12 Combos That Will Quickly Breakup & 12 That Will Never Have The Courage To Based On Zodiac Signs


There are a lot of different types of couples that end up going the distance and lasting forever. That’s part of the reason why people end up talking about zodiac signs so much; because we have this fascination with wanting to predict who’s right for us in the long run. That being said, our zodiac signs can actually determine something else that matters far more in the short term: who we really shouldn’t go out with at all. We’re often defined by how we handle our relationships, and the zodiac takes relationships into account and tells us how the different signs relate to each other.

That being said, there are a lot of ways a bad relationship can go down. Sometimes we end up in a relationship that goes down in flames very quickly. Other times, we end up with people who we end up just growing apart from. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in a bad way, either, sometimes people just don’t end up together despite things working out on paper. However, there are other kinds of couples that end up staying stuck in terrible, awful relationships for a variety of reasons for way longer than they should have had to. Regardless of how the relationship ends, different signs end up in terrible relationships for different reasons, and those terrible relationships all look different. Here are the worst relationships your astrological sign can end up in and how they end.

Aries Will Quickly Breakup With: Cancer, Very Hard To Make It Work

The Aries person is very straightforward, almost aggressive when it comes to how they operate. They can make it work with a Cancer if they put in the work, but even when the work is put in it’s very hard to make it work. The relationship between these two will always be really hard because the Aries will always feel like the Cancer is holding them back and the Cancer will always feel like they’re never going to be able to take a breath and relax around the Aries. Their values are honestly just too different, and while opposites can attract, they don’t in this case. That being said, while the odds are against this relationship, it’s possible for these two crazy kids to make it work. The Aries is good at bringing excitement to the life of the Cancer, while the Cancer will help the Aries get more in touch with their emotional side.

Aries Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Capricorn, The Two Have Very Little In Common

Aries and Capricorn seem like they have a lot in common because of their ambition and Type-A personalities. They’re also both Cardinal signs which seems like it’s worth something. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. These two signs actually have a lot less in common than you’d think. On top of that, these two signs don’t slow down for anything or anyone. Capricorn is simply too cautious and pragmatic to want to roll with the impulsive attitude Aries takes with everything. Aries really struggles with the idea of other people looking to control them, and they’re going to feel like that the whole time they’re with a Capricorn. However, both of these signs can be very stubborn, so they’ll try to stick it out before the relationship totally implodes.

Taurus Will Quickly Breakup With: Sagittarius, A Great Friend But A Terrible Partner

You know those couples that spend years as friends before chemistry ultimately wins out, but when they’re together, things are ultimately worse and the whole thing goes down in flames? That’s basically the Taurus/Sagittarius relationship in a nutshell. These two make amazing friends not just because their personalities complement each other but because they have a similar philosophy on friendship. Both Taureans and Sagittarians know that the key to friendship is taking care of each other and establishing trust. However, these two have totally different relationship styles. Taurus is all about commitment and settling down, which doesn’t jive very well with the freedom Sagittarius needs to feel like they’re not trapped somewhere. These two will ultimately grow apart because of this values dissonance, but it won’t be all that dramatic.

Taurus Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Leo, Jealousy Will Eat These Two Alive

Taurus tends to be a relatively low key sign because it’s a sign with very simple wants and needs. They need to feel like the people in their corner are in their corner. That way, trust can be established and the Taurus can relax into their relationship without feeling like there’s another shoe just waiting to drop. When a Taurus is with a Leo, this trust can’t be established. This isn’t because a Leo is inherently untrustworthy, though. It’s because the Leo needs attention from multiple sources to feel desirable and wanted and a Taurus will never understand or be comfortable with that. Because of this, the Taurus can’t relax and the Leo will feel like they have to walk on eggshells around the Taurus. Regardless, this makes for a very unhappy relationship.

Gemini Will Quickly Breakup With: Virgo, Will Drive Each Other Up The Wall

There’s something about the innate personalities of the Gemini and Virgo that make it literally impossible for these two to stay together for very long. It’s not that these signs are bad at relationships by a long shot: if anything both of these signs are great for communication in their own way. It’s just that these two will find it really hard to make it work because of the way that they are. Gemini, you’ll feel some type of way through the entirety of this relationship because Virgo has a way of making you feel like a little kid. As for the Virgo, they’re actually going to feel like a parental figure to you even though that’s not what they’re going for. While it’s possible for you guys to make it work as friends with a lot of hard work, this relationship has the potential to go down in flames very quickly.

Gemini Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Scorpio, Way Too Alike To Work Out

On paper, these two should get along swimmingly. You, Gemini, might see yourself with a Scorpio because of the way that they are with people. Neither of you is willing to back down when you know you’re right and you really love the intensity that comes with this relationship. The problem is that the two of you are basically too alike. To be honest, you guys are going to drive each other crazy because both of you are very stubborn and cold people when you want to be. Both of you need someone who’s going to complement that side of you with a nurturing kind of warmth, and Gemini, Scorpio is just not going to be that for you. You guys are going to fight all the time and hurt each other with your words even more. However, you might find it hard to leave each other because that intensity Scorpio gives off keeps you coming back.

Cancer Will Quickly Breakup With: Gemini, Not The Most Natural Pairing

You, Cancer, are the sign that most values family and those type of connections. When you make friends with people or bring them into your inner circle, you do it because they have earned your undying trust, not because you found you just like them. There needs to be a foundation to the relationship, a reason why it exists. This is why you’re going to have a lot of trouble with a Gemini. While you value your home life and that deep sense of support you can get with people, Geminis pride themselves on not needing that. They don’t necessarily need that foundation to make a connection, and that’s a major difference that can be the death knell for a budding relationship. It’s an uphill battle, but when this relationship works, it really works. However, not too many people are willing to work on this, meaning this relationship often ends before it begins. If you’re in a relationship like this and it’s working, know you’ve beaten the odds!

Cancer Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Aquarius, Works Well On Paper But Not In Practice

This is one of those couplings that it seems like works very well on paper, but in practice, bad things happen. No matter how well these two get along as friends, they just won’t click as a couple. There’s a disconnect between what they know the other needs and what they can actually give them. It’s just not a natural relationship for either you, Cancer or the Aquarius in question. As a Cancer, you’re going to feel like the Aquarius is too far away from you all the time, at least emotionally. They’re going to be so into a mental connection that they’ll sometimes forget the physical and emotional connection, which is something you really need. As for the Aquarius, you’re going to seem way too needy for them. Not that you’re a needy person by default, but you’re definitely a more high maintenance person emotionally and you won’t do well in this relationship. That being said, because it seems to work out so well on paper, you’ll keep trying despite the inevitable.

Leo Will Quickly Breakup With: Scorpio, Constant Power Struggles

You, Leo, love the spotlight in a relationship, and while a Scorpio will let you have that spotlight, you’ll definitely have some problems that will make this relationship a difficult one. The biggest issues you two Fixed signs will have is your mutual stubbornness and your need to be the one with the power. Both signs are the type that benefits most from a relationship where there’s a balance and the other person isn’t quite as high maintenance as you, and that’s not what you’re going to get with a Scorpio. What you’re going to get with a Scorpio is an extremely passionate relationship that peters out quickly when things start to get more serious.

Leo Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Leo, Both People Want To Be The Star

Let’s be real, you, Leo, are not a low-maintenance person. You love the spotlight and will do what’s necessary to remain in it. This is why it’s really hard for you to make it work with another Leo. It’s not that the two of you don’t get along, it’s just that it’s going to be really hard for you guys to find the kind of balance you need to make a relationship of equals work. Both of you Leos are going to have specific needs, and your desire to be in the spotlight and the beloved one, so to speak, are going to be at cross-purposes with each other. That being said, both of you are going to love the other Leo because both of you tend to command the attention of those around you. You’ll both be chasing each other but not really getting what you need, and that’s a pattern that can go on for a long time.

Virgo Will Quickly Breakup With: Virgo, Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Bad Thing

As a Virgo, you’re a person who can get along with a vast variety of people, so it stands to reason that you get along with everyone in relationships. Honestly, you’re a sign that can be compared to the Dragon Type in Pokémon: you’re effective against a lot of things…except yourself. You can make wonderful friends with another Virgo, but the two of you will eventually grow apart because the two of you are too similar. While you’re many things, Virgo, you’re not a person who leaves their little world very often. When you’re with another Virgo, the two of you won’t explore. Rather, you’ll join your little worlds and stay in them, living very conservative lives that you might think work for you. That life will work out for awhile, but eventually, this relationship will end because you will feel like you’ve settled in life and in love.

Virgo Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Libra, The Fireworks Go Out Quickly

Out of all the couples on this list, this is by far not the worst case scenario when it comes to a relationship you get stuck in. Virgos are pretty lucky in the sense that their personality can balance out most other signs, making relationships with them pretty great ones. That being said, Virgos and Libras night eventually get bored with each other. These two signs tend to balance out other, less balanced signs, so when they’re with each other, things are harmonious and stable for a really long time, making it very easy into a relationship like that. Unfortunately, you, Virgo, and Libra will end up running into problems because you two can’t stand conflict and will do anything to avoid it. That can make your communication suffer, but because it’s such an easy relationship to be in, it’s very hard for you to get up the stones to leave.

Libra Will Quickly Breakup With: Sagittarius, Their Lives End Up Too Separate

When you’re with a Sagittarius, Libra, both of you are at your most outgoing. Both of you make lots of friends easily, albeit for different reasons, and the two of you have a pretty good sense of what your role is in your squad. That being said, the two of you aren’t going to last all that long without a lot of work getting put in. Sure, you’re going to do a ton of new things together and open up your minds and horizons together, and that’ll all be awesome. You’ll definitely be a big and positive presence in each other’s lives and all that, but the two of you will hit a snag when you realize that while the two of you are probably never without each other, you’re still lonely. You, Libra, and Sagittarius have a hard time really connecting with each other on the things that matter, so this relationship will fizzle out fast.

Libra Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Libra, Possibly Too Indecisive To Call It Quits

Libra gets along with itself pretty well, and honestly, if this is the worst couple option you have, you’re doing much better than some other signs out there. Libra is a personality that balances other, more extreme personalities out, so they’re a lot like Virgo in the sense that they can get along with everyone. When Libras date other Libras, it actually works out better than when Virgos date other Virgos. That being said, Libras tend to have a fundamental problem: they’re really indecisive. Libras tend to get along best with signs that are really decisive because of this, and when you’re with another Libra, you might tend to spiral into constant indecision. This can make communication and even decide things together a real problem, to the point where you two Libras can’t decide when it’s time to walk away.

Scorpio Will Quickly Breakup With: Aries,  A Toxic Combination

Unlike some other signs, when things don’t work with a Scorpio relationship, things tend to crash and burn somewhat intensely and dramatically. This is just how Scorpio tends to work though: either things are going swimmingly or they’re part of one of the worst relationships of the whole zodiac. One of the worst relationships of the whole zodiac is that of Scorpio and Aries. Both of you are just too alike in the worst ways for this to work long term. You’re both hotheads and get angry at the drop of a hat, and more than that, the two of you are unhealthily competitive. You both come off as really overly confident, even cocky, which is bad news for a relationship, which requires at least a little vulnerability for the two of you to make a connection. You’re more likely to open your mouths to say something to tear each other down rather than build each other. This is a relationship that goes down in flames quickly.

Scorpio Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Taurus, The Worst Combo Of The Entire Zodiac

If we’re talking about the worst relationship in the zodiac, I’m going to have to give that crown to the relationship between Scorpio and Taurus. This is by far the worst relationship for a Scorpio and especially for a Taurus. You two just bring out the worst in each other. You two are basically going to come into each other’s lives, totally wreck them and everything about them, leaving the two of you worse people for it. That being said, both Taurus and Scorpio are Fixed signs, and I can promise you that the two of you are going to deny this aspect of your relationship for as long as you can, making this not just one of your worst relationships, but potentially one of your longest. That being said, the two of you can make it work if you’re willing to put the work in.


Sagittarius Will Quickly Breakup With: Capricorn, Severe Values Dissonance

You, Sagittarius, and Capricorn could potentially have a lot to learn from each other because the two of you are seriously so different. However, just like too much of the same thing is a bad thing, too much of different things might not be the best thing either. You and your Capricorn could connect on a few levels, but the two of you are just so fundamentally different that you’re not going to connect on anything real. Your values are different and you’re probably not going to like very much of the other person’s values either. This is the kind of thing that can breed resentment between the two of you. While the two of you might try to make it work because you care about each other, the relationship ultimately fails because of the bickering between you two, which neither of you can stand for different reasons.

Sagittarius Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Cancer, Could Go Very Well Or Very Badly

So the thing about you, Sagittarius, is that you’re a laid back person when it comes to relationships, so you might need someone in your life that is similarly laid back about them. However, you might find yourself drawn to someone who is the literal opposite of you in that respect, like a Cancer. Cancers are all about deeply-rooted relationships and all that, and honestly, that level of loyalty is something that you can really use in your life, Sagittarius. The problem is that you might find yourself chafing under the relationship because of this disconnect. That being said, the two of you get along really well because both of you hate conflict and communicate well enough to sustain a serious relationship. This could go well or terribly and it’ll take a really long time to figure out which way this coin will flip, so you two could be together for a long time even if the relationship doesn’t work.

Capricorn Will Quickly Breakup With: Aquarius, Difference In Lifestyle Choices

You, Capricorn, are a person who can balance out some other, flightier signs because of how practical and pragmatic and wise you can be. However, your type of wisdom simply doesn’t mesh well with the type of wisdom Aquarius possesses. This is the kind of relationship that practically requires you two to have a strong connection to serve as a foundation for your romantic relationship. For you, Capricorn, the fastest way to connect with an Aquarius is to appeal to their intellectual side. Both of you have a huge interest in classical ideas like philosophy and art and can broaden each other’s horizons that way. However, because it takes a really long time for these two to learn how to meet each other’s needs, the relationship fizzles out quick.

Capricorn Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Libra, Brings Out The Worst In Each Other

Capricorn and Libra are both signs that balance out signs with more extreme personalities. However, they tend to bring out the worst in each other. Capricorn, you’re probably going to get more than a little annoyed with Libra because of their more materialistic tendencies and indecisiveness, which doesn’t mesh well with your ambitious nature and willingness to slum it so you can get to the better things later. However, this relationship has the potential to last a really long time because these two don’t fight very much. Both signs dislike conflict for different reasons and will avoid it if they can. They can work out just fine in a relationship, which is why they stay together so long and don’t have the guts to leave each other, but they don’t bring out the best in each other. That’s why they should leave.

Aquarius Will Quickly Breakup With: Sagittarius, Both Are A Little Flaky

The thing about you, Aquarius, is that you love to be around people who will help you feel free. That’s why you tend to gravitate towards people like Sagittarius, who are all about freedom. The two of you won’t hold each other back and you’ll have a ton of fun exploring and broadening each other’s horizon’s together. However, this relationship almost never works out because of the way the two of you are in your relationships. There’s no one there that’s focused on the emotional side of things, so the two of you are essentially adrift when you’re together. You guys have fun together, but it’s more like the two of you are casually dating rather than this being a relationship that can end in forever, so growing apart is inevitable.

Aquarius Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Taurus, The Two Can Exhaust Each Other

As an Aquarius (and I can attest to this), you’re a person who values dating people who are different from them. You love learning from the people around you even if you don’t really like people. That’s why you’ll probably find yourself connecting and possibly falling for a Taurus. They’re different enough for you that you’re going to feel like you’re really learning from them. However, you two won’t do well together at all. You, Aquarius, are going to eventually get bored with the Taurus because of the way they are in their lives, while the Taurus is going to find you frustrating because of all your wacky ideas. However, you’re both stubborn people thanks to your Fixed natures so you’re going to stick it out until it becomes impossible to do so anymore. Sometimes this works out, but most of the time it ends badly.

Pisces Will Quickly Breakup With: Aquarius, Lots Of Trust Issues Erode The Relationship

Say what you will about you, Pisces, and a relationship with an Aquarius, but you two will never be boring. The two of you tend to oscillate between all sorts of extremes together and it’s hard for you to find common ground to have some balance on. To be fair, the two of you will have a lot of fun together since both of you are great at coming up with lots of different, cool ideas on how to spend time together and how to live life. However, an Aquarius tends to be very distant from people, which is something you, Pisces, are going to have a horrible time with. You’re constantly seeking love in your life and while Aquarius is perfectly capable of showing love, their natural way of showing it tends to get lost in translation. This leads the two of you to deal with crippling trust issues that eventually erode the relationship.


Pisces Won’t Have The Courage To Leave: Aries, Lots Of Miscommunication

While Pisces and Aries can learn a lot from each other, they’re just terrible at communicating in this relationship. To be fair, these two signs aren’t bad at communicating as a whole, they’re just really bad at communicating with each other. You, Pisces, tend to communicate in ways that leave themselves open to interpretation, so you tend to say things without saying them. This is a nightmare for an Aries, who desperately needs things said to them with clarity. While you, Pisces, can read people really well, Aries isn’t that kind of person and they shouldn’t be expected to be. This leads to a lot of miscommunication and not being able to figure out what anyone needs. However, the two of you might stay together for a lot longer than you should because both of these signs have a sort of idealism embedded in their personalities that make them think love is enough to overcome anything. Unfortunately, it’s very rare that love is all you need.


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