2021 This Is What The Starts Have In Store

The approaching 2021 shares similar aspects of 2020 towards the beginning, but will offer increasingly creative inspiration to everyone as we move on.

The swift changes of 2020 will transform into innovation and the ability for expanding horizons in 2021. Keep reading to find out about the influential cosmic configurations and energies occurring in 2021!


In numerology, 2021 is the 5th year that is accompanied by freedom and creativity. Number 5 symbolizes the unity among the 5 major elements air, fire, water, wind, spirit, and earth. 5 also represents the womb, or specifically, feminine power which indicates a fruitful year.

Age Of Aquarius

2021 is most definitely under the powerful influence of the Aquarius Age all through the year. This influence is likely to increase further owing to the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 21st December 2020 within Aquarius.

February will witness 4 planets entering Aquarius to form a ‘stellium’. As known, Aquarius energy enables innovation and technological progress. Additionally, there is a motivation to connect with the self-healing aspect present in all of us. Globally, Aquarius energy might create cooperation and team-spirit to produce spectacular things.

Mars Square Saturn

2020 witnessed a double Mars Square Saturn configuration in August and September. These alignments have been volatile, bringing unrest that is witnessed worldwide. This configuration will occur on 12th January 2021 but will lack the power of 2020. Some volatile energies being experienced on an individual level might receive some closure.

Air Signs Welcome Mercury Retrograde

In 2021, several Mercury Retrogrades are going to happen in the air signs. Air signs like Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini will have a strong influence on our mind and decision-making powers.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2021:

  • 30th January-20th February
  • 29th May-22nd June
  • 26th September-18th October

Saturn Square Uranus

This is one of the most awaited cosmic events of 2021. Uranus is always involved with energy that adds layers of unpredictability, surprises, and shocking revelations. As Uranus creates the tense square arrangement with Saturn, there is a high possibility for innovation, rebellion, and absolute overhaul of systematic norms.

Uranus represents freedom and revolution while Saturn embodies traditions, boundaries, and responsibilities. So, there will be some conflict during this alignment like big revolts or natural disasters.

Dates of Saturn and Uranus alignment in 2021:

  • 17th February
  • 14th June
  • 24th December

Neptune Square Lunar Nodes

Although the energy has already begun its effect, the full impact will be felt in 2021 from January to February. This alignment will create trust issues as it indicates illusion and deception. When a planet connects with the nodal axis, some huge revelation is disclosed. So be prepared to lift the veil and uncover deeper truths.

Astrological New Year

The Equinox during 20th-21st March ushers the new year of astrology when we find the Sun entering Aries and unfolding the realities of 2021.


These are the major eclipses that will take place in 2021

  • 26th May- Sagittarius Eclipse of Blood Moon
  • 10th June- Gemini Annular Solar Eclipse
  • 19th November- Taurus Lunar Eclipse
  • 4th December- Complete Sagittarius Solar Eclipse

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter speeds through Aquarius and enters Pisces on 13th May 2021. This produces mysticism and magic that is very spiritual and creative. So reach out to the psychic skills offered by this energy.

Venus-Mars Conjunction

This alignment will happen on 13th July 2021 and usher romance by harmonizing the yin and yang energies.

New Moon Of Lions gate 888

Lions gate experiences the Spiritual Sun or Sirius that rises between July-August. 8th August is very significant as the 88 numerology code activates extraordinary energy in collaboration with the New Moon in Leo. This time is apt for remedies and love to flourish.

Venus Retrograde

Venus retrogrades on 19th December 2021 in Capricorn. This is the ideal time for forgiveness and healing old wounds. Despite the ups and downs throughout 2021, this event will offer scope for innovation and creativity. Once you come out of your shell, you can experience inspiring things.


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