The easiest thing guys can do is to say those three words and not do anything to prove it. They simply forget or they are not aware of the fact that simply saying it doesn’t mean we’re going to believe it. They don’t understand that we don’t only want to hear that we’re loved, but we want to feel loved. In order to make a woman feel truly loved, you have to show it with your actions— not just say it and wait for us to believe. It’s hard for women to find guys who are going to make them feel loved without having to say a word, but once they find them, I’m sure they will never let them go. Here are 5 ways to make her feel loved and appreciated by SHOWING it instead of just saying it.

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1. Listen to her

By listening, I mean trying to remember all of the details that she’s been telling you and acting accordingly. If she says that she would like to see a certain show, remember it, and when the right time comes, surprise her by downloading it, so that you can watch it together. There are endless possibilities of surprising her only if you decide to listen to her. Listen to her subtle wishes, beliefs and dreams. When she says she likes something or wants to go somewhere, don’t just nod your head and then forget all of it within a second. We want you to show that you’re paying attention and making an effort to memorize all of the little things that make us happy.

2. Kiss her A LOT

Kissing is the ultimate sign of love and affection, and you should keep in mind that simply kissing her once a day is not enough. You should do it more frequently, and you should do it with passion, like you really mean it. Kiss her on her forehead, cheek, lips and when she least expects it. Don’t forget to give her a good morning and good night kiss, and you’ll make her love flourish for you. Remember that you can never overdo it because kisses are the essence of love and passion. With them, you’re sending a message that she’s safe and taken care of.

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3. Open up to her

Women desire men who are not afraid to talk about their biggest fears and who will know how to share their feelings. If you open up to her, it will make her feel confident in you, and she will feel more loved and trusted. We want to know what is going on in your head, and if you look disappointed or sad (even though you’re assuring us you’re fine), we will suspect that something happened. We will feel betrayed if you don’t want to talk to us about it. There’s no need to be afraid to tell her how you feel because it will not make you appear vulnerable, but it will make you look confident and appealing to her.

4. Be there for her when she needs you most

It’s easy to be with her when she’s at her best, but it takes a real man to be there for her when she’s at her worst. Hug her when she feels like her world is falling apart. Hug her when she feels disappointed or hurt by someone. Be there for her when she needs you most, and she will notice it. She will always remember that you didn’t ignore her when she needed you most, and she will appreciate you for that. Supporting her in the bad times, too, really shows you love her. When life becomes a mess, tell her that everything will be alright and that you’re there by her side. Don’t let her suffocate in her pain alone. Don’t forget that love is all about sharing, giving and receiving.

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5. Believe in her

Believe in her like you’re her biggest fan who will never stop supporting her in whatever she decides to do. Don’t let her feel like she’s not good enough. Believe in her with your whole heart and mind, and you’ll make her conquer her biggest fears and climb the highest mountains. When she feels insecure or when she’s tired of everything, tell her that you’ll be by her side; that you’ll help her to stand on her own two feet and keep fighting for herdreams. Believe in her, and she will show you the beauty of her being. Know that she doesn’t expect you to be perfect, but the least thing you can do is to make an effort. It is this effort that communicates true love. Love her passionately and with pride. Show her that you care because only then, you’ll make her feel truly loved and blessed to have you.


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