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6 Things You Need To Think About Before You Start Texting Your Ex-Lover

Getting into contact with an ex is always going to be dangerous and complicated. It’s treacherous waters as you try to navigate your way through your feelings and intentions. But the thing about establishing contact with an ex is that it’s so easy. These days, you can get in touch with someone with just a few presses of a button. However, you always want to be careful before you start things up with an ex again. You want to make sure that you’re not just being reckless and impulsive.


A person can be motivated to get in contact with an ex because of so many different possible reasons. And if you think that you have noble reasons to get in touch with an ex, then go ahead. But if you’re just doing it out of impulse and if you’re just responding to how your feelings are playing out, then that might be dangerous. You always want to be calculated. You always want to be thinking things through. Acting out of impulse might lead you into trouble.


That’s why you really want to take the time to just think about it beforehand. You want to make sure that you aren’t making any stupid mistakes or rash decisions. You want to make sure that you aren’t going to be screwing your own life up while messing with the life of your partner in the process. To make sure that you aren’t being stupid about texting your ex, then here are a few things that you might want to think about first.

1. Are you only texting your ex because you’ve been hurt by someone new?

Pain can be a very powerful motivator. And a lot of the time, the way a person reacts to pain can be very destructive. That’s why you always want to make sure that you’re being careful and calculated about it. You might be tempted to be texting your ex because someone new in your life has chosen to hurt you.

You should try your best to resist that urge. Just try to deal with your current pain on your own. There really is no reason for you to be bringing your ex back into the mix.

2. Are you texting your ex just to get some answers?

It’s very normal for a person to have some questions after a breakup. Whenever a breakup takes place, it can be a very emotionally overwhelming experience. It can be very difficult having to make sense of everything that is taking place along with all the feelings that you might be experiencing at the time.

There is always a need for you to find closure after a breakup. However, you don’t always have to turn to an ex for closure. Not a lot of people realize that closure is something that you can find within yourself.

3. Are you texting your ex because you’re feeling nostalgic?

Nostalgia is a very powerful emotion. A lot of people are always going to want to think back on the good old days. This is especially true whenever someone feels like their lives aren’t really going great in the current moment.

However, if you will be looking back at all the good times in your relationship, you have to make sure that you are also remembering the less-than-perfect parts. You don’t want to be glorifying the relationship excessively.

4. Are you texting your ex only because you feel lonely?

Loneliness can be very scary. It can drive a person to the point of desperation. And you never want to be driven to that point. Yes, it sucks to be alone – however, being alone doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you should feel lonely. There are plenty of things that you can choose to do with your time and energy.

You shouldn’t be texting your ex just because you’re feeling a little lonely. You would only risk making a fool out of yourself. Instead, try devoting your time to other things that would add fulfilment and meaning to your life.

5. Are you texting your ex because you’re drunk and feeling reckless?

This should be really self-explanatory at this point. If you’re drunk, then that’s fine. You’re allowed to let loose and unwind every once in a while. But if you’re drunk and you’re being reckless, then you need to check yourself. This is only a recipe for disaster and unwanted drama that you don’t want for yourself at all.

6. Are you texting your ex because you’re just feeling a little sensual?

And of course, you might get into the mood even when you’re already broken up with your ex. You have needs because you’re only human. However, you don’t want to be starting things up with your ex just because you’re horny. There are other ways in which you can cope with these sexual impulses of yours.



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