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10 Things Guys Love While Dating But Hate In A Relationship

When you just start dating someone, everything is new and there’s simply no space for getting annoyed by each other’s quirks and doings.

You wait impatiently to see each other, you laugh your ass off at every stupid thing, and you don’t bother that much with the details.

The only thing that matters is that you’re together!


But, once you’re in a committed relationship, things start changing gradually.

All those things that seemed cute and quirky now become a little bit annoying.

When you spend lots of time together, you steadily become more aware of each other’s choices and habits, and you take everything more seriously.

Let’s say that there are just some things that have changed since you started dating.

To help you save your relationship before it’s too late, here are 10 things guys love while dating but hate in a relationship!


1. Men flirting with you

Yup, believe it or not, guys love to see other men flirting with you when you just start dating. Why?

Because they feel more superior,as if they’re the chosen ones.

When he sees that other guys are interested in you and he knows that he’s the one who “has” you, he instantly feels a winner.

But, if men keep flirting with you once you’re in a committed relationship with him, he will get annoyed because now he is more protective of you and he doesn’t want anyone within a 5-foot radius of you.


2. When you skip hanging out with your friends to be with him

When you skip hanging out with your friends to go on a date with him, he sees it as a really cute gesture.

He feels more important and he knows that you’re really crazy about him.

But, when you constantly keep doing the same thing once you’re officially in a relationship for some time, he will become annoyed by it because he wants to know that you have your own life, too.


3. When he pays for everything (all the time)

Waiting for a guy to pay for things on a first date has literally become the norm (even though it doesn’t have to be so).

Guys love it, too. They love it when they have the opportunity to impress you with their income or just let you know that they are capable of taking care of you.

But, after some time, this becomes a pain in the ass for them.

They become irritated by the fact that they always have to be the one paying for everything.

They would like to know that they can split the bill sometimes or take turns paying.


4. When she’s always spontaneous

Spontaneity is actually more than welcome when you just start dating. It helps to keep things interesting.

He becomes mesmerized and excited about you keeping him on his toes and he enjoys every second of it.

But, once you’re in a committed relationship, he doesn’t really feel that comfortable with not knowing what will happen next.

Once he commits, he wants to be able to trust you one hundred percent and never question any of your words or actions.


5. When he has to compromise his workout routine

The majority of guys love to hit the gym or engage in other types of activities that help them recharge themselves and at the same time stay really hot and in form.

While you were dating, he always had time for himself and he also didn’t have problems compromising his workout routine (if needed) only to spend as much time with you as possible.

But, now that you’re labeled as more “serious,” he doesn’t really like the fact that he always has to compromise his workout routine because you constantly demand to have “us time.”

No matter how much he likes spending time with you, it’s annoying not to be able to have some alone time as well.


6. Constantly going on fun dates

Dating is all about exploring as much as possible, and going on those fun dates like scuba diving, riding bicycle till your feet are sore, hiking, and so on.

And since everything is new and fresh, guys simply can’t reject your proposal to do literally anything with you.

But, when you’re together for some time, things get casual and it becomes totally normal to “get lazy.”

So, if you keep insisting on going on fun dates even when you’re miles away from dating days now, he won’t take kindly to it.

He will rather prefer that you Netflix and chill instead of constantly go on adventure-filled dates with you.


7. Learning about useless information

Remember those silly questions like: “What is your favorite color or animal? Do you like to eat certain food?”

Back then, learning about useless information seemed pretty exciting because you were genuinely interested and excited about everything to do with each other.

But, guys don’t really like it if you keep pushing and asking those questions after you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while.

They don’t care much for useless information. Instead, they prefer having serious and meaningful conversations about things you haven’t spoken about yet.


8. Planning dates and surprises

Every guy will be one hundred percent into planning dates and surprises in the early stages of relationship.

They will go out of their way, if need be, only to show you how much they like you and care about your feelings.

But later on, every guy will grow tired of you still expecting him to plan every single date down to the tiniest detail and surprise you on a daily basis.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to make you feel special, but it is really hard to constantly spend weeks in advance planning all these things and making sure that he doesn’t repeat himself.


9. Being brutally honest

Guys appreciate a woman who is brutally honest when they just meet her.

They appreciate the fact that she’s not afraid to speak her mind and she isn’t manipulative in any kind of way.

But, when it comes to relationships, things are quite different.

Soon, they become annoyed by all that honesty that you keep throwing in their face.

They realize they don’t want to be criticized on every single thing they do and sometimes they would like you to keep some things for yourself instead of constantly pointing them out.


10. Frivolous anniversaries

When you’re celebrating your “one month anniversary” or “10 dates anniversary,” it is really cute to them, but if those anniversaries soon turn into frivolous ones, guys will get scared off by it.

There is nothing more annoying to them than being pushed to celebrate every second of their life spent with you.

They really appreciate you and they really love you, but they will simply never understand or approve your tendency to celebrate all those insignificant anniversaries.

And if you keep pushing them to do so, they will just hate it even more.



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