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15 Reactions We Had When We Found Out About The New Zodiac

  Did you know that the zodiac has changed? Well, at least you do now. News broke recently that everything you know about the zodiac system is totally and completely wrong. Yes, really. You might not be super into astrology but you definitely like your sign (or you at least have gotten used to it). You like knowing that if you’re a Virgo, that means you’re neat and tidy and gives you a great excuse for your organizational love. And if you’re a Libra, that means you’re creative, and hey, you’ll always take up an excuse for a compliment. But not only are you not the sign that you thought you were your entire life, but there’s a new sign too. Yes. A new sign. It’s number 13 and it’s called Ophiuchus. Yeah, we can’t pronounce that, either, and we’re not even going to try. Apparently, that’s your sign if your birthday falls between November 29th until December 17th. We know that it’s a whole lot to take in. Here are 15 reactions we had when we found out about the new zodiac.  


What do they mean, we’re not the signs that we thought we were? Then why did we have those astrological signs to begin with? It seems so crazy to change things now when we’ve been okay with this for so long. So now we really have no idea what to think or feel… and we have no idea what sign we actually are, either. For example, if our birthday falls on September 13th, we think that makes us a Virgo. That’s what we always thought and that’s what it meant our entire life. You were a Virgo if your birthday was from August 23rd to September 22nd. Well, apparently not, at least not according to the new zodiac. Now you’re a Virgo if you were born on September 16th to October 30th. Um, what??? Yeah, we’re just not sure what to think about this one, and we’re super confused. We’re not sure it’s ever going to become less confusing.  


Then we started thinking that we’re not only confused but we also just can’t believe this. We don’t think this news is real. After all, there are so many rumors out there, right? Who even knows what’s real and what’s totally false? What if they’re playing a big joke on us and trying to see how confused they can make us? Hey, we wouldn’t put it past them. People can do strange things. We just can’t believe that this is real because why did it take this long to figure it out? Why did we even have the old astrological system in the first place if we were just going to change it later? Hey, it’s 2016. The zodiac has been around for a whole lot of time. Like a really, really long time. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that this would change now, after so many decades and all this time, and we just don’t get it.


Could this really be true? We mean, how could they honestly and truly change the zodiac? That doesn’t seem like something that can be changed, right? Hasn’t the zodiac been around since forever? Since even before forever? We looked it up and the zodiac comes from 7th century B.C. So yeah, that’s quite a long time ago, and so we’re not sure that we should believe that this is true. We just have a lot of doubt and a whole lot of questions. Like, for instance, if we don’t have the personalty traits that we thought that we did because now our zodiac sign is totally changed, then who even decided all that stuff in the first place? Why say that if your birthday falls on a certain day, you’re more uptight and neat than other people who are messier and more artistic? Like seriously, who says that this is who you are and what you’re like?


It may sound silly — okay, it definitely sounds incredibly silly — but we’re pretty attached to our astrological signs. We like them. We love them, in fact. They make sense to us and comfort us in times of need. When we want to know why we’re acting a certain way or if someone is compatible with us, where do we turn? It’s definitely the zodiac. We definitely geeked out over astrology back in our early teens. It just seemed so cool to be able to understand ourselves a bit better along with our family and friends and boyfriends. Now we’re pretty sad because we can’t explain away our annoying traits or good parts by saying, well, we can’t help it, we’re a Virgo/Libra/whatever. Now what are we going to do? We just don’t know and we feel like this is a huge loss. We just don’t know what to say. We just can’t even, basically.  


Look, we don’t love change. We’re not sure that anyone really does, no matter how much some people pretend otherwise. We always hear that change is good for us and it’s healthy but what if we don’t want anything to change? What if we want everything in our lives that’s good to stay the same? Why does the zodiac system have to change? We’re feeling a bit afraid, to be totally honest. We’re not sure that we like this. And what’s more, what if other things start changing? What if we learn that the weather system isn’t actually real and there’s no such thing as sun, rain, wind or snow? That the seasons aren’t real? The calendar and the months? The years, even? What if scientists discover that there’s no such thing as your birthday and you stay one age your entire life? Okay, okay, maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch. But you never know. As this has proved, literally anything can happen.


Then we started thinking, well, so what? Who cares? Who could possibly care about something like this? Although yes we were guilty of really caring at first. We felt pretty indifferent once the news started sinking in and we realized that we still have crazy busy lives to lead and work to do and places to go and people to see. There is coffee to be drunk and Netflix to be watched. We do not have time to worry about this and think that it even matters. Plus there are so many important things happening in the world, right? Terrible tragedies happen on a regular basis, unfortunately, and maybe we just should not care about something like this at all. Yup, sometimes indifference is just the best reaction to anything ever because it lets us push our emotions deep down and ignore them. Ignorance can be a beautiful thing sometimes. So yeah, we are just super indifferent.  


Then we thought, well, who says that we have to even follow the new zodiac at all? Seriously, what’s going to happen to us if we continue to think that we’re the sign that we always were? After all, it’s not easy to accept change and to deal with something like this. We grew up thinking we were a certain sign. We liked the good descriptions of people with that sign (and, okay, we admit it, we ignored the negative stuff because we never thought we were that bad). We liked living in our cozy little astrological bubble and it just worked for us. So we’re going to be in total and complete denial right about now. We’re going to go about our busy days like the new zodiac doesn’t even exist and like this never even happened at all. Hey, ignorance is bliss, or at least that’s what they always say, and we think that works right now.Featured Today


Then we got annoyed. First of all, who said this could change? Why is this a good idea? Why is this even happening? Did anyone think that telling us that the zodiac signs that we know and love and grew up with are over is a good idea? Nope, it’s just not a good idea. Not at all. We just felt super irritated about this change and it was hard to deal with that. Then we got annoyed with ourselves for even caring so much about this. Shouldn’t we know better? Here we were, living our lives and moving along and thinking that we were grown-up and could deal with anything. We thought that life was okay and that we could definitely handle any changes. but then we found out about the new zodiac and found that, nope, we cant’ handle change after all, and we’re pretty annoyed with ourselves about that fact.  


The next logical reaction, of course, was to laugh at ourselves. Because hey, even NASA is laughing since they compared the Babylonians deciding on 12 zodiac signs like pieces of pizza (but more on that later, because hey, that’s a pretty awesome analogy and we’re here for it). We can’t believe we care this much about this and are this upset. It’s not like our fave celebrity couple has broken up or anything (ugh, that Brangelina wound is still so deep and so fresh, we can’t talk about it). It’s not like coffee is suddenly being discontinued or something (OMG we can’t even imagine, now we just freaked ourselves out). So why are we so upset? It’s truly something that we just don’t get and we’re going to be over here, laughing at ourselves. Sometimes that’s just all that we can do to get through life and the ups and downs that happen.


Sometimes we try our best to stay upbeat and positive… and then it just doesn’t work out too well. We have to say that we’re angry about this news. Yes, we’re being totally serious right now. It’s not a laughing matter anymore. Because we’re being forced to think about the zodiac in a totally and completely new way and honestly, we don’t want to. We don’t understand why other people are making decisions that impact our daily lives. Okay, maybe not exactly our daily lives, but at least our lives in general. We don’t like when change is forced upon us and when something bad happens that we just can’t change at all. We’re basically saying that we don’t like not being in control of something and the fact that the zodiac is changing is something that we definitely can’t control. Because, well, we don’t control the universe and the stars and all that (even though, of course, we wish that we did because that would be pretty cool).  


Then we read up on it a bit more and realized that apparently, some people say the new zodiac isn’t a thing at all. Some people are claiming that we don’t have to listen at all and that we can still believe in the old signs. So now we’re still confused, of course, and we’re even more confused… But at the same time, we’re super relived. We just felt our blood pressure and stress levels drop as soon as we read that. We don’t want to believe that the zodiac has changed and we would love to go back in time to before we read that news because that was just a better, happier, simpler time. Why is the past always more innocent?! Let’s try to make the present and the future happier and simpler and more innocent. That sounds like a much better plan. We can’t even describe the amount of hope and relief we felt when we figured out that there might not be anything changing after all.


Then we thought, okay, let’s just stay calm. Let’s think about what this really means for our lives… as in, not much. Yeah, really. Despite everything that we’ve thought and said and felt about this news, we have to admit that we need to stay calm. Our lives are still good and nothing is directly changing. Sure, it’ll be an adjustment and we might still have no clue whether the new or old zodiac signs are the ones that we should follow. And yeah, it’s a bit strange to think that we could literally have two astrological signs to go by. But really, is this going to ruin our lives? Nope. We’re just being super dramatic and we think that it’s time that we chill out and stop freaking out so much. We don’t see a reason to be so upset about it and yeah, we’re going to admit it: we probably overreacted a little bit. Just a little bit.


Then we started thinking, well, what if this was something fun? What if instead of being sad and freaking out, we should be excited about this? Change is good, right? Well, at least sometimes that’s true. But hey, we’re just going to say that we’re super psyched and thrilled about this and go with it. Sometimes we just have to force ourselves to be excited so we actually can be. It’s like when we go to a work event or some kind of party and we’re in the worst mood ever. We have a headache, we’re tired, we just don’t feel super well and/or we want to be home watching TV. Like we do all the time. But hey, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to do all the time anyway. But then we force ourselves to smile and be in a good mood and guess what? Something funny happens: we become happier. We’re actually in a good mood. It just works every time.  


Then we did a bit more research into it and learned that — oh — apparently it’s not really a change at all. Apparently, this is just the way that the zodiac has always been, it just depends on how you report on it and look at it. Well, then. Now we get it. According to NASA, they want to think about astrological signs in terms of the stars, and those constellations mean that the signs change quite a bit. That’s why apparently we’re not the sign that we thought we were. If you’re wondering who even came up with the zodiac in the first place, it was the Babylonians, and they decided on 12 different zodiac signs. In case you didn’t think that NASA had a sense of humor, they describe this as “like cutting a pizza into 12 slices.” Love it. But they did some research and realized that these Babylonians had 13 signs, not 12, and they liked to follow the constellations. So that’s where this news comes from. Makes sense, right?


Okay. We are just going to calm down about this whole new zodiac thing. The truth is that our lives are pretty good. More than that, they are pretty amazing. We have cozy beds, cozy sweaters, falling leaves, Netflix, warm cups of coffee, good jobs, friends, family, boyfriends. We have pop culture and junk food and avocados and peanut butter. Oh yeah, and pizza. Lots of pizza. So really, we should not complain so much about something that doesn’t even matter. Because no one’s going to stop us from still considering ourselves a Virgo or a Libra or a Capricorn. And maybe, just maybe, we might even get used to our supposed new sign and think that we fit that personality type more than the sign that we thought we had. But until that day, we’re just going to accept the news and chill out. Worse things have happened, right?  


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