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5 Obvious Signs You Are Doing Better Than You Think You Are

Life is a bitch!


You know that all the good things in life come if you go the extra mile, but all that can be destroyed in a blink of an eye.

Everything you have been dreaming of can fall apart if you don’t make the right moves.

So, the most important thing is to be smart. Be smart about the people you are letting into your life.

Be smart about things you are saying to others. Be smart when someone asks you tricky questions.

That is the only way to be happy and fulfilled.

There are people who are not pleased with their lives even though things were made in their favor.

The catch is, they wanted more.

Don’t be greedy.

Try to have realistic goals.

I know it is not forbidden to dream but be aware that you are living in reality and not dreams.

I think all the successful people have well-balanced lives and here are some of the golden rules they always respect.


1. You know what you don’t want.

After you gain a lot of experience in life, you will realize that there are things you don’t want.

You don’t want a shitty boyfriend.

You definitely don’t want a friend who will sleep with your partner behind your back.

And hell no, you don’t want cold coffee in the morning.

Different people want different things. We all have priorities but whatever you do or whichever decision you make, never let someone lead you on!


2. You take responsibility for your life.

Taking responsibility for our lives is not the easiest thing in the world.

Only strong people can do this.

You need to know when it is a good time to back off. You need to know when it is a good time to say something.

You just need to know. It comes with the years and that’s why our parents say that sometimes you will learn more if you speak less.



Always take responsibility for your actions, no matter how bad they are. We all make mistakes but that is the way that cookie crumbles.

The good thing is that we can learn from our mistakes. I surely won’t learn from others!


3. Know the value of genuine relationships.

No matter whether we are talking about boy–girl relationships or your relationships with your friends, you need to be honest from the beginning.

Life is too short to spend time with negative people. If you are not sure whether you like someone, that is also an answer.

Make sure that you find your soulmate. He doesn’t need to be perfect but he needs to be perfect to you.

Having someone who will be there for better or for worse is priceless.

So, think twice when you are about to say, “I DO”!

Is he really worth being in your life?

Will you still love him when he leaves you with a kid in the house and goes out with his friends?

Are you a priority or an option to him?

Think about it and make the right decision. It will affect your life drastically!


4. Life is not all about money.

Life is much easier when you have money. You don’t need to worry how you are going to pay your rent or your bills.

But that is not the most important thing in life.

What about love? What about emotions? Don’t they count?

Well, it depends from person to person.

Some girls will never marry a guy without money.

When I ask them about love they say: “It is much easier to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle”!

To some extent they are right. If you ask me, I could never spend my life with someone I don’t love.

I really don’t care whether he has money or not. I just want him to be economically responsible, to know how to earn money to support our family.

He just needs to love and respect me. I have my own career and if I want some bloody, expensive shoes, I will work an entire month to afford them.

I don’t need him to buy them for me.

Maybe I am “old school” but hey, at least I am honest!

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Your hair is not great. So, what?

It will be better the next day. You spilled coffee over a new dress? So, what?

These things are not the end of the world. The thing is we care so much about small and stupid things.

Instead of enjoying our lives, we think about how our car is old but we don’t have money to buy a new one.

Or how that new girl from the office is attractive and we gained 10 kilos.

My dear ladies—the point of our lives is not only about the physical and the material. It is much more than that.

The sooner you realize that, the happier you will be.

And while we are talking about happiness, I will reveal my recipe for love and a good life. So, read further!


How to make it? – Put Love and Patience into a bowl. While you are mixing them together, add Faith until the mixture kneads. In a separate bowl, you should mix Kindness, Tenderness and Understanding. For the final mixture, blend both mixtures into one baking dish, add a layer of humor, and bake it with the sun’s rays.



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