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28 Signs That Show You’re A Hopeless Romantic

You might be asking yourself why you have so many problems in relationships in this modern age when you do everything right? You’re so dedicated to finding your soul mate that your friends might be thinking that you’re crazy, but you always give good love advice. Well, all these things indicate that you’re very sane, just that you’re a hopeless romantic.

1. You love to love. The thought of loving someone excites you more than anything! You want the world to know how beautiful it is to love and there’s nothing more precious to you than the feeling of being there for someone else.

2. Receiving flowers on random occasions brings you joy and you think that it’s the cutest thing ever.


3. You research wedding dresses although you don’t have a fiance.

4. The cheesiest romantic comedies make you cry because you’re so happy that those people ended up together.

5. Going with that, you are very emotional and you’re not afraid to show when something touches you to the point where you’re crying. It’s wonderful to know that someone is so honest about their feelings.

6. You overanalyze anything that your crush/boyfriend/husband does for you that makes you believe that you’re the one and only.

7. You believe in love at first sight.

8. You get butterflies even after years of being in a relationship with someone.

9. You would do anything for the person you love.

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10. You’re disappointed in modern-day romance because there’s nothing romantic about it. You still believe in love letters and long conversations on the phone.

11. You hate online dating sites because you find that meeting someone in person is the most romantic thing for the beginning of a relationship.

12. Everyone comes to you for advice when they have problems in their love life. You usually tell them that love is not easy but hard work and that they need to be patient.

13. You don’t understand the whole ‘hookup’ or ‘open-relationship’ thing because you think that finding the one for whom you’re going to settle is much more important.

14. You constantly listen to love songs and you relate to all the lyrics.


15. You have a hard time deciding if you really do love someone or if you’re just in love with the idea of that person. Maybe you’re just in love with love?

16. You believe that there’s only one person in this entire universe that’s meant for you and you keep on searching for him because you believe that he’s out there waiting for you.

17. You watched so many romantic comedies to the point where you have super high expectations and you want your partner to surprise you and treat you like those men in the movies do for their loved ones.

18. You wait the entire year for your favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day!

19. You want to turn every date into something special and you give it your all.

20. No matter what happens, you will always believe in love!

21. Though the love life of your friends is kind of a mess and you can’t really seem to find a reason for them to stay together with their partners, you still believe that love will conquer anything and that they’ll they will find a way to work it out.


22. Even if you don’t have a partner in your life right at this moment, you’re still happy for all those couples out there who have found each other.

23. You get super excited when someone announces their wedding on social media.

24. When you were younger you’d play out weddings for your dolls and stuffed animals.

25. You fantasize about long-term, meaningful relationships because the thought of sex isn’t fulfilling enough.

26. Romance novels are your kryptonite.

27. You’re a daydreamer. You go through so many scenes that might occur with your loved one every day, always imagining romantic scenes on the beach or in the movies. You make a whole new image in your head that most of the time doesn’t have anything to do with the real world.

28. You shower your significant other with all the gifts and attention that’s humanly possible.



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