5 Zodiac Signs That Are Home To Most Of The Emotional Energy Vampires

Emotional energy vampires are under every zodiac sign but they seem to dominate 5 signs in particular.

Emotional energy vampires take the sentimental but pathetically irrational route to feed off our energies. They leave you emotionally anemic, drained even if you have a brief interaction with them.

These are people who have that sinister knack of conveying that you are the cause of all that is negative in their lives, without even specifically saying so.

If you happen to be one of those unfortunate souls who are doomed to live close to them, you are in for a bad time.

You will be overwrought at all times through this constant assault on your sentiments and feelings. And the worst of it all is that the emotional vampire may be completely unaware of this negative trait.

Some deep-rooted idiosyncrasies specific to 5 zodiac sign are responsible for this predisposition towards EVs. Belonging to any one of these 5 signs should alert you and help you ward off this kind of behavior.



There is a strong chance of a person under this sign turning emotional vampire. They desire recognition and acceptance from the people close to them.

They are given to exploding when things do not go their way. People around them tend to go down as they keep up a constant barrage about the harm that everyone has brought into their lives.


Virgos are also emotional vampires and are forever on an emotional rollercoaster ride. They are opinionated and fire away even when they are aware of the consequences of their words and action.

They are adept at pulling down others to cover up their faults even when they know the consequence of their actions.


Sooner or later, Cancer people tend to be transformed into emotional vampires. They lean on others to be happy but the consequences are far and wide.

Cancer people can survive if they become more self-reliant and stop shutting off all connections from the outside world. It isn’t easy but it is a must.


Two traits make the Sagittarius stand out as an emotional vampire. One is their propensity to delve deep into a person’s emotions and then forsake that relation. You find yourself buoyed up for an instant and then your world crash-lands.

They don’t give you a single reason for deserting you and you find yourself alone in an instant. You are forever in a state of oblivion, hanging in mid-air, in the dark about the road ahead.



Those under the Aries are emotional vampires as they find a release for their emotions and anger on their close family and friends. They work beyond their breaking point and this puts additional pressure on them and they collapse far more easily.

You rarely see them, but that little is enough to put you off. When they are close they put on these shows of emotions and anger. All your efforts to get them on track is belittled by their constant haranguing.

The important thing for you is to set boundaries. They may be close to you but be firm in your resolve to not tolerate their draining behavior. Use every means possible to feel good in all your relationships.


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