4 Zodiac Signs The February 2021 New Moon Will Affect The Least

A new moon is always a sign of a new beginning and the end of something older, and it has strong effects on everyone (usually in a good way, though!). This new moon will be full of intensely positive and inspirational energy, but it won’t be the same for everyone.

There are some zodiac signs the Feb. 2021 new moon will affect the least, and you should know if your sign is one of them.

This new moon rises in the sign of Aquarius. According to DarkStar Astrology, it will make us grow quickly as we get rid of old habits and start something new. It will also force us into “emotional independence,” which sounds overwhelming, but can definitely be a good thing. You may find yourself feeling more creative, more motivated, and more energized to take on new endeavors. You’re also going to find yourself feeling more optimistic than usual, which can help lead you towards some new beginnings.

Or, if you’re one of the below zodiac signs, you may find that things have remained, well, pretty much the same. Of course, the new moon is going to affect you in some sort of way, it just won’t be as intense as it would be with some other signs. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust, who explained the four signs who will be affected the least:


You will find obstacles on your way, it is impossible to proceed without meeting even one. In this day, however, you will find a very simple one to overcome, which you have already passed during life.

So you know what to do, you just have to deal with everything positively. It will not be easy to find the solution at the beginning, but you can appeal to your experience, which you have surely stored over time.



You stood in the balance waiting for an answer from someone who has never inspired you. Also this time you will have to wait a long time. It would be better to make the first move.

If you do not have the courage, you could stay with a handful of flies in hand and you would regret not being able to handle the situation. Usually, you are much more determined than that.



Try to run your commissions early on this day, as you may have a lot to do later. Personal issues could alternate with professional issues, which you will not be able to manage in the correct way if you do not anticipate them.

Probably someone will come to your rescue sooner or later, but you will have to start your battle on your own, with your own strength and with a lot of willingness at your disposal.



Excellent possibilities of choice today will be feared. You will need to be able to discern what is best to do right now, compared to what you might do in the future.

Once you have laid the foundations for your projects, they will be able to travel almost alone, as you will have structured them in the right way. You will have many compliments and acknowledgments waiting for you.


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