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25 Seemingly Normal Things Women Should NEVER Talk About In Front Of Him

  Relationships can be massively complex. There are unwritten rules and puzzles that two people must solve in order to move along to the next level it seems sometime.

How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 

And these days with every dating app under the sun at your disposal, it gets even more complex and long term relationships are becoming more and more rare these days. And with that, the list of things that aren’t considered sensitive material to discuss has become shorter and shorter, so when you DO start dating or hop into a new relationship, you don’t know if your treading on thin ice. But if you manage to make it past the first few rounds and end up in a relationship, that list of what’s considered sensitive material is still floating around and men these days happen to have a lot of sensitivity these days. Those days when it was just women that were considered all too “emotional” are long gone and men have taken over that territory. While we women know we can say whatever we please in front of the person we have fallen in love with, there are some things that can rub them the wrong way. We’ve composed of list of 25 seemingly normal things that we probably shouldn’t talk about in front of the man in our lives.

“Well, I Think You Might Be Starting To Lose Your Hair”

We all know this is ground zero when it comes to what can upset a man in 1.2 seconds flat: when we make a comment about the thinning of their hair. No matter what he says or if he idolizes men like The Rock or Vin Diesel, if you say something snide about the thinning of your dude’s hair, it will send him running for the hills in tears. But, how are we not supposed to say something if he’s wearing that same Yankees cap 24/7? You’re not fooling anyone, pal.  

Different Types Of Makeup (Unless We Want Him To Zone Out)

Chances are if you’re a girl in this day and age, you might possibly love makeup. Some of us can’t help it – there are so many different types that we can get obsessed. And when we get obsessed about something, we tend to veer topics in that direction. Do I want to talk about contouring? Yes, yes I do. But I tend to stick with my girlfriends when I want to talk about it, unless I WANT my dude to pass out so I can watch what *I* want on TV. Hey, that’s a powerful tool.  

…And Different Types Of Shoes

Want to see a dude glaze-over in the eyes? Talk about the difference between Prada and Louis Vuitton shoes and the many different shades of blues you have in a high heel in your closet. Better yet, leave them laying around to trip over when he’s walking through your apartment. That will show him to stop talking about whatever “Fortnite” is. Don’t think we’re kidding either – unless, of course, we like playing fortnite, but that’s a different topic on this list.

Yes, Sometimes We Actually Have To Talk About Bathroom Habits

Hi, you know what women are? Aside from being a superior gender that tends to smell better than men, we’re also human beings. And human beings have particular bathroom habits. And sometimes, we have even more complex bathroom habits since we were born women. But do men get jittery when we start to talk about those habits in front of them? Why yes, yes they do. Even though it’s normal and every human being has these habits, apparently talking about it make men run screaming from the room.

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How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 


How Much We Hate That One Video Game He Loves

Ah yes, back to whatever this “Fortnite” stuff is – so you know what? Some of us can’t STAND the videos games their men tend to obsess over and play all day and night long, especially when a new one comes out every other minute. You know how men feel when we talk about shoes and makeup? Guess what, if we’re not included in this video game playing, we get bored hearing you talk about it or watching you play. But, also, heaven forbid we complain about the video game itself – they may hurt your feelings.  

Don’t Like His Mom (Or Other Close Family Member)? Might Want To Not Express That Just Yet

Family can be a touchy subject when it comes to being in a relationship, especially if your boyfriend/husband is close with his family – and especially close to his mother in particular. You could be looking at another Everybody Love Raymond situation on your hands if you start talking about how his mom annoys you. Because, depending on his personality, chances are he’s gonna side with his mom over you and then you’ll be left dealing with an angry and moody guy.  

Past “Loves Of Our Life”

Now, this topic right here is a two-way street: when it comes to past loves, especially BIG loves (or first loves) it tends to be a touchy subject with both parties involved in a new relationship. I mean, you honestly think he wants to hear about how your ex’s hair didn’t start thinning when he was 25? Or that he was an internet millionaire by 28? Um. No. No man wants to hear that. And do you want to hear about how his first love is now a model in Brazil who hangs out with Kendall Jenner every summer? Uh, we didn’t think so.Featured Today

Women We’re Feuding With Online

Sure, if we’re in a fight with our best friend in real life or that one co-worker that keeps stealing our lunch from the fridge at work, of course we want to vent to our boyfriend/husband about it, and he should want to hear it. But should he REALLY hear about the girl you’ve never met who keeps leaving snarky comments on your Twitter feed about your shoes? Well, it depends on the comment, but probably not. Heck, I don’t even want to hear about it unless it escalates into real life.  

That One Secret Bank Account We Keep From Him

Let’s face it, people are sneaky. And people in relationships tend to be even more sneaky. We read all the time that if he’s keeping a secret bank account from YOU, you should head for the hills. But, of course, we’re hypocrites about this topic and feel that possibly saving money that’s just for us is always a good sort of a “just in case” safety net, especially if you’re in a rocky relationship. Though, if that’s the case, you shouldn’t be in that relationship in the first place.

The Fact That We Know Every Single Little Detail About The Kardashians’ Lives

In this day and age, the Kardashian family is an empire that everyone knows. But if you happen to be a know-it-all when it comes to watching the E! hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians and stress so hard about what’s happening in Khloe’s relationship that you NEED to talk about it with your significant other every night, we may need to start discussing seeking help for your addiction. Sure, it’s fun to watch, but being obsessed with how Kourtney decorates her kitchen might be a little odd.  

Anything That’s Discussed At The Nail Salon

The nail salon is sacred ground – everyone knows this. It’s to get AWAY from your real life (and your relationship) for a second or two. It’s basically a mini vacation for women (and men) and what’s discussed there should be off limits when you set back inside your house. What’s discussed between your nail technician and your girlfriend is supposed to stay between you – not between you and your boyfriend who will zone out when you start talking about getting a dip.

How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 

Any And All Of Our Passwords

Let’s look at it this way: if they’re not talking to YOU about all their passwords and pin codes and fingerprint patterns for their phones and computers and game consoles, then why should you? Nope, best that you keep all that stuff to yourself and never talk about them in front of him. Would you want him going through your phone (even if you have nothing to hide?) because sometimes you need to vent to your mom about him leaving all his dirty socks around the house and he doesn’t need to see that.

13Any Conversations We’ve Had With Our Pets

The relationship we have with our pets is a wonderful and treasured thing. Our pets are there for us through thick and thin – more so than any sort of human relationship we have in the real world. Why? Because fights occur between humans. So, heck, if we want to nonchalantly chat with our pets on our own time, that’s up to us. And does he need to know about what is said? Uh, how about NO. Because, chances are, we’re talking about his bald spot on the back of his head.

Know More About His Favorite Sport Than Him? Good

Guys can be fickle about this sort of sports thing. It’s usually their issue and not ours, even if we’re freaking Erin Andrews, they still probably get all testy when it comes to us knowing more about a particular football offensive route than he does. Why is that? Do they think their manhood is being tested if they don’t know right off who the starting point guard for the Utah Jazz is but we do? Pfft, this shouldn’t be a thing and we should be able to gripe about the lack of five-tool players in the MLB as much as he does.

If We Notice He’s Gaining A Little Winter Weight

Yes, women hate it when men point out – seemingly casually – that we’ve put on some weight. We will claw eyes out and scream and yell but you know what? Men are just as sensitive. They claim they can take it if we point out that they’ve devolved a belly, but then they start to obsess and mope over it. Okay, so they’ve put on a little more cushion during the colder days? So what? Makes them warmer (and yes THIS IS A TWO WAY STREET).  

If We Absolutely Hate A TV Show He Loves (And Thinks We Love)

Now, there are certain shows where it’s acceptable to break up over if your significant other doesn’t like (have a broken up with someone for not liking Game of Thrones?…… possibly) but if you truly love the person but truly hate one of their absolute favorite show? Maybe it’s not best to let them know about it. Okay, we get that you didn’t like Breaking Bad but there’s no reason to start obsessively dissecting the characters over one simple story arch to him over a two hour fight. That’s no fun.

That Conversation We Had With Our Best Friend About Him

GIRL RULES! This should be a massive given (like the nail salon thing) – the conversations between our close girlfriends when it comes to griping about our significant others is one of the highlights in our lives. It helps strengthen the female bond by finding mutual ground – how dumb our partners are acting. But do they want to hear about it? Probably not since you’re not shy about saying how dumb he is when he happens to be acting dumb. It’ll just be overkill.

Why We Trust Apple Maps Over His Own Driving Judgement

So about 10 years ago, you wouldn’t trust Apple maps to take you down the street let alone a further distance away from your place. They were driving people into lakes and rivers. You could be driving along and suddenly find yourself in the middle of a field and face-to-face with some scarecrow. But, even back then, if you trusted Apple Maps MORE SO than your own boyfriend, you have a problem. And it’s probably not best to bring it up while he has control of the wheel on date night.

…And Why He’s A Bad Driver

Speaking of which, is your guy a horrible driver? Does he make that one Red Asphalt movie you watched in drivers ed look like an episode of Paw Patrol? Okay, if he’s that bad, you should probably tell him but if he’s just a mildly bad, you probably wouldn’t want to bring it up to him since for some reason, men take pride in their driving (… but why? We’ll never understand) and their sense of control. Hey, if we’re bad, we’re the first to admit it. Be more like us, gentlemen.

Our Undying Love For Johnathan Taylor Thomas

Admit it, if you are a millennial woman, chances are you had a crush on the one we all refer to as JTT growing up. That’s right – the Home Improvement middle child with the sapphire blue eyes and the slaying wit. Sure, the fact that no boyfriend of yours has ever measured up to some kid you had a crush on is a little on the crazy side, maybe your boyfriend doesn’t really want to hear it? Oh, and stop watching all those Home Improvement reruns too, you weirdo.

How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 


So, if JTT wasn’t really your bag, then one of the dudes from *NSYNC definitely was. Don’t lie – everyone had a crush on Justin Timberlake even if they didn’t want to admit it. We always knew there was a battle between the girls who loved JT and the girls who loved JC Chasez. But you know what? Might not want to scare you boyfriend with such details. If he wants to read your childhood diary and scare himself into having nightmares then that’s up to him.

That His Taste In Music Is A Train Wreck

If you’re anything like me, you take pride in your taste in music and you usually like to look for someone who is the same way. But, a lot of the time, your partner doesn’t like the same music as you but they can help open up your mind and ears to new types of music. But if all they listen to is Nickelback and the best of Weird Al Yankovic, you might have an issue. It’s cool if he likes that stuff as a joke, but if you bring it up and he cries, you might not want to bring up the fact that his taste in music is a dumpster fire again.

We Really Don’t Like How He Acts Around His Work Friends

We all act different when it comes to, what we like to lovingly dub, us being our “world selves” which is when our personalities are vastly different from our real selves, especially if we work in customer service. But if you notice that your boyfriend’s personality is WAY different when he’s around his work buddies (think Chandler from Friends when Monica discovered how obnoxious he acted), he’ll probably get all testy if you point it out to him. So very fragile.  

That We Can’t Stand His Best Friend

That We Already Picked Out All The Names Of Our Future Kids (On Our Second Date)

Ah yes, when women play that dangerous How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days game when it comes to seeing themselves build a family with the guy they’ve been dating for only a short time. If you already have the names picked out for any future offspring you see yourself having with the guy you’ve been out with casually, probably not the wisest thing in the world to tell him out right about it.

How To Make “Winning Your Love” A Sexy Challenge No Man Can Resist 

Just, whatever you do, don’t Photoshop your faces together and put it on a child’s body like Kate Hudson’s character did in that movie. Yikes


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