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12 Ultimate Fantasies Based On Your Zodiac Sign


We all have some naughty fantasies that are our go-to ideas when we’re by ourselves (even if we’re too embarrassed to admit it). When we let our minds wander, sometimes we can’t help but imagine the same steamy things, because there’s something about those particular scenarios that keep bringing us back to them. Maybe it’s because we’re lacking that sort of excitement in our normal lives, or maybe it’s because we like getting more than a little crazy in our fantasy worlds.

Or maybe it has something to do with our zodiac signs!


Intimacy is a big deal in the zodiac, and figuring out why we think about what we do when we’re enjoying some me-time can be important to realizing that we’re not freaks or pervs for getting off on what turns us on. The characteristics that make up the signs of the zodiac can have a huge bearing as to what we like to do – and like to THINK about doing – between the sheets, and can help shed some light as to why we prefer to imagine getting dominated or being the dominator, or a whole bunch of other fantasies. So, take a peek at what the zodiac signs consider to be their ultimate fantasy! Does yours match your raunchiest daydreams?


Oh, Aries girl, you’ve got a little bit of 50 Shades on your mind! You’re a sign who likes to play the leader in your day-to-day life, and that often extends into the bedroom. You know exactly what you want and you’ll always go and get it, but sometimes you like to be bossed around, too! Since you’re the CEO of your regular life, when it comes to playing in the bedroom you crave the opportunity to be totally submissive.

Getting into a dominant/submissive arrangement makes you all hot and bothered because it’s a chance for you to let yourself go and have someone else take the reins for once. If getting it on is all about letting yourself go, then you regularly find yourself daydreaming about a partner who can really go all in on you without being afraid of pushing the envelope. You love to test boundaries in the bedroom, but sometimes it’s nice to let someone else be in charge so you can just enjoy the toe-curling ride!



A sensual sign like Taurus enjoys the creature comforts of life, like good clothes, good food, and most of all, good between-the-sheets action! So, why wouldn’t you want to combine some of your favourite things? The ultimate Taurus fantasy involves getting a little messy in the bedroom, by incorporating sensual food items to satisfy all kinds of appetites.

From seductive strawberries to fizzy champagne to melted chocolate, a Taurus gal is willing to risk those expensive sheets to have a totally decadent experience in which you and your partner can enjoy the finer foods – as well as each other. The idea of having someone slowly lick things off of different parts of your body makes you shiver with anticipation, because it plays into your love of romance and the art of seduction. Being worshipped as you both enjoy a feast for the senses is just the cherry on top of a very naughty sundae!


A Gemini girl is one of the most outgoing and social signs in the zodiac, which makes you a prime candidate for (and fantasizer of) having a little ménage-a-trois! The sign of the twins mean you’re already a bit of a firecracker in the bedroom who doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is why you’re open to the idea of adding another partner to the mix.

Gemini ladies are known for being adaptable in most situations, so the idea of a threesome gets you riled up rather than anxious, because you know that you can handle it. As the sign of the twins, you’ve always been under the belief that two is better than one, and so having another person in the bedroom just gets your motor running. When you imagine your ultimate fantasy, you’re not being fawned over by two other people: you’re all having a good time together, exploring each other and getting adventurous! This fantasy ticks all your boxes, if you catch our drift.


Cancers are notorious for being moody and overly-sensitive with a lot of things, but they are also excellent lovers who are willing to go out of their way to ensure their partner has a mind-blowing experience. While that may be what you do in real life, when it comes to your fantasy, you like the idea of it being all about you!

Doing the deed has a lot of emotional connotations for you, which is why the actual act itself may not usually be the material you use for some special you-time. But the lead-up to it? Totally fair game. You fantasize about foreplay, because you consider it an extremely intimate and important part of getting it on that shows your emotional connection to another person. The idea of spending hours getting taken care of without actually doing the dirty makes you feel all warm inside. There’s tons of space for creativity, and you can finally have the opportunity to focus on number one: you.



A Leo lady lik you loves attention, and you’ll generally go looking for it anywhere possible. While you certainly enjoy being worshipped and adored when you’re getting down and dirty, it’s not your ultimate fantasy, because it’s sort of what you’re used to! Instead, you get off on the idea of being in the spotlight, with all eyes on you – literally. The idea of getting it on in a public place fires you up in a way you can’t totally describe, because you love the thought of turning others on while you’re getting taken care of.

Daydreaming about doing the deed with the eyes of strangers on you is your ultimate go-to fantasy, and even though you know it’s not likely to happen without getting in some serious legal trouble, you still love to imagine it. Having an audience witness the most intimate of moments makes you feel sexy and desirable, which is textbook Leo.


Virgo, you’re always so put together in your daily life, a lot of people have the mistaken impression that you’re not much fun to be around. Au contraire, you love to subvert the idea of the virginal Virgo when it comes to getting frisky in the bedroom! While Aries ladies may like to be dominated, you like to totally hand over control. From getting tied up to using handcuffs to being gagged and blindfolded, you imagine being at the complete mercy of another person so you can finally take your hands off the wheel.

As a sign that craves order and neatness, you desire discipline in the bedroom – the kind that involves riding crops and maybe some latex. Having your perfectionistic self play naughty and be punished for it makes you sweat in the best possible way. There’s also the added bonus of playing the good girl when you know you’ve got a secret kinky side just waiting to get out.


A Libra lady like you tends to hate confrontation, which means that you can find yourself flitting from relationship to relationship, especially if things get too serious before you’re ready. Because of that little habit, you tend to find yourself daydreaming about no-strings-attached naughtiness, preferably with lots of people, sometimes all at once! The idea of getting it on with loads of partners satisfies your sign’s curiosity and desire to connect while also keeping you free from the messier aspects of things, like deep emotions and monogamy. In your ultimate fantasy, you’re getting it on with a bunch of people at once and having an incredible time, or you’re hopping from bed to bed, enjoying a buffet of sensual experiences without the guilt!

You’re an incredibly loving sign, but you find yourself trying to balance that with some of your more fun-loving qualities, which is why you can’t help but pull out this saucy daydream on a regular basis.


No one gets freaky quite like a Scorpio, which means that if you have a fantasy, chances are you’ve probably already tried it! Because of your powerful and sexual nature, Scorpios are more inclined to flirt with the dark side when it comes to doing the deed, because they’re not afraid to go where others fear to tread.

Since you know exactly what you’re doing in the bedroom, you like the idea of being the one to call all the shots and make your partner your own personal slave. Nothing is too rough or too risky for you to try, and there’s actually sometimes even a bit of pain involved in this dark ultimate fantasy. You get all hot and bothered over the idea of donning a leather catsuit and making your partner worship you – but only if you’ll let them. Getting it on is a power play for you, and you can be pretty manipulative in your day-to-day life, so it makes perfect sense that your ultimate fantasy would involve a person totally at your mercy.



Sagittarius is a fun-loving, exploratory sign who is pretty much up for anything as long as they get a story out of it, and that mentality definitely extends into the bedroom. You’ve probably tried a lot of things others would shy away from, simply to check it off your list, but there’s still one fantasy that is taboo – and therefore thrilling.

Getting down and dirty for an audience is a fantasy of yours, but you like the idea of not completely knowing about their reactions, and leaving that part of your experience open-ended. What this translates to: an adult video! You love the idea of showing off your stuff for a camera, and the chance that a bunch of strangers will watch you at your most intimate and vulnerable. You’re a social sign, and can sometimes be a people-pleaser, so this fantasy is what keeps you going if you ever find yourself lonely late at night. You know the risks involved if anyone found out, but hey, that’s part of the fun, right?


Capricorns are the sign that is most likely to get stuck in a rut when it comes to getting it on, and that’s because you can get too bogged down in how things are supposed to go, versus how you’d actually like them. Your careful nature means you can get caught up in specifics instead of being in the moment, which is why you prefer to fantasize about being a completely different person!

When it comes to getting nasty between the sheets, you love to imagine role-playing. Getting to act like someone else gets you out of your head and away from your responsibilities, and offers some variety that is definitely not the spice of your usual life. Playing the nurse to a doctor, the criminal to a police officer, the student to a teacher, the intern to a CEO – all are fair game in your mind, where your dirtiest fantasies are allowed to run wild.


A sign that is known for their creativity and originality, an Aquarius like you thrives in an environment that is just outside their comfort zone and tests the boundaries of what is considered “normal”. This could mean a whole bunch of different things when it comes to the bedroom, but your open-minded nature means that you’re most interested in playing with the backdoor! While other signs might be uncomfortable with this region of the body, you get off on the idea of someone just going to town on your rear, because it requires a great deal of trust, something you value highly.

You’re not opposed to the idea of playing with this private area on someone else, but if you’re being totally honest, you’d like them to explore your behind first, and that’s what you tend to fantasize about more. You know that there’s a lot of fun to be had there and you want to understand what all the fuss is about!


A people-pleaser like Pisces is bound to have fantasies that involve giving and receiving, which means a marathon oral session is what makes your mind race and your palms sweat. Pisces women are big communicators, because you think it’s a vital part of any successful relationship, but in your ultimate fantasy, you’re using your mouth for something a lot dirtier than just talking.

Intimacy is huge for a Pisces, and what could be more intimate than getting your lips all over someone else’s naughty bits? Daydreaming about engaging in hours-long oral stimulation is one of the steamiest fantasies you have, and in your mind, it goes both ways. While you’re definitely a giver in your relationships, you like your partner to be considerate of you as well, and that goes for the bedroom, too. Exchanging pleasure back and forth is a huge turn-on for you, which is why it’s the fantasy that comes up the most in your mind when you’re all alone.



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