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6 Reasons You Should Date The Girl Who Feels Intensely

She will never play with your mind or make fun of you if you show her your vulnerable side. She will never make you second guess your decision to be with her.

The girl who feels intensely will open the doors to a world so far unknown to you. Her world is colorful, wild and full of unexpected surprises. At first it may overwhelm you, but as time passes, you will realize that you can’t imagine living your life without her.

She will always find a way to make you happy when you’re sad. Her cute gestures will always show you how much she cares, and at no moment will you find yourself “trapped” in her beautiful world.

The girl who feels intensely is not afraid to show the beauty of her nature, and here is why you shouldn’t wait a second to date her!


1. She won’t dismiss her feelings for you

If she tells you that she likes you, you better believe it. The girl who feels intensely will never, ever fake her feelings for you.

Once she admits her feelings, she will not deny any of them. Faking feelings and emotions is not her thing. You will always know where you are and what she wants from you.

The girl who feels intensely might have been hurt before, but this doesn’t stop her from staying genuine and true to herself. She is brave enough to show her true nature and humble enough to appreciate her flaws.


2. She is easy to read

If she’s feeling down and she doesn’t want to talk to you about it, you will know. Her eyes will always tell you what her words cannot.

She will never ignore you just to make you chase her. You will always know how she feels at any moment, so that you can act accordingly.

Her eyes will tell you if she’s surprised, excited or sad, and she will display all of it in a heartwarming manner. Even when she’s sad, it will make your day because you won’t be able to stop admiring her true self.


3. It’s easy to tell her how you feel

If you think that you’re not able to express yourself, she will make you tell her your secrets and fears in no time. She will never judge you because she is perfectly aware of her own feelings, and she will understand.

The girl who feels intensely will provide you with instant relief, and you’ll finally be able to understand your own feelings. Telling her how you feel will come naturally because she will never force you to do something you don’t want to.

She appreciates your need for space and will be patient until you decide to open up to her.


4. She is the best counselor you’ll ever have

The girl who feels intensely is the best at giving advice. She understands her own feelings and desires and that is why she is able to understand others as well.
If you have a problem and you’re not sure on how to deal with it, she will tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Your happiness will be her own happiness, and she’ll never tell you that she doesn’t have time for you. She’ll always do her best to listen to you and understand you.

5. She is empathic

The girl who feels intensely not only feels her own emotions, yet will feel your own, too. You will never have to be afraid that she will cheat on you or do something bad because she knows how it hurts.

She cannot help herself but to feel for others—even when they don’t deserve it. You should date the girl who feels intensely because most of the time, she will put your own feelings before hers.


6. She is not afraid to love

She is not afraid to love with all of her pure heart and to make herself vulnerable in front of you. She is not afraid because she believes in herself.

She follows her intuition and trusts her emotions to guide her through life. She is not afraid to live or make mistakes.

You should date the girl who feels intensely because she will be your biggest inspiration and motivation to become the best version of yourself.



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