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Zodiac Sign

3 Things He Does For You That Are Clues He Wants You As His Girlfriend Based on His Zodiac Sign


Forget what he says. How does he ACT?

Have you ever wished that you had some kind of magical power, other than consulting your horoscope, that would let you know if that special someone not only returned your feelings but saw real potential in your relationship?

It can be so confusing trying to decipher if someone likes you as a friend, loves you or who really doesn’t see your relationship going anywhere. You want to be brave and ask them outright, but even then, you might not get a straight answer.

People can be mysterious and can hold their desires closely to them so that no matter how straightforward and vulnerable you are, they never reveal their true feelings.

We’ve all been in that place (and if you haven’t, you’re supremely lucky) where you think your relationship is progressing nicely and that your bae feels as intensely about you as you feel about them, only to have them ghost or dump you.

When someone flips the script of what you thought was an affair of the heart and showed all the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend, it’s very difficult to bounce back. You observed their behavior, it seemed to match what you thought was their true emotions, and suddenly they tell you that they’re not interested in anything other than sex with you.

Then there are the times when your person swears that you are the love of their life and that they see a long-term relationship with you, and then you find out that you’re only one of the people that they’re leading on. If you can’t trust that someone’s words are true, how are you supposed to know if they see you as girlfriend material? How can you open your heart to someone when you have no idea how they’ll figure in your future?

Since the zodiac signs have much to do with our personalities and the way we behave, they can provide clues to whether your man is someone who plans on being in your life for a long long time. Here are the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend, based on his zodiac sign.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

1. He’ll go to plays, dance recitals, and concerts with you, even if he normally wouldn’t attend those kinds of events.

2. He puts your needs above his own.

3. He puts you into the mix and actually considers you and your feeling before doing something.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

1. He needs to have bodily contact with you, even if it’s just sitting on the same side of the table as you.

2. He likes to surprise you with food, whether it’s your favorite cookies that he baked himself or a special order of that local dish that you had when you were growing up.

3. He makes sure that you always feel safe.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

1. His face lights up the moment he sees you.

2. He’s usually the one who initiates conversations but he seems to instinctively know the topics that intrigue you the most.

3. He sends you good morning texts every day no matter what.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

1. He not only knows when your birthday is, he knows your zodiac sign and is always sending you romantic horoscopes.

2. He messages you the moment he receives good and bad news.

3. He always seems to know when you’re upset and what to do to make you feel better.



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