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7 Little Habits That Can Lead To A Break-up And How To Avoid Them



Habits can be a hard monster to deal with. Little bad habits like chewing your nails can be annoying (to say the least) but they most probably won’t cause you and your partner to split up. But there are habits that can actually cause your relationship to disappear into thin air and we need to stop doing these things for the sake of the love we feel for our partner. Habits are made over a long period of time and can make the love vanish at a slow pace. You want to be loving and caring but sometimes these habits are simply too strong for you to handle. That’s why I’m giving you a list of all the possible bad habits that you might have in your relationship and how to effectively get rid of them.


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1. Prolonging an argument

You and your partner might have had an argument where you both apologized for what you’ve done to upset each other but somehow you can’t seem to end the fight. You’re still yelling at each other or you might have turned to a passive-aggressive method like not talking to each other or something along those lines.

What to do about it?

Isn’t it stupid to continue with the argument once you’ve both told each other what upset you and you’ve both apologized? That’s just an awful exaggeration of a fight that is completely unnecessary. It won’t help your relationship move forward. When the argument is over, take a moment to breathe. Hug your partner and hold them as long as you need, until you’ve both calmed down. Smile and kiss, like that argument simply helped you to grow together in the relationship.

2. Take your partner for granted

Don’t ever do this. Your partner does so much for your relationship and you do so much as well, so if one of you can’t see and appreciate the efforts of the other, maybe you’re just not right for each other? You both need to work hard to maintain the relationship because your partner won’t stay around if he sees that he’s been taken for granted, he won’t stick around no matter what happens.

What to do about it?

Show appreciation. Do something little for each other on a daily basis that shows that you’re both in love with one another and that it’s a little token of your appreciation and love. Go out for dinner, write love letters, buy flowers, do something each day that will remind you both how grateful you are to have one another.


3. Surface communication

I love to talk, don’t you? I love to talk about everything in detail if it has the power to solve a problem or two. That’s why I have a strong connection with my partner that I haven’t had the opportunity to see in anyone else. Surface communication about how your day was or how you’re feeling won’t tell your partner anything but that you’re not interested in talking to them at all.

What to do about it?

Talk about everything. Talk about your fears, hopes and dreams. Mention them every once in a while just so you can both remember your goals and your ambitions. If you can’t talk about it, then write down what you’ve been thinking about and how you’ve been feeling. Anything is better than silence.

4. Invading their privacy

This is an awful habit. If you’re with your partner it’s because you trust him, so don’t be rude and invade his privacy. Checking his phone when he’s not looking or looking on his computer when he’s not home aren’t really things you should be proud of.

What to do about it?

Just don’t. Simply don’t invade his privacy. If there’s something that bothers you, talk to him about it, don’t just assume that he’s cheating on you if he’s texting a co-worker. Let him explain himself. Invading someone’s privacy is the biggest act of disrespect!

5. Needing to be together 24/7

Don’t you get bored? I mean, I know that you love each other but being together 24/7 just means that you don’t have a life aside from your partner. If you’re together too much, you’ll run out of topics to talk about and you won’t be able to bring anything interesting to the table anymore. You’ll both get bored of each other and your relationship.

What to do about it?

Pick up a hobby that’s just yours and don’t drag your partner along! Find something that makes you happy and that you can enjoy all by yourself. When you go home to your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, you’ll have something interesting to talk about and you’ll have more energy. Also, you’ll start to miss each other and you’ll see that the moment of reconnection is precious.

6. Comparing your partner to your ex

If you’re comparing your current partner to your ex, it means that you still have feelings for your past love and that you’re searching for him in your current boyfriend.

What to do about it?

Think of the current moment. You have an amazing man in front of you, a man who loves and cares for you just the way your previous man couldn’t. Why even bother with your ex? Delete them from your social media, block them and burn all the diaries where you wrote about him.

7. Letting yourself go

When you’re in the flirting part of the relationship, when you’re getting to know each other, you dress a bit nicer to impress the man of your dreams. But somehow you’ve let yourself go. You shower once a week and you simply can’t find the courage to wear that beautiful red dress anymore. This can ruin your relationship because your partner didn’t fall in love with you when you were looking and acting like this. Of course, in the morning when you first wake up it’s OK to expect your partner to deal with your bed head but don’t let yourself go to the point where you can’t be bothered to calm your hair.

What to do about it?

Make yourself get up and change that! Your partner will love you no matter how you look but you’ll feel better about yourself too. Wear that red dress and put on some make-up to go out to dinner with your partner. You’ll love it as much as they do! Take care of yourself.


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