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A Woman Hard To Love Is Worthy Of Love

When a woman is hard to love, it doesn’t mean that she is overly demanding, incapable of loving or not meant to be loved. It doesn’t mean that she asks for the impossible or that she wants to be in any way above you.

No, this woman simply knows what and whom she wants and doesn’t want. You see, this is a woman who’s been through a lot in life and who had her heart broken by some wrong men. A woman who isn’t ready to go through the same type of shit again and a woman who would rather stay single than give herself to someone who doesn’t have what it takes to be the right guy for her.

Some might think that she is too picky but the fact is that she just has some strong deal-breakers that she won’t change for anyone. The truth is that she learned the hard way not to lower her standards and not to settle for less than she deserves.


When you first lay your eyes on this girl, you only see her tough exterior. You see that she is guarded and that she won’t just let anyone in.

So, it is clear why you think of her as overly challenging at first glance. You are not sure if she is worthy of all the effort she requires and just like that, you back out.

Well, you see, this is exactly what she wants and hopes you’ll do. She wants all those guys who don’t have any intention of treating her right to fail this test and to give up on her in time. She wants every man who isn’t ready to try around her or to fully commit to making their relationship work to run away from her before even starting anything.

This girl knows how valuable she actually is and she isn’t ready to tear down her walls for someone who doesn’t see her true worth. For a man who is looking for something temporary, for a man who won’t put her first or for a man who won’t be able to give her back the love she deserves.

She won’t take off her mask of a heartless girl for someone who will be intimidated by her strength or for a man who will do his best to put her down. She won’t expose her vulnerabilities to someone who will use them against her and she most definitely won’t show her insecurities to a man who will use them against her.

The truth is that you’ll have to work hard to get under this girl’s skin. That you’ll have to show her that you are worthy of meeting the real her and that you are valuable of her love, attention and effort.

However, once she sees that your intention is not to play with her or to break her heart and once she sees that you are not the same as her exes who made her life a living hell, that is when you’ll realize that this girl is worthy of your life. That she was worthy of all the trouble you had to go through to get to this point and to win her over.

That is when you’ll see all the love this girl is capable of giving you. When you’ll see that she is one of a kind and that waiting for her to let you in was the best choice of your life.

I won’t lie to youa girl like her won’t make your life easy. Instead, she will always push you forward and try to inspire you to becoming the best possible version of yourself.

She will always be the one to tell you the harsh truth and to make you take responsibility for your actions. Don’t expect her to treat you like an immature mama’s boy or to lead you through life.

What this girl needs is an equal partner in crime and a teammate who will be strong enough to go through life shoulder to shoulder with her. Nevertheless, if this is something you think you can handle, you are in for an adventure of a lifetime.

Once this girl makes you a part of her life, she’ll never back out on you or leave you hanging. Instead, she’ll always fight for your relationship with all of her strength and making you happy will be her number one priority.

Earning her trust won’t be easy but once you do so, you’ll see how loyal and faithful she really is. Once she lets you in, she’ll do so all the way.  

Most importantly, the moment a girl like her grows to love you for real will be the moment when you’ll see what unconditional love is. It will be the moment when you’ll start to feel like the most precious man in the world, just for having a girl like her care for you. The moment when you’ll finally see how worthy she is and the moment when you’ll realize that letting her go would be the worst mistake you could ever make.


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