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13 Simple Ways To Turn A Woman On And Get Her In The Mood

Most guys nowadays think they’ve got it all figured out when it comes to women and their sexual desire.

Many men believe they know exactly how to turn women on and transcend them into a divine universe of sexual pleasure.

But in reality, a guy who thinks he knows everything there is to know about women and what gets them off (and there’s A LOT) actually knows nothing.


But no worries. This is why I’m here.

As a woman, I have firsthand knowledge about the biggest turn ons for women, the little things that are actually the biggest aphrodisiacs and ultimately – how to turn a girl on – and keep her that way.

The key thing is to never believe you know everything.

Never think you can’t do better. And never underestimate the power of a woman’s orgasm.

The one thing women hate is a guy who believes he’s a sex god.

You’re not, and that kind of thinking will get you nowhere.

For most women, this is an immediate turn off.

You may be one of those bad boys who thinks he’s the master of sexual tension, but when it comes to things women want in bed, you’re going to have to put your money where your mouth is.

A bad boy will do, for as long as he’s got something to back it up (other than his words).

If you want to make her swoon over you and really find out what turns women on, learn to listen to her, observe her body language, and keep eye contact.

Those will tell you half of what you need to know, and for the other half – continue reading below.


5 Things Women Look For In A Man

1. Dress to impress

A tailored suit looks sexy AF, but you don’t need to dress like Bill Gates to woo her.

If you’ve got a best friend you’re really into and want to get out of the friend zone, learn to dress to impress.

Instead of being her guy to vent to about others, be somebody she talks about with her other friends.

And I mean it in a way where she finally sees a real man and not just a friend.

Tuck in your T-shirt, stop wearing the same pants for a whole week, and watch her start looking at you differently.


2. Be confident

A guy who is sure of himself, yet not too cocky, is a huge turn on for most women.

I’m sure you’ve seen it in TV shows a million times.

Cockiness gets you nothing, and confidence gets you a chance to impress.

Don’t let a woman’s beauty make you feel insecure.

Show her you’re a man who can handle both her sass and her sexy ass!

Turn her on with your self-assured attitude that is backed up with a kind heart and a freak in bed (all in due time).

3. Show her you’re ambitious


A slacker with zero ambition and drive is an immediate turn off.

A woman needs to see you’re in control of your life.

She needs to know you’re somebody who will be able to handle her crazy side when the time comes.

She won’t look at you twice unless you prove to her you’ve got ambition and a drive to work hard.

That is what will turn her on, and the rest will follow.


4. Pay attention to her needs

Women love a man who can read their mind sometimes.

And I don’t mean it in that crazy way where you’re supposed to know what she wants at any given time.

What I’m saying is, you need to know when she’s going through something and be there for her.

You can’t play dumb and ignore her needs when you notice that she clearly isn’t okay.

Pay attention to her and treat her like your queen.

Let her know she matters to you.


5.  A man who makes her feel protected

You don’t have to be a giant to make her feel safe.

It’s not about that. She needs to feel like you’re her safe harbor.

Like you’ve got her back no matter what.

Make her feel like with you, she’s always going to be okay.

You’re her man, and you’d never let anything happen to her for as long as she’s with you.

It’s not about physicality—it’s about heart. Show her you’re not here to play games, and she’s not just anyone.

She’s a woman you’d go to the ends of the earth for and back.

This is all any woman really wants.


8 Things That Turn Women On Sexually

1. Take good care of your body

This one is a no-brainer, obviously. With the body of a Greek god, you’re pretty much good to go.

But you don’t have to have a rock solid six-pack to turn her on.

Just don’t let yourself go. Show her you care about being in shape for her and perhaps join a gym.

She’ll appreciate the effort—not to mention the end result.

2. Learn how to use your tongue

I’m sure you love your woman going down on you and giving you 10 minutes of absolute heaven.

But did you know that she wants (and deserves) the exact same thing from you?

If you want head, give head. Pretty simple.

Learn how to put your tongue to good use and reciprocate.

Trust me – it’ll be the best decision for the both of you. Use it as foreplay and keep going at it.

Two people with their needs in bed met is much more satisfying than just one.


3. Never rush (take your time)

It’s not a marathon. You’re not in a hurry. Sex is about joint pleasure.

Don’t expect to get there in a rush. Instead, take your sweet time.

First, enjoy the sexy foreplay. Kiss her everywhere, gently touch her all over, and slowly take off her clothes.

Take your time before you do the deed, and enjoy her body to the fullest.

A man who patiently takes his time is a man who’ll end up really happy in the end.

And not to mention her needs are going to be fully met, meaning she’ll feel very generous toward you… Just saying.

4. Always smell good

This is a really easy one. You should already know this, but for a woman, smell is half the attraction.

If you smell divine, she’s going to consider it a huge turn on.

So make sure you’re always clean, fresh, and smell like she’s about to rip your clothes off.

Which she will, rest assured.


5. Know when to dominate her

Sometimes, a woman wants you to tell her what to do and how to do it.

She wants you to tell her exactly how you want her and what you need from her.

Read the signals. She’ll make sure you know when she’s in the mood for this.

And when she is—know what you’re doing. Take care of her every need, and watch her tempo.

She’ll show you—just keep eye contact and watch her body do the talking.


6. Be knowledgeable

Sex is like fine art. Everyone thinks they know lots about it, but in reality, there is always so much to be learned.

Look at sex as your opportunity to learn.

What works for you may not be as acceptable to your partner.

Treat every sexual encounter as a chance to learn something new.

And that way, you’ll always know what to do in case one thing doesn’t prove to be doing the trick.

Know your partner, and recognize her needs.


7. Always keep things fresh

Never allow your relationship to fall into a rut.

Keep things exciting and fresh in the sack. Change positions.

Do it somewhere you’ve never done it before.

Take her on a surprise, sexy vacation where you’ll dedicate each other only to your bodies.

Take any opportunity you get to satisfy her in a new, juicy way.

She will be turned on by your willingness to keep things on a high level.

It’s too easy letting things always happen the same way.

If you do it at night, squeeze in a morning quickie!

If you always do it in bed, do it on your kitchen table.

It will feel sexy, wild, and adventurous!


8. Don’t be selfish

Women deserve pleasure every bit as much as you do.

So never make her think you only care about your own sexual desires.

She’s got them too, you know?

Bottom line—give her the satisfaction she craves, and you’ll get yours.

Anything else would be selfish on your part.

I’ve had men who only wanted head, and when it was time for me, they were too tired or promised to go down on me another time.

But it never happened. And I dumped them in a heartbeat!

And yours will do the same unless you give her what she wants.

When you’re both happy in bed, it means things can only get better.

Two partners who equally care about each other’s needs is what sex is all about.



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