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13 Reasons Why She Fell In Love With You

She didn’t fall for you just because. She didn’t see you and let her heart flood with love. She guarded herself but you were the one who proved to her that you’re worthy of her love. You proved to her that you’re not like the others. So, little by little, she fell in love with you.

1. She fell in love with you because you listened to her.

You never got tired of her tremblings and no matter how many times she told you the same thing over and over again, you’d always look at her with the same admiration as you did the first time.

You never acted as if she was boring you. You appeared to be interested in what she had to say, as if her opinion truly mattered to you. No one else has ever done that for her.


2. She fell in love with you because you stayed.

You didn’t just promise you’d stay, but you proved it to her. You made your actions follow your words, which no one had done for a while. You stayed even when she tried to push you away.

And once she saw you were not leaving, she started getting used to having you around. Having you around made her happy.

3. She fell in love with you because you are beautiful inside.

Your inside is what amazed her. What you carry in your heart and in your mind is so much more valuable to her than what you have on the outside. It was a promise that even when someone prettier walked into your life, you would never be able to replace her because you love her with your soul.

4. She fell in love with you because you found time for her.

It’s not that you weren’t busy, but even when your schedule was packed, you managed to find time for her. You kept putting her at the top of your priority list and for her, it felt good to be someone’s first option for a change.


5. She fell in love with you because you saw her.

You noticed the little things and you loved each one of them. You saw her new haircut and you loved her new hair color. You noticed small details like how she would bite her lower lip’ when you said something nice to her. You noticed everything and nothing about her scared you.

6. She fell in love with you because you accepted her imperfections.

She hated so many things about herself, but you found each one of those things cute. You knew she wasn’t perfect and despite that, you stayed. You were in it not only for the beautiful things but for the ugly ones as well. You accepted all her imperfections and saw her as perfect despite them.

7. She fell in love with you because you made an effort to be liked by her parents.

From the start, you saw how important they were to her. Not that you didn’t mess anything up for her, but you actually did all you could to make her parents like you. You connected with them just for her. It was even more than she could have asked for.


8. She fell in love with you because you appreciated her.

Every single thing she did, you noticed. You noticed her efforts and how hard she was trying. You noticed that even when something was hard, she never gave up until she did it.

And everything she gave you, you were more than grateful for. You appreciated even the smallest thing and that’s something that left the strongest impression on her.

9. She fell in love with you because you owned your mistakes.

It’s not that you were perfect or that you never made any mistakes. You made mistakes too, but what was different about it was that you didn’t make her feel like she was crazy or blamed her for them.

You owned your mistakes and you always tried to right the wrongs you made. And there is nothing more valuable than a man who isn’t scared to admit he made a mistake.


10. She fell in love with you because you opened up to her.

You didn’t just show her jokes and tricks, you also let her in, for real. You told her things you never said to anyone else and you were always upfront with her.

You bared your soul to her and you absolutely made yourself vulnerable. You showed her that you were still just a human and that you’d been through a lot.

But what got to her the most was the fact that you never let your past dictate your future and that you used it to make you a better man.

11. She fell in love with you because you supported her.

You never let her feel like she had no one in this world. Thanks to you, she never felt alone and she knew that each time things got ugly in her life, that she could count on you.

You cheered for her on the way up, but you never left her when she fell down. You were there to help her get up and for that, she’ll always be grateful.


12. She fell in love with you because you never held back.

You were always true to her and you never waited for her to show you her affection. You went all in. You were never scared to text first or to call just to hear her voice.

You made her feel special, like she was one of a kind. You showed her how she deserved to be treated and you showed her that she was worth it.

13. She fell in love with you because you showered her with love.

You were one of the good guys and she could spot that a mile away. You didn’t just steal her heart, you showed her you had no intention of breaking her.

You didn’t just make her fall for you, you were there to catch her once she did. You accepted her whole and you never tried to change her. You loved her the way she was and you left her no other choice but to fall in love with you too.



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