2019 Fashion Trends He Won’t Be Able To Resist On Her According To Zodiac Signs

Ready to walk out of your house in 2019 and look eye-popping in the latest fashions?

We know how difficult it can be to pick out an outfit, especially if it is date night, but luckily, we are here to solve your outfit issues.

If you’re single and ready to mingle or head over heels in love, we do not know what the stars have in store for you when it comes to love, but we do know what your luckiest look for 2019 will be. How? Based on your astrological sign!

With the new year coming, you might just feel amped up to refresh your wardrobe, and this article will be the perfect guide to follow ― especially if you want to drive a man bonkers.

Here are fashion trends he’ll love to see you in, based on his astrological sign.


24 Look Red-Hot For An Aries

2019 will be a welcome return to femininity and empowerment as we saw on the runways.

Aries men will certainly appreciate this in the new year, as they have a place in their hearts for the powerful classic pieces.

What screams power, boldness, and femininity more than a classic red dress? If you are dainty and courageous enough to pull off the colour red, not only will you be trending in 2019 as this will be the hit hue, but you’ll also appeal to Aries men who love a determined look.

23 Throwback To The Peace And Love Of The ’60s

Want to get a leg up on what the hottest trends are going to be next year, and catch the eye of an Aries man? Go and dig out that tie-dye tee you wore years back.

Aries men are the type who go bonkers for a woman who can go from 0 to 100 real quick, so if you can rock a red dress and easily transition into a super funky street-style look later, they’ll love it.

22 This Trend Will Make A Taurus Feel Lucky

If your crush is a Taurus man, you are in luck because the most popular fashion trends of 2019 are going to be eye-popping, and that is exactly what a Taurus man lives for! If you’re holding his hand, he wants you to be stylish and stand out so we highly suggest you make your closet bright for 2019.

How? Go splurge on a bunch of neon pieces of clothing. Just keep it classy, because that’s the way into a Taurus man’s heart. 

You won’t be able to get away from the neon trend in 2019, and he won’t be able to take his eyes off you if you’re strutting in highlighter hues.

21 It’s Raining Men, Hallelujah!

Taurus men want you to make a statement, and with just one bold piece in your closet like a see-through plastic coat, he will instantly become weak in the knees.

Taurus men are fashion-forward, so to get him to notice you, on a rainy day make a statement with a comfortable and fashion-forward plastic coat. It’s unique and will make you grab his attention.

20 To Get A Gemini, You’ll Have To Take Risks

Are you in the hands of a Gemini man? If so, be ready for 2019 and be on the ball when it comes to taking fashion risks.

Gemini men do not like simple pieces. They are the type of men who want to wear pieces that will turn heads, so in 2019 you’ll want to go on date night with a Gemini rocking a sheer piece of clothing.

PS. sheer bike shorts are a thing.

19 Be A Cowgirl, And Try A Fringe

Gemini men go gaga for trends, but they get easily bored, so they love to switch things up; they basically live life like it is their own runway, so you’ll have to be willing to do the same.

In 2019, it is your time to get the attention of a Gemini by playing with volume and silhouette, and the most fashionable way will be by saying “yeehaw” with an earth-tone fringe. Think skirt, tops, or bags.

The western and cowboy style will be huge in the following year, and you’ll surely be wanted by a Gemini man if you can pull it off.

18 A Cancer Man Will Want To Play Checkers

Cancer men rely on timeless classics to own a room. This means they want to date a woman who can be elevated and elegant in any setting.

For 2019, if you want to please the overdressed Cancer man, be overdressed with him in a checkered print outfit. This look is still classic because of the neutral shades, and it is sophisticated too. You know for certain that with this staple item for 2019, you’ll always easily look overdressed because of the ’80s square pattern, but not in an OTT way.

17 Go Digging In A Cancer Man’s Closet

Cancer men are highly imaginative, but they also like it when their girlfriend borrows style from men’s wardrobes, like a button-up blouse. They do not mind seeing a woman in a relaxed staple, and in 2019, your go-to piece will be Bermuda shorts.

Skip the Daisy Duke shorts and biker shorts and go for the baggier Bermuda style instead. They will intrigue the poised and relaxed Cancer man who loves refined styles.

16 A Leopard Print, All Year Long!

Leo men are headstrong, so if they are faithful to a certain style, you’ll have to make sure to try it out at least once to see what all the fuss is about. In 2019, if you want to make the fiery Leo man roar, make sure you own a couple  of exuberant leopard pieces. We are not talking about leopard print in the typical black and tan colours, but in brighter shades, like the vibrant reds and blues that are all the hype for the new year.

15 Leos Love This Animal In The Kingdom

Leo men never back down from eye-catching pieces because their zest for life means they need to wear clothing that is vibrant. Be fearless and get his attention by being bold and wearing a zebra print that is out of the ordinary. Choose pieces that contain sequinned or gold zebra print, or zebra prints that are a little different from what you’ve previously seen. Be bold and creative.

14 Look Grown-Up For A Virgo

Virgos are not too fond over anything that is over the top; they gravitate more towards pieces that are neutral or tailored.

A Virgo is that guy in his group of friends that always looks polished and mature. That being said, if you want a Virgo man to look at you, in 2019 you’ll want to make patterned suits your staple.

Suits for women have been extremely popular over the past couple of years, but come 2019, they will be funkier with an assortment of colours and patterns.

13 Keep It In The Same Family

Learn how to work your strong points like a fashionista and a Virgo will fall deeply. How? Opt for neutral dressing that flatters you throughout the upcoming year. Not only will it be one of the hippest trends, but it also looks elegant, sophisticated, practical and never overdone ― all the qualities a Virgo man appreciates.

By going out head-to-toe in the same hue, like different tones of pink, you’ll have Virgos gravitating towards you so effortlessly. Just make sure the shade complements your skin tone.

12 Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Libras like to live on the edge, so the same applies when it comes to their personal style. They love to make their style look a little wild, and they are never afraid to join the dark side, so they love a woman who could match them.

And, since Libras have a little funk in them, what totally sets them off is leather.

Yes, if you want to amp up your outfit with a look that is both classic and edgy, you’re going to have to incorporate leather or faux leather garments into your look. Black is a staple, but other colours, like fiery red, should be on your radar.

11 Add A Little Bit Of Ruching To Your Life

You have certainly seen this look plastered all over your Instagram feed, with the Kardashians making it the next big thing. Well, if you have a Libra man in sight, get him to notice you with a ruched piece.

Though Libras have a thing for edgy details, what they get turned on by most are classic pieces with a twist. This look is a major trend at the moment and will make its way all through 2019, so it will not be hard to add a little bit of ruching to your wardrobe.

10 Get Feathered Up For Sagittarius

If you’re into a Sagittarius man, do not expect him to go nuts if you wear clothing that is revealing. Sagittarius men tend to be attracted to what is polished and proper. In other words, they’re the type to button up their blouses all the way up.

Well, in 2019, to attain the polished, ultra-feminine and classic look, try out a feather piece.

A Sagittarius will want to see you push your boundaries by wearing statement accessories, and feathers will be the perfect touch. You’ll be sure to stand out in this eye-popping item, while still maintaining some attractive mystery.

Everything Beige

The fashion lineup for 2019 includes trends with comfortable silhouettes and tailoring, as well as femininity, which perfectly suits a Sagittarius man’s tastes.

Their ideal look for a woman that is both feminine and classic is nothing other than beige ― all the beige in the world. The minimalism of this neutral hue remains classic and is the ideal colour for a graceful look.

When a woman wears beige, there is a certain elegance that is subtly imposed. It is simple yet chic.

Get The Utilitarian Look

Scorpio men are very focused on fashion, hence why they always look polished to perfection. The utility trend is all about structure, fashion and signature pieces, which makes it perfect for you if you’re going on a date with a Scorpio. Choose a utilitarian jumpsuit, and he’ll love it. He likes bold and creative items of clothing.

This trend looks like a chic uniform and always looks well put-together, just how Scorpios like it. It’s the ultimate all-in-one outfit.

Go On A Safari Adventure In 2019

Want to master style with a Scorpio? Try your shot at the safari jacket.

Scorpio men are mysterious, and they’re always looking for unique trends that they can wear in a variety of colours.

The safari jacket for women has such a mysterious and sultry flair to it; it is belted, has numerous pocket and has a beautiful silhouette. If he sees you sporting one of these, do not be surprised if he goes out to buy it for you in all available colours.

Hop On A Bike With A Capricorn

It does not take much to impress a Capricorn man. The hardworking Capricorns appreciate whatever is comfortable and cozy. If you’re one who likes to cozy up by the fireplace with some hot cocoa in an oversized sweater, you’ve got to find yourself a Cap!

However, in 2019, if you’re feeling bold and want to get his attention, opt for a basic piece with a twist. Bike shorts ― it does not get simpler! They’re a basic staple, but you could totally rock out in them by wearing them with a cool shirt or some bright accessories.

You’ve seen them on the Kardashians, the Hadids and all over your ‘gram page, so don’t be shy.

The Power Of Sage Green

Make room for the hottest new colour of 2019: sage green. Just type in the hashtag #sagegreen or #greenaesthetic on Instagram or Pinterest, and a bunch of outfit ideas will pop up to inspire you on how to incorporate this colour into your wardrobe and impress a Capricorn.

This colour is sophisticated, much like black, so it’s sure to impress your Capricorn.

If you want to stock up on basics to impress him, then go for the sage green tee instead of the white or black one.

Bend The Rules In 2019

Aquarius men use fashion as a tool of self-expression, so don’t mind them if they regularly tend to be vibrant ― they love soaking up the spotlight.

Well, with the new year approaching, you should start learning how to mix and match patterns and prints. Why? Because these were all over the runways for 2019, and because Aquarius men love women who can experiment with different looks.

Do not be shy to feel a little rebellious and mix prints that you wouldn’t normally think go together, because that is what the interesting fashion of 2019 will be about!

Be Colour-Creative For An Aquarius

Another trend that will work miracles for you, whether you’re used to it or not, is the fiery hot combination of pink and red. Oh yes, get ready to rock the girly pink and hot red together in one outfit.

He will go bonkers when he sees you in this colour combo that’s cropping up all over the place. It’s creative and fun, which is sure to draw in the Aquarius guy.

Vintage Looks Can Be Charming, Too

When you think of a Pisces man, think of a man that is a free spirit. Go for anything that is whimsical and bohemian and you’ll have his heart.

Pisces men are fun-loving people and like whatever is flowy and easy peasy lemon squeezy.

In 2019, we so badly want you to go and stock up on a bunch of prairie dresses, if you already haven’t. Yes, you’re probably wondering how a look from The Little House On The Prairie could attract a man, but Pisces love the modest and romantic look of the trend. With the incorporation of flowing silhouettes or floral prints, he’ll be drawn to your dreaminess.

The Perfect Flair For A Pisces

We know crocheting is going to be a major retail smash in 2019, but it will also be a hit with the compassionate and artistic Pisces.

The crochet trend is a perfect way to add some relaxed and unique vibes to your wardrobe.

If you know how to use a needle and have your eye on a Pisces, great ― get started on your crochet pieces for the year! In 2019, there is no holding back. This trend can be easily sported head-to-toe, and it is whimsical without being OTT, so it hits all the right notes.



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