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8 Things You Can Do To Make Your Man More Attached To You

1. Create trust

If you want your man to get attached to you more, you need to create trust between the two of you. He needs to know that you are his number one person and that he can always count on you.

You can accomplish that if you keep your promises and be there for him if you said you will. That will make him think that you will never betray him and that he can always count on you.

2. Work on yourself

If you want to make your man want you more and to be attached to you, you constantly need to work on yourself. That means you shouldn’t be stuck in a routine and relax too much. Be the best version of yourself by dressing up fine, looking good and by taking care of yourself.

When you bring your exterior to perfection, don’t forget to work on your mental health, and do whatever it takes to keep it good. If you are satisfied with your health and your life, you will be satisfied with your love life as well.


3. Be mysterious

Every woman will be more interesting if she is a bit mysterious. You don’t need to tell your man all about yourself immediately, but try to keep some things for yourself as well. If you do that, your man will want to get to know you better, and you will start noticing signs he wants you bad.

He will want to know why you are so mysterious and what your secrets are. It is in their genes, and they can’t help it. So, play it smart, and you will have any man you want!

4. Support him

Your man needs to know that you support all those good things he does. Your opinion will be very important to him, and he will really appreciate it when you give him support in his business life and in his personal life as well.

Guys don’t want to talk about it, but they actually think about the qualities of a good woman all the time. Every one of them wants a woman who is clever, honest, good and polite. They want someone who will be there for them and who won’t leave when times get rough.


5. Don’t change him

The worst thing you can do in a relationship is to change your man and mold him like you want to. If you truly love him and care about him, leave him as he is because you fell in love with him just the way he is.

Let him change when he is ready for that and not when you want it. I am not saying that you shouldn’t give him any suggestions, but let him decide if he wants to accept them or not.

6. Be confident

I always say that there is nothing hotter than a confident woman. A woman like that knows how much she brings to the table and what her worth is. So, act confidently in front of your man, and he will never wish for another girl. He will stick to you like you are the only one in this world just because you don’t see any threat in any other women.

He will be glad to see that you don’t mind if other women approach him. In fact, he will be happy because he has a woman who is not clingy or needy but one who actually knows her worth.


7. Don’t stop laughing

Men like women who laugh a lot. With them, a good time is 100% guaranteed, and they can make your day no matter how bad it is. That’s why you should laugh whenever you have a chance for that.

Your man will want to spend more time with you, and he will see how special and unique you are. Also, when he has a bad time, he will run straight to you, and you will always be his safe haven.

8. Don’t take away his own space and time

Men are simple creatures who always say what they want. So, if your man shows that he wants to get out with his friends, don’t ban him anything. Just because he is going out doesn’t mean he will do something stupid.

Always give him his free time and his space, so he can use them as he likes. If you do that, you will soon see signs he likes you more than you thought. And that is what matters the most, right?



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