physical energy between you and your partner is on fire, and the bedroom is much busier for the next few weeks. Teamwork is the best way to solve problems now, and you seem to fumble when you tackle them solo. Warning: aggression is higher in your relationships too, so if you have beef with anyone, avoid them right now and stay out of trouble!


# Scorpio:

Capricorn season has already been busy as hell, but the tempo is getting even faster! Incendiary Mars in Aries is supercharging your chart’s zone of duty, responsibility, and work. This directs most of your stamina to your job and obligations. It’s best to use this energy to accomplish everything on your to-do list and get your shit together at work, but it can also cause conflict with coworkers. With Mars here, stress can lead to anxiety, tension headaches, or other illness, but physical activities and exercise can help alleviate your nerves.

# Sagittarius:

Mars in Aries is an amazing event for your sign! For the next several weeks, it’s firing off bright ideas like fireworks. Your chart’s zone of creativity is on fire now, so if you have any artistic capabilities, you can potentially create some of your greatest work now! The best way to exert the energy of Mars in Aries is through physical activity, so sports and outdoorsy events aren’t a bad idea either. Sex is another great outlet—the zone of your chart being activated is also associated with romance and sex, so hooking up promises to be high-energy and unforgettable!


# Capricorn:

In your chart, Mars in Aries is activating what’s known as the 4th House—a rather quiet place. It’s the section of your chart regarding your home life and family affairs, so expect a ton of activity with the fam to come up over the next few weeks. The energy of Mars in Aries is explosive and refuses to be restricted or restrained, so things can get quite messy with this astrology! Arguments with mom and dad could break out, or roommates drama may occur. Use this astro-weather to your advantage, and take action of your own at home! Redecorate, fix things up, or throw a house party! Your horoscope warns of a ton of action and change at home, so why not be the one to decide what changes take place?

# Aquarius:

Despite Capricorn season’s relative quietness for your sign, Mars in Aries promises to keep the pace running high! It’s moving around your chart’s sector of communication, amplifying mental activity and pushing you to learn. You have the opportunity to read, study, or meditate to your heart’s content with the alone time provided by Cap season. Thinking before you speak is key with Mars in Aries, as your words may come off more aggressive than you intend, and verbal arguments can easily occur. You’re also more hasty and easily distracted now, with the upbeat rhythm set by Mars, so be careful not to cause any accidents!


# Pisces:

Mars has left the building! The emotionally-charged antics caused by the red planet may have lead to some of your highest emotional highs or your craziest lows over the past few weeks. The mood is about to level back out, luckily, now that Mars is in Aries. You’re focused on your finances now, especially with Capricorn season in full swing! Working your ass off to get that bread is how you can best use this abundant energy to your advantage. Mars in Aries is impulsive, so your productivity levels fluctuate and it’s hard to stay fixed on one set goal or task for long, but you can still get a lot done this next few weeks!



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