1. You’re figuring out sooner rather than later that this person wasn’t right for you

Just because you are hurt and broken beyond limits at this point doesn’t mean you two were right for each other.

Forcing things to last any longer would also eventually end in a breakup, only the consequences would be much more severe. Keep in mind that not everyone you care for is good for you.

2. You learn that your relationship status doesn’t define you

You aren’t supposed to validate yourself or measure your worth by how another person feels for you. They have nothing to do with that. It’s all begins and ends within you.

You yourself are enough to make your life happy and fulfilling, though it will be incredibly hard to realize this especially right after the breakup. You will catch up as time goes by. .


3. You get the chance to reinvent yourself

Once one door closes a lot of other doors open. While you are in a relationship, especially if it’s bad, your sole focus is your partner, and you do your best to accommodate them without taking time to consider your wants and needs.

That’s why there is no time like the present to discover your passions and new interests. Become someone who you are proud of.

4. You have a perfect excuse to spoil yourself a little bit

Not that you need an excuse, but once you are single, you get some extra time for yourself. So, do something that makes you happy even if it’s just for a brief while.

As you are healing, you will learn to enjoy those little perks in life even more, and they are going to become parts of your routine. Everyone needs some time to recharge and unwind. Find out what puts a smile on your face, and do just that.

5. You get to see who your true friends are

It’s easy to be friends with someone when it’s all fun and games, when you are out partying or going for drinks after work for a happy hour. But once you are at your lowest and you are not much fun to be around, take a look at the friends who are by your side. They are as true as it gets.

They are there to support you, and no matter what happens, you know you can count on them. Appreciate that you are so blessed to have people as amazing as your friends in your life.


6. You bond with people that have been through similar things you have

We often think that we are all in our pain and that there is no one in this world who gets us. But as soon as you start to open up and not fear your vulnerabilities, others will do the same.

They will tell you about their experiences and how they went through their rough patches. You will get comfort in knowing that you are not alone, and you will feel more connected to those people.

7. You get to see what you are made of

You realize you are so much stronger emotionally, mentally, and physically than you ever gave yourself credit for. Even when you are at the end of your strength, you managed to find the courage and carry on.

Your pain makes you grow and evolve, and once everything is a part of the past, you will be so proud of yourself.


8. You have valuable lessons you can take into your next relationship

Every experience teaches you something. Breakups also have their teaching purpose. They tell you what you should watch out for. They tell you about the things you did wrong and could do right the next time around.

They make you see that you deserve more and that you should never be with someone who isn’t as invested as you are. They teach you a lot, and if you draw the right conclusions, your next relationship can only be better.


9. You are able to recognize a good thing once you see it

You probably saw in your last relationship what love is not and what it’s never supposed to be. That’s why you are able to recognize and appreciate someone who is right for you.

So in a way, once you are happily in love and with the right person, you will thank your ex for enabling you to find someone better.



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