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10 Surefire Signs He’s Falling For You

When we meet someone new and start heading towards a relationship or something more long-term, there is no woman who’s not wondering if he loves her. Throughout the relationship, we have so many questions that drift through around our mind, “Is he falling for me? Is this real? Will he stay with me?” To answer at least one of those questions, we gathered some surefire signs that he’s falling for you because actions tell so much more than words. He can write you the sweetest poems, tell you the kindest compliments, but unless he shows it, it’s all just a game.

1. He wants to please you

He goes out of his way to please you and makes sure that you’re always happy. He takes care of your needs, brings you chocolate when you’re cranky and soup when you’re sick. He notices little things about you and makes sure that putting a smile on your face is the first thing he does in the morning. Even if he’s going home after a tiring day in an office, he will still be there in a matter of minutes when you call him.


2. He listens to you

You feel like you can talk to him for hours, revealing your biggest fears and pain without feeling uncomfortable. He remembers the things you said and genuinely cares about them. You find yourself surprised when he remembers things you forgot that you had told him. He cares about you and your life; he wants to know what made you the way you are today. He wants to know how you feel, what you dream and what you want. You spend hours talking on the phone with each other and deep conversations at 3am are something you’re used to.

3. He’s making excuses to talk to you

He saw something that reminded him of you. He got a new idea for a date. He wanted to check on you; he ‘thought’ he saw you somewhere. If you’re coworkers, he will find the excuse to come and stop by your desk to chat. He suddenly has some important business on your floor, some important issues to discuss with coworkers around you. He wants to talk to you, but he’s also afraid that he might be smothering. That’s why he’s looking for excuses to talk to you.


4. He’s eager to share his life with you

He introduces you to his friends and you actually feel accepted. You see that they respect you and don’t make stupid jokes around you or jokes about you. He wants you to be part of his life. He talks to you about his past, his memories and his hopes. He talks to you about his job and how his day went. He introduces you to members of his family because he wants them to see how amazing you are. He wants to show you off to everyone because he is proud and blessed to have you.

5. He protects you

He has the need to protect you. When you’re at the bar, he takes your hand and moves through the crowd first. When you’re walking on the street, he is the one who is next to the car lane, mostly unconsciously because it feels right to him—he feels that you’re protected. When he hits the breaks in the car, his hand is already in front of you, protecting you from hitting your head. He has the need to protect you because it drives him crazy knowing that something might happen to you, so he’s doing everything in his power to stop that from happening.

6. He shows initiative

He brings up the plans for the date nights. He thinks about road trips or holidays away. He shows initiative because he wants to spend his free time with you. And possibly all of his time for the rest of his life, who knows? He’s always the first one to call and text—a morning without his message feels empty to you. He makes sure that you feel wanted.

7. He makes time for you

You can’t remember that there was ever a time when he canceled a date with you to go with his friends. He makes sure that he has time for you whenever you need him. He never keeps you waiting or makes you feel ignored. He wants to spend quality time with you and clears out his schedule to do so.


8. Speaking about the future comes naturally

We all had those kinds of relationships where we would be nervous about bringing up future plans or we would be the one who would run away from those. But with him, speaking about the future comes naturally. You’re both looking for that getaway weekend, for that movie that’s coming out in a month and you already love it. He is excited about the future with you and you can actually feel his excitement from the way his face lights up when he talks about it and from the way he brings up his plans to you. You can see that he took your needs and wishes into consideration while making them, and that’s what makes him a true keeper.


9. He has eyes only for you

You already feel like you’re the only woman in world and trusting him feels so easy. He has eyes only for you and the moment you enter the room, it’s like everything else disappears besides you. You feel special from the first moment he chose you and still he comes with new ways to make you feel special even more.

10. You can feel it

No matter what the other signs say, no matter what he says, you can always feel when someone falls in love. It’s the way he looks at you, the way he touches you and moves that strayed lock of hair from your face. It’s the way he kisses you, like it’s the last thing he will do. The way his face looks when he sees you, the way it lights up and turns into a smile instantly. The way he makes you feel wanted, special and adored. You may already feel that he fell for you—you just weren’t sure if you read the signs right. Trust me, you did.



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