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10 Reasons Your 30s Are Way Better Than Your 20s


Women generally are afraid of getting old. When someone asks about our age, we use all possible and impossible tricks to deceive them.

Maybe we feel that way because of all those good-looking women in beauty magazines. I always stop and wonder, ‘Why I can’t look like them?’

And that feeling is so frustrating.

Being in your 20s and 30s is totally different. I know. I have been there. Actually, today is my birthday. I am over 30 now. But I won’t tell you how old I am!

I just want to share my feelings and opinions about life in the 30s. If I look back and see what I have now, I can only say that I feel freaking amazing!

And here are proven reasons to think so. So, read further!

1. I don’t give a damn about anything

This is something that I like the most in my 30s. Years when I was upset about everything are ancient history now. I feel calm, cool and collected in all situations.

Well, almost in all. There are some things that I still worry about, like my child.

But I am much more relaxed because of the experience I have. As time passes, I am much more immune to negative people and things around me.

I feel I have more self-esteem and it’s not that easy to make me feel sad.

I am a stronger and more mature woman and being 30 years old is something that makes me fulfilled in all spheres of my life.


2. Self-confidence: on high level

Being in my 30s gave me a big push forward regarding self-confidence.

I am a mature woman who is aware of her looks. I know what I want to wear. I know who I want to go out with.

I know what my priorities are. And all those things make me the happiest woman on Earth.


3. Giving birth? Piece of cake

When you are in your 20s and you listen to all those scary stories about giving birth, you think there is no way you will be a mom one day.

But when you are in your 30s, that story isn’t scary at all. You just accept that is all a normal part of life and YOU are the one who gets to make the final decision.

Ladies, trust me, being a mother is the best feeling ever. So, when God gives you a chance to be a mom, please don’t miss it.

No problem, you will thank me later!


4. You are surrounded by positive people

When you are in your 30s, there is no more place for negative people in your life.

That load of crap you were listening to in your 20s is ancient history now.

You are too important to listen to negative people talking negative things.

And that’s the way that cookie crumbles! Isn’t it great being 30?


5. Staying at home is not a big deal

The truth is that being at home is something that makes you peaceful when you are in your 30s.

If there isn’t anything you have to do outside, you will never go there. Simply, you don’t want to wander around the streets with no goal.

Staying at home, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying watching your favorite TV series – is there anything better than that?


6. You have more money

Well, this is not 100% proven but the truth is we have more money when we are in our 30s than in 20s.

You probably have a decent job now and you can afford some things you were dreaming about. I bet you couldn’t afford them when you were 20 years old.

Am I right?


7. It’s not all about getting drunk

You drink less in your 30s and you can hold alcohol way better than in your 20s.

The new deal is you can drink only one glass of wine and walk out proudly from a bar. You feel as awesome as you would feel if you had a bottle of wine.

The good thing is there won’t be any hangover in the morning!

Yeah, baby!


8. You finally have your own home

Your roommates are having a party

while you are trying to study.

Does it ring any bells?

That’s what life looks like when you are 20 years old. On the other hand, in your 30s, you already have your own home, your oasis of peace where you feel the best with the people you love. #30srules


9. You are irreplaceable at work

Your boss would be all lost if you weren’t there. Your job is not only copying but much more than that.

With all those responsibilities, you feel like a queen on her throne. And yes, you are where you are supposed to be!


10. You don’t give a fuck what other people think

In your 30s, this will probably be your life motto.

You are no longer frightened, little girl. You are a mature woman with right attitude now.

If you have to cry, you will do that behind closed doors. If you have to laugh, you will do that from the bottom of your heart.

You are a lioness that knows how to stand up for herself.

If somebody doesn’t like you, well, you can just flip them off!



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